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Wrestlemania XXIX Review Best Part Worst Part

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Hey! What do you know I watched a full WWE PPV live for the first time in probably 10 years and it happened to be Wrestlemania! I've been keeping up with the stories, watching stuff on the youtubes, and was interested what they were going to deliver especially with a surprisingly short build for the biggest PPV of the year. Going to give some general thoughts and then a best part and worst part of each match.

The crowd-Maybe I am being unfair by remembering Miami's awesome crowd last year, but this crowd was not very good at covering up creative's faults. They were almost entirely dead for a few matches and had some odd reactions. I'll get to them as I go through the matches.
Best part: Rock reaction. Nice gigantic pop for the man
Worst part: Del Rio reaction. Near silence for the world heavyweight champion. Ouch.

Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Big Show vs. The Shield-I liked this match for the most part and the crowd seemed into it too. I liked when Show speared The Shield as they went for the triple powerbomb even though he botched it a bit. Shield get the victory in a surprise to very few while Show chooses to not break up the pin.
Best part: Sheamus removing Rollins vest and clubbing him repeatedly in the chest then doing the same to Amrbose.
Worst part: The odd ending. Why did Show when confronting Orton choose to turn around and punch an already battered Sheamus in the face if he was going to KO punch Orton after anyways? It looked awkward and the crowd was sort of confused but did give Show a good boo.

Mark Henry vs. Ryback-This match lived up to expectations and sucked royally. Most of it was clubbing blows and rest holds. Shocker that Henry won though.
Best part: Okay it was cool when Ryback picked up and walked around with Henry for a shell shock....but the match was already over. Plus if they were wanting to create a "Wrestlemania moment" they shouldn't have had Ryback show 2 minutes before that he could lift and hold Henry over his head. The fans didn't pop as big as they could have because the match didn't build to the moment.
Worst part: Ryback looks like he's escaping from a bear hug and for the third time Henry pulls him back in. The crowd starts chanting boring. Deservedly so.

Kane and Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston Tag Team Championship Match-Need to spark life back into the crowd? This was the match to do it. Quickly paced match with a lot of action and cool spots. Team Hell No got massive love from the crowd. Big E held his own in his debut. Impressive triple back breaker on Kane that he held onto for all three. Good false finish with Ziggler hitting the Zig Zag and then trying to use the MITB briefcase to win only to taste a chokeslam and flying headbutt. Bryan gets the crowd chanting and gesturing Yes! at the end which looked very cool.
Best part: Clever moment at the very beginning recreating the previous Wrestlemania where Sheamus beat Bryan in 18 seconds. This time Dolph kisses AJ Lee and turns around to a huge kick in the head from Bryan and looks like he may get the three count. Started off the match on a roll.
Worst part: Nothing with Hell No breaking up or even having tension between them? I didn't care too much because I enjoyed the match but hasn't this what we've been building to and wouldn't Wrestlemania be the place for it to happen?

Fandango vs. Chris Jericho-The actual real debut of Fandango (strange that's two in one night for their first match in WWE at Wrestlemania)! I liked his entrance he pulls off the whole professional dancer gimmick well even if it's a bit silly. Jericho's entrance fun to see as well. Match was okay but marred by a few botches especially at the end when Jericho awkwardly bent over to allow himself to be pinned. I did expect more from this but it's passable. Crowd wasn't loving or hating it for the most part but did boo Fandango and popped a few times like when Jericho went for the walls so not too bad. Fandango with the win.
Best part: When the crowd was in danger of not caring about this match Jericho jumped on the turnbuckle jumped towards Fandango who was on the ring apron and got kicked in the face causing his forehead to bleed. Ow.
Worst part: The end of the match. Not only was it botched with Jericho sort of missing the Lionsault and sort of Fandango putting his knees up then Jericho having to lean down from the walls of Jericho to get rolled up, but it's a roll up win in Fandango's debut. Wouldn't that have been a great time at Wrestlemania to show what his finishing move is? I'm nitpicking a bit because this really was not a bad match but I thought this was a bad moment.

