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DK Savior's Promised Punk/Taker Follow Up

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Hey fans. Savior here with my requested follow up to the CM Punk vs Undertaker match at lastnight's Wrestlemania. Just to recap, a few week's ago, I posted a Coffee Talk blog revolving around this feud and my expectations weren't very high for this match. Was I right? Was I wrong? Let's jump into it shall we?

Before I get started, I just want to note that in my Coffee Talk from Saturday, I made a few predictions about circumstance at WM. I was half right about Orton. I was dead on about Dolph Ziggler. I was dead on about Team Hell No. I was mostly right about Undertaker. And I was dead wrong about Cena. But, enough gloating. This is about CM Punk vs Undertaker.

I am always the first to admit when I'm wrong. But wait. I'm not admitting that here. I just have a few questions. Was the Punk/Taker match good? YES. Did it exceed my expectations? YES. Was it the match of the night and the show stealer? Well, that's really up for interpretation. The match, while good, wasn't anything I would consider to be memorable. I'll be honest, I was more on the edge of my seat in anticipation of Brock possibly tapping out to his own submission hold. That was certainly a "come on...tap...TAP" type of ending. It wow'd me much more than any point in the Punk/Taker match.

The thing about the Punk/Taker match was, while it was predictable that Taker wasn't going to lose, there was no point where you would think..."well, Maybe". The match paled in comparison to Taker's last 4 WM matches. Sure, it wasn't a no holds barred match and all that like the Taker's last 4. But I won't lean on that as an excuse by any means. Did anyone actually think Taker might not kick out of the Urn shot to the head? I didn't. So when he did, I wasn't all like..."awwwwww. so close.". When Punk had the Anaconda Vice locked in, I never thought Taker would even come close to tapping. In fact, if you ask me, when Taker sat up while in it, that should've ended the match right there. It would have been so much more fitting. But, I'm not going to make some lame attempt to analyze.

The fact is, the match was good. From start to finish, it was probably the best match of a night full of matches that weren't all that great. But keep in mind. I'm not one who thinks that everything CM Punk touches turns to gold. Some felt it stole the show. Some think that this match proves Punk deserves to be considered one of the greats. I read someone say Punk is the best heel ever. I think Punk is a good wrestler and he performed well, but I'm not going to reach. Punk isn't one of the greats in my mind. He's got a long way to go if he ever wants to reach even the second tier level of the Edge's, Guerrero's, Angle's, and Benoit's of the wrestling world. My opinion on him isn't a popular one but, it is what it is. Punk is God to some, but he's third tier to me.

I also stated that I would laugh hysterically if Punk kicked out of even one tombstone. I will say I didn't, because it was sold in a way where Taker didn't exactly get all of it. So I was able to buy it. I was also pleased to see the send off to Paul Bearer and a crying Undertaker in the ring to close it out.

Finally, Taker's entrance was purely amazing. Rising from the ground and the souls reaching up from below. That was Bad Ass. Taker's entrances never disappoint.

Well, there you have it. It's my follow up, as promised. I hated every aspect of the build to this match. It makes me wonder how they would've built it if Paul Bearer didn't pass on. There wasn't much of a story to tell with these two because there was no history or real legacy about it. But, we got the Undertaker getting the urn back and now, no more mocking Paul Bearer. He was a great person in the world of wrestling. At comic con last year, he shook my hand and let me take his picture and didn't once ask me to buy an autograph or anything like. Pure class act. RIP Paul Bearer.

The new season starts tonight. Let's see what WWE will bring.

Thanks for reading everyone. Be Safe!

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  1. Halfbaht's Avatar
    Wrestlemania stunk in my opinion, raw the following night was more entertaining. I myself found the Taker v Punk match more interesting and edge of the seat action then the brock vs hhh match, especially since it was the first time i've gone into a mania wondering will the streak actually end.

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