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20-1, HBK NY Screw Job, Cena Steel Chair Rage, Sheamus heel turn.

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HI my nerdizles. Log time hope everyone is well and excited about WM29. So many people have done alot of predictions so heck heres mine.

Triple Nose v Block Lesnar

This will be shite. (British for weak as shit) Simply because all they are going to do is smash each other pause, smash each other pause blah blah blah. It will get interesting towards the last ten minutes. I believe HBK will cost Triple H the match and as a result this will push for a wrestlemania 30 match for two old ass wrestlers who will re-retire(is that a word? Quiet Nerd!) each other If HBK doesn't cost The Game Stephanie or Shane may get involved and side with Heyman.

The Avengers v Whoreton, Ginger, Flabby

See everyone thinks Orton will turn heel. I would love to see that because he is uber boring me to death. BUT all of you nerds (including myself calm down) think this will happen. WWE knows we know sooooooooo they will ruin it by making Sheamus turn on his team while we think why the hell do I not grow out of watching this shit!

The Dying Man V Sir Cm Punk

I'm a huge CM punk fan and a huge undertaker fan (in 1997!!!) CM Punk is THE only superstar you can compare to the legends of the attitude era. Undertaker should 0121F*ckingDo1 already. He is as old as Moses. This will be brutal for Punk who will some how win but we won't see him for a while after the win. This will help him heal but also set up an awesome build up with Sir Stone Cold Steve Austin. He will come back and rant about how hes beaten everyone......SHATTER GLASS , STUNNER, PUNK COVERED IN BEER ME U AND MILLIONS JIZZING OUR PANTS.

The Crock V John Cinderella

Soooo twice in a life time huh? The Crock will beat Cena while Cena has a Stone Cold moment and shows how much of a sore loser he is. The End.

So I hope all of this happens if not im out of £17.00. Also please feel free to leave irrelevant comments about my irrelevant blog .

kind regards

TheOne( no not Neo you Nerd!)

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  1. weems's Avatar
    This was a fun read. I laughed out loud a couple times. I look forward to your next blog.
  2. rampage_23's Avatar
    if Punk does goes over, and we hear the glass break, it will be tthe BIGGEST match in wrestling history
  3. big poppa pump's Avatar
    the steiner recliner wil be returnin tomorrow nite at mania for all my freaks out there!!!!!!
  4. big poppa pump's Avatar
    kevin nash returns and puts triple h through a tabel now thats some creative genuise there!
  5. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Big pappa pump will be coming to my pad for mania and I will need to listen to his god awful predictions the whole ppv and the pub before witch will revolve around the kliq and kevin nash running into to every match hahah !! Bring on mania !!!!! Its still real to me dam it !!!
  6. big poppa pump's Avatar
    when ur nwo waldo your nwo for life!!!! bring on tomoz the barman wull b gettin a del rio kick if a dont get ma drink on thr house
  7. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Time does the pre show air in the uk ???
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