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Evolution from Now Until WM30

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So WM29 has come and gone. What a great way it was to start out the “new year” with an exceptional broadcast of Raw and perhaps the greatest crowd in wrestling history. We now have an entire year before the bell rings in New Orleans to start WM30. I am already wondering what WWE has in store for us these next 12 months. Obviously, there is no way to predict the future, let alone the rapidly changing bookings of Vince McMahon and the WWE creative team. However, I am going to make note of a dozen items that will inevitably unfold before WM30. Anyways, I hope you guys and girls enjoy the blog. Please share your thoughts in the comment section of how you see things unfolding this year.

1. The new kids will start actually wrestling: I cannot wait to see the members of the Shield actually wrestling on Raw and Smackdown in individual matches. It probably will not happen right away but hopefully sooner rather than later. The same thing goes for Big E Langston and Brad Maddox. Seeing these guys in the ring will be a breath of fresh air opposed to the usual middle of the show match which seems to be a main event guy defeating Cesaro or Barrett in a non-title match. On another note, we will see if Johnny Curtis can take this awful gimmick and make Fandango work. For all those haters, remember that Goldust, Doink and Val Venis got over big time with bad gimmicks so let’s see how Fandango unfolds. I for one am very confident that all of these former NXT stars will make an impact this year and be major players in the WWE for many years to come. Do you guys think they will get over with the WWE crowd, will these young guys flop once they have to wrestle or will WWE throw in the towel too early?

2. How much longer will we have to suffer with Cesaro being US Champ: Personally, I love Cesaro and thought he was a great US Champ during the first 2 months of his reign. However, he has lost every televised match for about the last 60 days. The US title has become a joke since the man holding it cannot beat anybody on the roster. I don’t care if it is Hornswoggle, but somebody other than Kofi or Ziggler needs to win the US title and help begin reestablishing its credibility. Likewsie, Cesaro needs to get a few W’s under his belt and reestablish himself as a heel to be reckoned with again. This could be wishful thinking but perhaps Cesaro will drop the belt right before Kassius Ohno is promoted from NXT and they will take their talents to the tag division. Your thoughts on Cesaro and the US title?

3. What to do with the injured list: I am curious to see if Evan Bourne will be able to fly around like he used to prior to the foot injury. If not, being that he is such a small guy in the WWE land of the giants, his WWE career could be in jeopardy. It will also be interesting to see if Christian returns as a face or heel. I hope as a heel but hey, that's just me. Since VKM loves the big guys, I do believe that Ezekiel Jackson gets another shot when he is healthy again. Truthfully, I have no idea if Sin Cara will be able to hack it when he returns or if WWE will throw in the towel after another one of his botch fest matches. Unfortunately, I anticipate Tyson Kidd returning and either remaining irrelevant or at best, being thrown into a tag-team. Curious to hear your thoughts on these returns.

4. Can the Diva's Title be saved: Not much changed in the Divas division this year. In short, Kaitlyn has the belt and nobody cares. Hopefully Kaitlyn is a temporary champion until she drops it to AJ. However, the $1 million question is will AJ make the Divas title relevant? If AJ can indeed make this title credible, she will really help the other babyface divas get over as the crowd will get behind them just because of how much they hate (love to hate) AJ. Perhaps NXT diva Paige will make her debut this year and we will see a feud between the her and AJ. This is the only thing other than Lita returning that I can see happening to generate any interest in this division. Can it be saved or is the division doomed forever?

5. Who is turning heel: There were no heel turns at Wrestlemania. I was really hoping that Cena would finally turn but that is probably utopian at this point. Recently, the #2 heel role behind CM Punk has been shared by Mark Henry, Big Show and even the Shield. Perhaps Ryback, Orton or even Sheamus will fill this role. Personally I would prefer it to be Orton. On another note, I feel that Kofi has got to do something to reinvent himself as he is just getting too stale. By no means am I predicting a Kofi turn will happen but I think it's possible. I also wonder about Ryback as he does not seem to be all that engaging on the mic He is still pretty new but his "feed me more" shtick will not stay hot forever. However, the WWE already has Big Show and Mark Henry playing the role of the “large, powerful monster” and having a 3rd heel of this nature would be overkill. Who do you guys see turning heel?

