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The Royal Ramble

The Royal Ramble: The Disappointing WrestleMania 29!

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I'm writing this just two hours after wasting my $70 on a horrible WrestleMaina. The WWE had so many chances to make this WrestleMaina one of a kind and unforgettable. But just like the last few PPVs, WWE put's on a boring, predictable, and lackluster of a show. Here some things I wanted to point out to you on why this WrestleMaina was one of the worst in history. And on some I will tell you what I would have done.

1. The Shield beating Orton, Sheamus, and Show was awesome but this match does not even come close to how good the Shield's last few matches have been. They should have gone all out just for the sole fact that it's WrestleMaina. The ending to the match should have ended with an Orton heel turn. Maybe something like the Shield was beating down Show and he makes a hot tag for Sheamus and Sheamus takes out all of the members of the Shield only to have Orton come from out of no where and RKO Sheamus. Orton should then stare at Sheamus and then slowly walk away. Thus, having a Shield member pin Sheamus for the win. That would have been way better than it's real ending.

2. Triple H vs Brock Lesnar is once again slow, boring, and under-preformed.

3. Diddy rapping and the Cena/Rock promos wasted too much time and could have been time for a match or two.

4. Ryback vs Mark Henry was way too long.

5. No Diva's match was a slap in the face to the women of the past and now of the WWE.

6. Del Rio vs Jack Swagger was just like their rivalry leading up to the match...meaning it was just meh. Nothing great or special from this match. But Swagger getting the jobber entrance when he is wrestling for the World Title makes no sense what-so-ever. Anyway, the ending to the match was just a very bland finish to what should be so much more. I would have ended the match with Del Rio beating Swagger badly and have go crazy on him because of the horrible things that were said in the past. Then, after Del Rio beats him have Colter jump in the ring only to have Del Rio look like he is about to beat him up when Swagger puts a beating on Del Rio and Ricardo. Have Swagger then leave the ring, leaving Del Rio laying lifeless in the ring. Then cut to a commercial for WWE, having the WWE think that Ziggler isn't going to cash in, come back see Del Rio still in the ring trying to get up. Then have Ziggler run down and cash in Money in the Bank and win the title.

7. Y2J vs Fandango actually was pretty decent.

8. Miz vs Barrett should have been on the main card not the pre-show.

9. CM Punk vs Undertaker completely stole the show! It was an incredible and amazing match. Punk proved that belongs in the rankings with the greats tonight. As perfectly as this match was, I would have ended the match differently to just screw with the crowd. I would have Punk screw over Taker somehow and win the match, only to have Vince McMahon come out and restart the match and then have Taker win to be 21-0. Side note: Living Color was awesome and totally pumped up that New York crowd for that match. Never heard such a good ovation for a wrestler that comes out with a band. This really seemed like the only match the crowd was going crazy for. Can't say that I blame them.

and finally....

10. Rock vs Cena proved that this match shouldn't have happened again as it under-preformed once again. This match had no flow, was boring and seemed like both wrestlers had little to no charisma in the match. For the past year I hoped that they would not do a rematch at WrestleMaina just because the first was just ok. I also wished that Punk would have been added to make it a triple threat match but that's a different story. But the last 5 minutes was the only interesting part about that match. In the end the WWE should have had (I know this has been beaten into the ground but..) turned Cena Heel by either having him win cheaply, have the Shield help him win & have be reveled that he is the leader of the shield, or have hit Rock over the head with the title after their handshake. Instead we saw a boring and a very anti-climatic finish. To me this was one of the worst Main Event's in WrestleMaina history.

In the end the WWE had so many chances to change the WWE for the better but they didn't. They had a chance to finally start a new era in the WWE but instead we are re-put into the Super Cena Era. WWE missed out on heel turns, MITB cash in and classic memorable moments. This felt like the laziest WrestleMaina ever as the atmosphere didn't even feel like WrestleMaina. Felt like a knock off version of WrestleMaina 28 to me. WWE needs to change the writers or do something to change because the WWE just dropped the ball several times tonight at the grandest stage of em all!

Thanks for reading! Please leave some comments below, sorry if their are a lot of errors this is my second time writing this because my computer shut off on me the first time so I kind of flew through this one. Please follow me on Twitter @The_RoyalRamble and a new YouTube show coming soon!

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  1. Cross22's Avatar
    I was at the event and pretty much agree with everything you had to say. We were maybe 20-25 rows off the ring, behind the announcers and got a good look at the lack of action for th eentire night. Punk v UT was awesome and the Rock v Cena was bland. The end was extremely disappointing b/c at no point were either men beaten to a point where either's finishing move could be considered effective. The AA on the Rock for the win was weak as the Rock was 'dominatin' leading right up to it. Overall it was nice to attend bu there were no real 'ah-ha' moments...Except for Living Colour!!!
  2. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    I totally agree, the show was boring and painfully predictable. You would think that since Vince wants us to drop $60-$70 bucks that every effort would be made to make sure that the biggest wrestling show of the year would'nt put its viewers to sleep.
  3. Docdawolf's Avatar
    You know what it was a waste of money but your log was a waste as well. All you did was Bitch on what you wanted to happened. You never hit on the real good points. We all knew Cena was going to win and having the Rock there was just for Buy rate. Undertake and CM punk had no build but one hell of a match and to tell you the truth. I liked the Ryback vs Henry match two monsters with Henry winning but Ryback showing his strength.
  4. The Royal Ramble's Avatar
    I don't know what good points you want me to talk about? The title of the blog clearly shows that this is not a positive blog. You should have realized that going into reading this.
  5. The Royal Ramble's Avatar
    Not to mention this is also a "What I would have done if I was in charge" sort of thing.
  6. Cross's Avatar
    I think the best choice for an Orton heel turn would of been Sheamus getting pinned by say Ambrose and Randy Orton RKOing Sheamus afterwards. That way the Shield can still pickup a clean victory as none of their wins have been won in some cheap, dirty fashion. Shows who the better team was.

    Although I would of liked a MITB cash in attempt, for Ziggler to go out there, cash-in and win the WHC would of been lackluster. I mean for Ziggler to lose a Wrestlemania match, and then go out there and become the WHC would not be that credible. Plus, it would have not changed the Wrestlemania thoughts from bad to great.

    And, although a Cena heel turn would of been shocking and great in a way, I just do not think it would be good for business. Though, I like the idea of Rock hitting Cena in the head with the belt.

    Thanks for the blog.
  7. deadly56's Avatar
    Any Wrestlemania is never worth $60-$70, but more like £15

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