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My favorite WrestleMania Moments In The Past Decade

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Well it's that time of month again. WrestleMania. For me, this WrestleMania will be historic but not compared for moments that we have seen before and I want to share with you my favorites. Feel free to share yours in the comment section.


WrestleMania 21 : Randy Orton vs Undertaker - Even though Randy Orton lost this match, he came very close to ending Undertaker's streak. However, what i will remember most about this match is Randy Orton's reversal of a chokeslam to an RKO. What an athelete.

WrestleMania 24 : Money In The Bank ladder match - This may not be remembered as one of the greatest WrestleMania moments of all time but this match certainly showcased some of the future talents that WWE developed, even though most of them are gone now. CM Punk would win this match but there were many great spots, such as John Morrison's backflip ladder attack off the top turnbuckle and Shelton's sunset flip powerbomb to Mr. Kennedy while at the same time superplexing John Morrison. Benjamin was such a great talent as he would impress again at WrestleMania when he would do a backflip from the top of the ladder onto the other participants in the Money in the Bank Match.

WrestleMania 27: Edge vs Alberto Del Rio - The match itself wasn't memorable but what made it remarkable was that this was Edge's last match. Fitting that it ended at WrestleMania as we would deliver the shocking news on Raw. He would become the only man up to this date to retire as WHC. Appropriate way to end a career.

Now on to the main section:

10. WrestleMania 22: Rey Mysterio defeats Kurt Angle and Randy Orton

This was an emotional moment for Rey Mysterio as he would solidify himself as the Ultimate Underdog. He began 2006 by paying tribute to Eddie Guerrerro by winning the Royal Rumble. He wasn't supposed to be in the match after Orton beat him for his number one contendership at No Way Out but Teddy Long granted him the oppurtunity. And boy did he impress. After performing the 619 on Randy Orton and pinning him, he would win his first world title. He made his great friend Eddie proud and would shock the world by beating two former World Heavyweight Champions.

9. WrestleMania 22: Edge spears Mick Foley through a fiery table

Edge's catchphrase was being the Rated R superstar and he would prove it with this incredible feat of strength. Lita would set the table on fire with Mick Foley staring at it. Unknowingly, Edge with full strength would spear Mick Foley and set the table crashing, with him with it. Edge's bloody face and scared look after it pretty much solidified the match in its entirety. A memorable moment for the Rated R Superstar.

8. WrestleMania 19: Stone Cold's last match

The Rock claimed that he accomplished everything that he needed to in WWE with the exception of beating Stone Cold at WrestleMania. Two years prior at WrestleMania 17, when The Rock was the face and Austin was the heel, Austin shocked the world when he sided with McMahon, but this time the roles are reversed and the two put on an incredible performance. It would take three consecutive Rock Bottoms but it did the trick. Austin's will not to lose was strong but The Great One finally got what he wanted. The wrestling career of Stone Cold Steve Austin was effectively over.

7. WrestleMania 21: Batista and John Cena propel their careers

The two title matches would feature John Cena and Batista facing JBL and Triple H for the WWE and World Heavyweight titles respectively. These two matches would propel two young studs into a title-filled future. John Cena would win the first of his future twelve world titles. Batista would begin his future of six world titles. They had their moment to shine and it would begin on the biggest stage of them all.

6. WrestleMania 28: Triple H vs Undertaker: End of An Era - The other headline for WrestleMania besides "Once In A Lifetime" (you see how much that worked out). What made this match more interesting was that HBK would be the special guest referee. This match was brutal with the Undertaker taking the brunt of the damage. The memorable moment was when HBK would perform Sweet Chin Music leading to a Pedigree from Triple H. 1....2.....but no 3. Undertaker would never quit and that is when I thought it was over. Undertaker begged Shawn not to end the match.The DX combination did not work at Shawn Michaels' facial expression told it all. Standing their in the corner with his face filled with scared awe. Triple H, knowing he could not do it, in one last act of defiance signaled the DX chop leading to a final tombstone and HBK had no choice to count the 1...2....3. Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker would have to help their battered and broken bodies and looked onto the respectful crowd seeing the last crop of legendary superstars perform at WrestleMania. What a moment.