6. IC Title – Thank God Miz won the belt at WM29…excuse me…thank god Miz won the IC strap during the prestigious WM pre-show (sarcasm). I love Wade Barrett but after he was booked to lose 90% of his matches, the credibility of the IC title was comparable to the WCW TV title that Jim Duggan found in the trashcan. The fact that the IC title was being defended on the pre-show is evidence of how unimportant the title has become. I was under the impression that the WWE was high on the Miz as he is in their new movie, has a slightly new look, new finishing submission move and has made a recent face turn. Instead, the WWE decided to pull a page out of Vince Russo’s book and have the new champion lose the belt back the very next night. Am I being to critical or has the IC title become an afterthought in the WWE?

7. Will the young guys stay patient and positive: There are only about a dozen wrestlers/non divas that are in their 20’s on the roster. Bo Dallas (22), Jinder Mahal (26), Zack Ryder (27), Drew McIntyre (27), Curt Hawkins (27), Ricardo Rodriguez (27) JTG (28) and Camacho (29) are a few of the guys under 30 on the current roster. (Please correct me if I am wrong as my research was through google searches and Wikipedia. I cannot 100% confirm the accuracy of those ages. If anybody has a site they know is accurate, please send me the link and I will edit the blog). Right now these guys are all irrelevant, bottom carders. One thought of mind is these guys need to step up their game, get noticed and show the WWE brass they deserve a push. If not, there are plenty of rising stars in NXT that will take their spot on the roster. Keep in mind that Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes are both in their 20's and currently have a much better "spot" with the company. The other train of thought is that there are only about a dozen wrestlers in their 20’s on the roster and they are fortunate enough to be one of them. Pay your dues, work hard and over time, you will improve and get a push when your time is right. Do you see the wrestlers I mentioned making an impact this year or staying irrelevant to where they could possibly be released?

8. Hell No and tag-team division: The re-launch of the tag-team division looked good and then went stale pretty fast. In fact, over the last month, the Primetime Players lost cleanly to Hell No when they were blindfolded/had one hand tied behind their back, the Uso’s are losing handicap matches, Epico and Primo job out more than 3MB and I don’t even know if Camacho and Hunico are still actively wrestling. The new team of Tensai and Brodus Clay is what it is, but at least they are an actual tag-team. Meanwhile, it appears that the Rhodes Scholars are going to concentrate as singles competitors but still team together on occasion. Lastly, the champions Hell No appear to be in a situation where they could break up any day now. Personally, I don’t see any of these teams still being in existence by WM30 other than maybe the Uso’s and Colognes. In my opinion, the only way this division can be saved is for new alliances to form and new teams to be created. So much for HHH reviving the tag division. The good news is Hunter gets a second chance this year assuming that having a quality tag-team division is still a priority. What do you guys expect?

9. Only one lap left in the race: There are a lot of guys on the roster that are on the wrong side of 40. For some of these wrestlers, it is likely that WM30 will be their last Wrestlemania. From what I have read, it is possible that Rey Mysterio’s career could be over. He has an injury and is also dealing with personal issues. If Rey does come back, I cannot see his career going past WM30. Likewise, I feel the same about the aging and often injured Mark Henry. Same question can be posed for Christian. The Big Show still competes full time; however, he is up there in age and to think a man of his size can continue at a full time schedule cannot be easy on his body. The same thing goes for Kane who is now in his late 40’s.
On the other hand, I guess it is up in the air in regards to how many more matches the part-timers will have. I believe Rock and Lesner both are scheduled to work WM30. If they continue past WM30 is likely still TBD at this point. Jericho says he will come and go but who knows. His most recent return has been very lackluster IMO. Hopefully, Jericho still has plenty left to offer but with Fozzy and the Robot Show, who knows what his schedule will really look like in the future. Also, is HHH really going to keep competing, especially after getting injured at WM29? I am sure his career is not over but perhaps he only has one mania left. Stone Cold Steve Austin has battled injuries and is reportedly getting healthy after knee surgery. However, age is not on his side as he is getting close to 50. The window is closing for Austin to make one final return. If he does have one more match, one would have to assume it either be on the card of WM30 or WM31. Lastly, does the Taker really have more than one run left in him? I sure hope so but WM30 may end up being his swansong. Regardless, with so many of these future hall of famers being at the end of their career, one would have to assume that many of these guys truly are in their final year. That being said, we the fans should hopefully be treated to a very special year of wrestling if a lot of these guys are making their “last run.” Your thoughts?