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Jack Swagger World Heavyweight Championship-So....Swagger gets no entrance? Don't even tell me it's a timing issue with all those promos and time wasting segments. At least Zeb got a chance to talk to try and get some heat with the crowd but it didn't work too well. Then Del Rio has no grand entrance either! The match was okay but it felt very quick and the crowd was not into it, which definitely hurt. It's a shame because they actually tried to have a unique story for this one. I think a lot has to do with Swagger coming back and getting pushed to the top too quickly he hasn't had enough time to build heat. Del Rio wins in a cool clamp on of the cross arm breaker and as he's celebrating in the middle of the ring after the match when suddenly....Dolph Ziggler does not come out and cash in his briefcase. Hm. Okay....
Best part: I guess the in ring action. Listening to the crowd alone you would think this match was horrible but it really wasn't. Some of the teases between the men's finishing holds and Swagger's gutwrench powerbomb were highlights to me.
Worst part: The crowd ruined this match. Really. Del Rio got NO reaction when introduced and I was surprised. They were cheering for Ziggler throughout the match and did not pop for many of the big moves. Unless my ears deceive me they were even starting to boo at the false finishes whether it was favoring Swagger or Del Rio because they wanted the match to end.

Undertaker vs. CM Punk-Living Color started this one off with a bang performing Cult of Personality live. Awesome! A lot of the times when they do these live performances of the theme songs it sounds worse but this one really got me into it. The crowd was definitely into this one with some dueling chants even, which was nice but I felt really let down by the match. It wasn't bad, but by Undertaker, CM Punk, and Wrestlemania standards this was not very good either. Again, maybe I am being unfair comparing it to Taker's last few Wrestlemanias. First off, they tease old school with Taker missing it, Punk hitting it on Taker, and Punk getting crotched trying for it again....but where was Undertaker doing it?? That's what people want to see the crowd was ready to pop big for Taker hitting it. I'd forgive it if I was going to see Taker wrestle before next Mania. He also teased but didn't hit his flying dive to the outside. If you can't do it don't pretend like you can. Punk had bad luck with tables again in this match with the announce table not breaking for his flying elbow drop. That looked painful and I'm curious if the somewhat hurried finish was because of it. Taker wins with the tombstone without too much trouble. Disappointed there wasn't more with Taker going after the urn..considering it was the entire build up to this match...but it makes some sense with Heyman's increased involvement in the next match. Notice Taker got a bit misty eyed after the match probably thinking about his lost manager.
Best part: Probably Taker going for the last ride and Punk hitting him with the urn. It was never going to lead to a 3 count in a match like this without being a G2S but it was still a good moment.
Worst part: That awkward moment where Punk hit? or not hit? the G2S and then Taker bounced off the ropes and tombstoned him. The announcers were confused whether Punk hit the G2S or not and so were the fans.

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H No Holds Barred If Triple H Loses He Retires-Neither man got as big of a pop as I was expecting but hey we're supposed to hate Lesnar right? What the hell was Triple H walking out under?? Does that have anything to do with his character? Anyways, looking at some comments it looks like I'm one of the few who did....but I loved this match. Lesnar wrestled a bit rather than just throwing punches and hitting an F5. Side note: Are they not allowed to say german suplex or belly to belly anymore? Michael Cole called them throws. Ugh. That table from the Punk Taker match broke with a Lesnar suplex to Triple H which was good to see. HBK being sort of scared of Lesnar was a nice touch too. Lesnar is about to finish Triple H when HBK tries to superkick him, only to eat an F5. After multiple kimuras and a sledgehammer shot Triple H pedigrees Lesnar on the steel steps for the win.
Best part: Triple H powers out of a Lesnar kimura lock to lock one of his own in. Lesnar calls Heyman for help and Heyman comes to the ring with a steel chair only to get sweet chin musicked by Shawn Michaels.....and the match still didn't end there! Brock did great teasing the tap out. Good stuff.
Worst part: I want to say Triple H winning. The crowd wasn't really behind him and seemed half wanting Lesnar to win. It was a good match but overall pointless. Lesnar was not buried by this match...he fought off an extended kimura by slamming Triple H on the steps multiple times and only lost after getting hit by things that in real life would kill someone. Still, would have preferred Lesnar with momentum because Triple H doesn't need it one iota. This was a very self serving move by Triple H.

