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Wrestlemania 29 predictions

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Hello everyone. First time poster. We are all excited for Wrestlemania, even if the build has been less than stellar. Little bit about myself, my name is Tyler. I live in Oklahoma City. I have been watching wrestling for about 13 years. Edge has been my favorite wrestler since I was 12. Here is the predictions.

1. IC Title match. Wade Barret vs. The Miz
The miz was just thrown in this out of nowhere, and it seems like a half assed attempt to get them both on the card. This will be a harmless 7 minute preshow match. and I see The Miz walking away with the title and hopefully Barrett is on to bigger things.
My predicted winner: The Miz

2. The Bellas and Rhodes Scholars vs. The funkadactyls and Brodus Clay and Sweet T.
This just shouldn't be happening and it will go about 5 minutes. I really want to see Rhodes and Sandow with the tag titles soon, so a victory on the big stage should help them.
My predicted winners: Rhodes Scholars and the Bellas.

3. Chris Jericho vs Fandango
At first I was dissapointed that this is what Jericho was doing for the big show of the year, but this is more to help Johnny Curtis than anything. I can respect that and I am excited to see how Fandago capatalizes, but I don't see him getting the win.
Winner: Chris Jericho

4. Tag Title Match. Team Hell No vs Big E Langston and Dolph Ziggler
Team Hell No has had a very long run with the tag titles and I am glad to see them defended here. I also like how we have another debut match for a superstar. This is the night I expect Ziggler to shine and I think he is going to be the main staple on Smackdown for the next few months, so Langston and Ziggler are going to pick up the victory here.
Winners: Langston and Ziggler

5. World Heavyweight Championship. Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio

The build to this has been terrible. Swagger won an impressive elimination chamber match to get this oppurtunity but their flame fizzled out after the conservatives said their peace about the act. Del Rio can only say he was "born in mexico, but made in America" for so long, and this needs to go back to the middle of the card, without the belt. Once again, this is Dolph's night to shine so I see him cashing in after a 15 minute affair that Del Rio wins.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler cashes in money in the bank and wins the world heavyweight championship.

6. Triple H vs Brock Lesnar in a No holds barred match. If HHH loses, his career is over.

This is a tough one. If Hunter loses this I don't think it will be a real retirement, because Hunter is going to go out losing to someone he has respect for, much like HBK and Flair did. Hunter also looks great and I just don't think he is ready to hang the boots up. Lesnar will look like a beast tonight, but with a long term contract, he is going to lose some matches. I see him losing to HHH, but then moving on to John Cena and the WWE Title picture.
Winner: Triple H

7. The Shield vs Randy Orton, Sheamus, and the Big Show.

The Shield has been impressive, individually and together. They are undefeated and need to remain that way. I see Orton turning heel here and reveals he was alligned with the shield.
Winner: The Shield

8. Mark Henry vs Ryback
Ryback has been on a string of pay per view losses, and he needs a big win. Henry is gold,and he will recover from a loss.
Winner: Ryback

9. WWE Title match The Rock vs John Cena

Once or twice in a lifetime? They are going to milk this for all they can...and they should. I expect a damn fine match out of them even though this lacks the excitement that last years match had. I expect this to be the last match. I also expect that Mania is going to close with Cena.....still a babyface....closing out the WWE's biggest show beating the biggest movie star in the biggest media market in the United States.
Winner: John Cena

10. CM Punk vs The Undertaker

The work in this match will be off the charts and I expect a match of the year, however the build has been horrible and cheap. This is not the year the streak ends, however they will try hard to convince us.
Winner: The Undertaker

Enjoy wrestlemania everyone thanks for reading!

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