10. Who is turning face: The one guy I could see is Titus O’Neil. The Primetime Players are a joke of a tag-team. O’Neil is good on the mic and has a great body that you know VKM loves. Another guy I could see is Fandango. Fandango’s gimmick is so goofy that if he pulls it off, people will cheer for him. Val Venis was in the same predicament and made his gimmick get over forcing the fans to cheer for him. Lastly, Chody Rhodes may be on the verge of turning face but I won’t go into much detail on that as it has been mentioned multiple times before on this site in previous blogs. Who do you think is turning face this year?

11. Future Endeavored: Perhaps we may have seen the last of Ted Dibiase, Yoshi Tatsu and Hunico. Since the "job creator" Linda McMahon did not win the senate race and there have not been any notable releases other than Trent Baretta, I am not sure we will. Who do you think gets fired (if anybody)?

12. Now or Never: From now until WM30 should be a "make it or break it" year for a lot of the guys on the midcard. Antonio Cesaro (32) has a unique look and wrestling style that set him apart from the other wrestlers in the WWE. This will be the year we find out if he is a lifer in the mid-card, thrown into the tag division or able to elevate his game and start contending for the World Heavyweight Title. Alberto Del Rio (35) had a recent face turn and is over with the crowd. However, it does not appear that he is the megastar the WWE wants him to be. I believe this year is his last shot or he will be passed over and removed from the main event scene. Right now it looks like the latter as he just dropped the belt to Dolph. Jack Swagger (31) was reinvented and given Dutch Mantel as his mouthpiece. The gimmick is over but the recent arrest may not bode well. Being that Jack just lost to ADR at WM29 and then again on Raw, his main event spot may have been nothing more than a flash in the pan. Wade Barrett (32) just recaptured the IC title after dropping it in the pre-show. The former Nexus leader has the look and mic skills to be a main event talent. Time will tell if Barrett is stuck in the mid-card or elevated to the main event scene. Kofi Kingston (31) has been the definition of a mid-carder for about 5 years. Will it be more of the same or will this year finally be his year to breakout. Tensai flopped so badly that they threw him into a tag-team with Brodus Clay. The real question is will people continue to find him unentertaining like they did with Lord Tensai or will he leach off of Brodus Clay's gimmick to keep his job. David Otunga (33) was just in a WWE movie but has rarely been used on television. He is great on the mic, has a celebrity fiancé, has one hell of a body but is just plain awful in the ring. Perhaps this year he reenters the tag division or midcard. If not, I guess he will remain a part time jobber. Alex Riley (31) is another guy with a great look and solid mic skills. However, I believe that DUI before WM27 is still something he is paying for. I imagine the real question is will the WWE give him a chance or continue to have him job out. Michael McGillicutty (33) is just not over period. Other than people remembering his father Mr. Perfect, nobody cares about this guy at all. I am actually shocked he still has a job. Maybe I am missing something and Joe Hennig does have something to offer. R Truth (41) looks great for his age and is still a good worker. Unfortunately, his best days were probably in TNA. Like Kofi, he is probably stuck in the midcard unless something changes soon. Brodus Clay (33) has an interesting look but can't talk or wrestle. The glass half full fan would suggest that once his funk gimmick gets stale he will turn into an unstoppable heel, similar to the gimmick he had in his vignettes. The glass half empty fan is already sick of his gimmick and wants him off television ASAP. What wrestlers do you think are truly in "make it or break it" type years?

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the read. I am looking forward to your comments as it will be fun to see what you expect to see from now until WM30.