The Rock (c) vs. John Cena WWE Championship-Holy crap did Cena get booed. It's one thing for it to happen in Chicago against CM Punk but Rocky isn't from New York. Dang. WWE are stubborn to have never turned this guy heel. Rock gets a huge pop and I think we know which side the crowd wants to see win. Match was...well okay it's what you expected. Standard is the way I'd put it. They hit their few signatures on each other with not much else going on. Cena wins the belt after the fiftieth Attitude Adjustment. Crowd seems partially disappointed but mostly cheers for the match. Very smart that Cena walks out of the ring with the belt and lets Rock stay in the ring to get some love. Notice how Rock meets Cena at the entrance and the crowd shows them both love yet when Rock goes back in the tunnel and Cena holds up the WWE championship the boo birds come back in force. Hahaha.
Best part: The Rock goes to hit the five knuckle shuffle on Cena and Cena pops up and hits an AA, mirroring last year. Cena only gets a close two count. Fans loved it.
Worst part: The last ten minutes of this match. Okay guys, just because those are your finishers does not mean those are the only moves you can do. The last ten minutes of this match were all either Rock bottoms, AAs, five knuckle shuffles, or people's elbows with nothing else mixed in. A bit of that is good but it should not be that long of the match.

Overall, it was a decent show but it didn't feel like Wrestlemania. I'm trying my best to not look at it from a smark perspective and if I take out knowing 100% that Taker, Cena, and Triple H were going to win I think the show does a little better in my eyes. Still, Rock and Cena had nothing going in their feud but respect for each other. Gag me. The redemption vs. greatness thing did not really sink in. Taker and Punk's build focused almost entirely on the untimely passing of William "Paul Bearer" Moody but it didn't feel like that's what the match focused on or even that Taker was trying to go over the top to ruin Punk for his disrespect. Make Taker not pin Punk after a tombstone, a last ride, and a chokeslam and make the announcers sell that Taker wants revenge so much he's not focusing on winning the match which could get him into trouble. Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar was entertaining to me but really the build was no different than Summerslam. ADR vs. Swagger never got over because Swagger only had 2 monthsish to get over. I think it would have been excellent had he been given time. Fandango vs. Chris Jericho didn't have much going for it which is okay for the lower card but it didn't make me think "Wow! I have to see Fandango now!" The tag team championship match did its job I don't have much to say. Henry vs. Ryback sucked. It just sucked. Henry winning is a shocker but neither deserved a win after that performance. Sheamus, Orton, and Big Show vs. The Shield was fine in the ring but it did nothing to advance what The Shield is about and Show turning? was random. Wasn't he a bad guy like 2 weeks ago? The extensive promos really hurt the show as well. Have one video package for Cena and Rock...not two or three each.

The problem was Wrestlemania is supposed to be the ending and the beginning of the new wrestling year. The feud between Triple H and Lesnar came to an end and Cena's next title reign, which looks exactly like his previous title reigns, has begun. That's about it. That is one of the problems of having guys like Taker or Triple H win. They win and they disappear. This show was about what most expected based on the lack of build. I think it will be a while before I am invested enough to watch another WWE PPV.

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  1. Anakincane's Avatar
    Reading this stuff only confirms the IWC bias toward the mancrushes. If Punk or Ziggler came into the ring, took a dump, wiped their ass on the American flag, and left; the IWC would talk about how its the greatest moment ever in wrestling; however Cena or HHH could have four or five star match and the IWC would still find faults with the match. I wish you people would get over your bias for overrated losers like ziggler.
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Did you even read what I wrote? All I said about Ziggler not coming out was Hm. Okay. He had the MITB briefcase and I thought he had until Wrestlemania to cash in so I thought he had to show up. That match was built up to end quick enough so that Dolph would have the time to cash in. I think Ziggler's fine but I don't think as highly of him as many in the IWC.

    And did I wax poetic about Punk? I'm fairly certain I said his match was only good not great and I liked the Triple H vs. Lesnar match! Thanks for the dumb comment though.
  3. madnonsense's Avatar
    Long lengthy video packages and promos really killed WM. They wasted so much time, they were forced to cut out the match between The Rhodes Scholars with the Bella Twins vs. Tons of Funk w/ the funkadacyls.

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