WrestleMania 28: John Cena vs The Rock : "Once In a Lifetime" (Yea Right)

At WrestleMania 27, during what had to be one of the worst main-event matches of all time, The Rock claimed that WrestleMania could not end in a double count-out with the Miz and John Cena. So The Rock got involved and Rock bottomed Cena and cost him the WWE Title. This was payback for what Cena did to him on Raw prior. So the two would settle it at WrestleMania one year in advance. The wrestling wasn't particularly good beacuse of Rock's long absence in the ring but the electricity in the arena, especially considering it was in the hometown of The Rock just made this match unpredictable. I thought the match was over when Cena reversed Rocky's top rope plunge into an AA. Foolishly, Cena wanted to beat Rock with his own finisher but it cost him "everything". The Rock would celebrate with a thunderous Rock Bottom and win. The two are at it again with the WWE title on the line this time. Will Cena receive redemption? Tune in tomorrow.

3. WrestleMania 25 - 26: Shawn Michaels/Undertaker Rivalry

This is the only time I will put multiple WrestleManias in one spot beacuse it is worthy of it. At WrestlleMania 25, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker would deliver a top ten match of all time. The Undertaker never looked better and one would think that as time would pass on his skills would begin to diminish. In this match, we would have the Undertaker diving headfirst onto the camerman and Shawn Michaels kicking out of the Tombstone which was thought to be it. There were so many nearfalls it was hard to recount how many times they occured. The electricity in this match was of big proportions but one mistake from Shawn costed everything as a lionsault was reversed to a Tombstone Piledriver and Undertaker barely survived. Shawn was devastated and the following year he asked for one more shot. But this time, Shawn's career was on the line, thus "Streak vs Career". What made it more interesting this time around was that Shawn Michaels would cost Undertaker the WHC. You could take your pick if this match was better because it was incredible. This time around it was more interactive. Shawn Michaels' major spots was doing a lionsault onto Undertaker to a table. Shawn would never quit, giving Undertaker all he had. Two Sweet Chin music attacks could not get it done. As for the Undertaker, he could not put away Shawn Michaels away with two Tombstone Piledrivers, one on the outside and one on the inside. Shawn would not quit but as he begged Undertaker for mercy and to finish it, Undertaker obliged and ended Shawn's legendary career. The crowd was very respectful and it was a heartfelt moment. Hard to believe that this was number 3. I'll try to make a case for the next two.

2. WrestleMania 24: Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair

From the year before, every match Ric Flair wrestled was a Career Threatning match. Whether it was MVP or Triple H, they could not get it done. But Shawn rose to the occasion and wanted to beat the man at WrestleMania. The "woos" in the place were loud and the match was epic, with a major moment being Shawn Michaels misisng a lionsault onto a table, injuring his ribs. He would finish the match with a sweet chin music but one did not get it done as Ric would get back up and claim him to bring it on. Shawn could not do it but he said he loved him and with one brutal kick to the face, Ric's legendary career would be over. Shawn Michaels would hug Ric directly after the match and leave him in the ring with his family and crowd spurring him on with a "Thank You Ric." The Nature Boy could not hold back his emotions and the sixteen time World Champion would leave his mark in WWE forever. I could easily alternate this and number one but i had to give the slimmest of edges to the next one.

WrestleMania 20: Chris Benoit's win and Embrace with Eddie Guerrerrro

Chris would earn his WHC title shot against Triple H at WrestleMania in a triple threat match with two DX members. Everybody had their moments and Shawn Michaels' super kick to Benoit's face while applying the sharpshooter was thought to be the end of it but Chris would not give in and had Triple H in the crippler crossface for who knows how long. As hard as Triple H fought, he could not fight it and had to give in. The emotion showed by Benoit was amazing. But the real moment came after the match. Eddie Guerrerro, with his WWE title, came to the ring after his bout with Kurt Angle. The two prospects would cheer each other on and share with a moment of embrace with a hug. Both of them are now dead and it makes it more mind-numbingly spectacular of how this moment was. With grafitti hanging over the MSG arena, this moment could not have been scripted any better. This could be alternated with number 2 but I could not do it. I just couldn't. This my friends, is what you call a WrestleMania moment.

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  1. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    I agree with most stuff on here but taker punk gotta be up there so much raw emotion in match I was a little disappointed taker didn't fly this year but Punk taker stole the show

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