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  1. Jack Newport's Avatar
    1. The Shield will definately make it. As will Fandango. Big E Langston I'm not so sure of.
    2. Cesaro has held the US title too long. I expect him to drop it at Extreme Rules or Payback.
    3. Christian is the only injured guy I care about.
    4. Paige will keep it on life support for another year or so.
    5. Randy Orton definately. Kofi Kingston possibly. Both their runs are stale.
    6. Too critical. It was for the streak, and he'll win it back at Extreme Rules.
    7. Mixture of both.
    8. The second Hell No loses the titles and split up, the better for everyone else by default.
    9. I expect Mysterio, Christian, Henry, and Truth to all retire in the next year.
    10. Cody Rhodes will do it as soon as he gets out of Sandow's shadow.
    11. Many will be future endeavored, and it will happen all at once by years end, imo.
    12. Wade Barrett is the only one with a real chance this year.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I really enjoyed this blog. The only thing I think I disagree with is the comparisons of Fandango to Goldust and Val Venus. Val Venus was a great gimmick, perfectly suited for the time. Goldust was a "let's see if it sticks" gimmick. The thing is, these gimmick were able to work 16 or 17 years ago. Gimmicks like that today don't because of the plain, and un-gimmicked style of what wrestling is.

    I guess another thing I disagree with is Wade Barrett has the mic skills and look to be a main event talent. I just don't see it. Never really did. He has never really stood out.

    I love this blog and this style...great content. Keep it up.
  3. Emp's Avatar
    One of the best written blogs I have seen in ages. Good work.
  4. Hurtts101's Avatar
    A very good, well thought out blog. And here are my thoughts/answers to your questions:
    1) I think the Shield is/will remain over with the crowd but will be together for another year. If you watch NXT, Big E can be very over. The question is which dirrection is WWE wanting to take him. Watch for him to turn on Zigs by Summerslam. I personally don't see anything in Maddox and don't expect him to stick around. As for Fandango, I like Johnny Curtibut we wil see how far he can take a silly gimmick.
    2) Unless they want to set a new record (which seems pointless) I see him dropping it soon. Possibly to a NXT start-up (Bo Dallas?).
    3) I don't see Jackson being back to any kind of relevance. Christian will still have a spot as he can slide in anywhere and is a great worker. Sin Cara will get one more big push to see if he can suceed. Watch for Evan to be put back into a tag team (I for one have a weird desire to see Shelley get signed and partnered with Bourne...).
    4) Watch for Paige to be brought up around Summerslam and inject much needed life into the division. Though she will not be able to save it on her own....
    5) I don't think Ryback is going heel. He's the best option (right now) to replace 'Super Cena'. Expect Orton to go heel and renew a rivalry with Cena. To a lesser extent, Tons of Funk will be heel by Summerslam....
    6) As sad as it is to say, the WHC has replaced the IC...
    7) Of mentioned, Bo Dallas will make a mid card impact. With any luck, McIntyre will get a chance to finally get his career back on track (I would like to see him turn on 3MB for weighing him down then go after HHH for 'holding him back'. Highly unlikely, but can dream...).
    8) I expect the Shield to win the belts in the next month or 2 and use 'Freebirds' rules. Hell No will break up shortly after. Tons of Funk will go heel. Scholars will split soon. If Ohno doesn't get over by himself we may get 'Kings of Wrestling' in WWE. I still say team McGillicutty and Debiase.
    9) I think Rey is nearly done. Other than that, until we get the big replacements, there is still a place for the rest.
    10) Big E will get sick of Zigs. If they split the Shield before end of year (and I hope they don't), expect Reigns to come out as the face.
    11) No big names, but possibly JTG, Jackson, guys of their level. Yoshi and others the like will be kept for foreign markets.
    12) I like Swagger, but I think he's at his crossroads.
  5. weems's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    I really enjoyed this blog. The only thing I think I disagree with is the comparisons of Fandango to Goldust and Val Venus. Val Venus was a great gimmick, perfectly suited for the time. Goldust was a "let's see if it sticks" gimmick. The thing is, these gimmick were able to work 16 or 17 years ago. Gimmicks like that today don't because of the plain, and un-gimmicked style of what wrestling is.

    I guess another thing I disagree with is Wade Barrett has the mic skills and look to be a main event talent. I just don't see it. Never really did. He has never really stood out.

    I love this blog and this style...great content. Keep it up.
    Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps a better comparison to Fandango is Sandow. I say that because Sandow is so enjoyable to dislike that the fans (or at least me) catch themselves rooting for the guy even though he is a heel. Perhaps Sandow is not the best comparison either but you see where I am going with this. In regards to Barrett, I liked him a lot more when he was the Nexus leader.

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