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Nitro's 10 Bold Predictions for Wrestlemania 29

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Here I am again to bring you predictions that, while might not be right, but will be bold and that will be a big thing. At the royal rumble, I got 3/10....well, they are meant to be bold, so let us see what happens this time. So I bring to you 10 bold predictions for Wrestlemania 29

10. Cody Rhodes will begin to turn face

Like everyone else, I love me some Rhodes Scholars, but after no feud with the New Age Outlaws, they were put with a Ton of Funk. After two matches, Rhodes Scholars and Bellas are already up 2-0 so it is obvious that Ton of Funk will win, but I feel that soon, Rhodes will start to align with Kaitlyn. This will lead to a him vs Damien Sandow feud, than to a Rhodes vs Ziggler for World Heavyweight Championship.....Excuse me, got that would be amazing. Next!

9. Team Hell No will not show any signs of faltering

Let us admit: they are so toast. But, they have been pretty strong right now and I don't think that they will be done after this one. Give them a Wrestlemania win and I think they might ride the high on this one. Team Hell No has one more pay-per-view, than the split will begin.

8. Fandango and Jericho will have a great match, but Jericho will come out looking better than Fandango

Shocking here huh. As we know, Fandango is Vince's pet project and we all know he will come away with the win. Hey, these are bold, not stupid predictions. However, it will be shocking as the fans won't care at all about Fandango as Jericho, not trying to, steals the spotlight of wrestlemania.

7. Ryback and Henry will give the performances of their lives

Strong men in WWE are great. Henry has been a very good heel and the goldberg chants for Ryback are finally starting to die down. But they both need to bring it here. While one will win, they will both show themselves as World Champions later this year and main eventers for a good time.

6. Ziggler will come away from Wrestlemania as the big loser rather than the big winner

*cries* Why am I typing this? However, I just see this happening. WWE loves to screw with us and Ziggler will walk away with zip, zadda, zilch. Wrestlemania should be his moment, but everyone else will steal it away. Oh well Ziggy, there is always next time.

5. Swagger and Del Rio will have a good match, but no one in the crowd will even care as Colter and Ricardo are more exciting

I dont know if this is bold or just kind of smart thinking, but this is the way I have felt about the feud. I wouldn't have minded if it was a midcard feud, but for a world championship, it seems lacking. The crowd will show that and del rio will pull out a win that no one will care about.

4. Triple H will win at Wrestlemania only to lose at Extreme Rules

Let us think about this. Lesnar will be at extreme rules and if he beats Triple H, who in the world will he face? Ryback? F that. Cena? Nice try, Rock will be there as well. Sheamus? Not very inspiring. Let us admit, they will have a rubber match where Lesnar will come away with the win, setting up Lesnar and Rock down the road.

3. Undertaker will have to find a new way to keep his steak alive

CM Punk is crafty and doesnt want the pleasure of pinning the Deadman. Might as well go for the countout or the dq. With Punk and Bearer storyline reaching the limits, Taker will realize he has to go over his normal kickout, tombstone/hells gate routine and that he needs something more to defeat the Straightedge Savior.

2. Cena will cheat to win

Oh my, wouldn't that be a shocker. Cena wants to do everything, yet can he do anything? Beating the Rock at Wrestlemania cleanly only for a rematch at Extreme Rules is lammeeeeeee and Cena aint losing. I.E, Cena will have to be a bit heel for this one. He might not like it, but he has to do it.

1. Orton or Cena is revealed to have been aligned with the Shield

We need a larger shocker here. We have heard that Orton will turn heel but now rumours have been speculating whether Cena will turn heel. No matter who will, I feel that at least one of them will be aligned with the Shield. No, not the leader, aligned. All the same position. If we look at the shield, Ambrose is more the mouthpiece, Rollins is the workhorse and Reigns is the strength and tank. They all share equality and it will be no different. This Wrestlemania has been bland and we need some new flavour!

Bonus Prediction: Barrett will beat Miz because it is on pre-show, not affecting Miz's winning streak at Wrestlemania

Well there you have it, 10 bold predictions that some I hope and others I hope wont happen. Anyways, hope you enjoy the show, comment below and keep on holding on for that one more ray of sun.

Peace off

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  1. SHW's Avatar
    cena will do everything in his power to win legit.

    at some point late in the match the camera will pan in, and show his frustration.

    big johnny will make an appearance, throw cena the chain, hits rocky, match over.

    metlife goes apeshit.

    the next night on raw, cena apologizes to the fans, to the rock, blah blah blah.

    later down the line he challenges rock for WM30, in HIAC.
  2. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    i love this blog it is awesome! i also love SHW's View but how cool would it b if Zeb Colter and Ricardo Rodriguez get into the ring at mania and start brawling leading to a double DQ and then have at Extreme Rules ADR vs Rodriguez vs Swagger vs Colter for WHC leading 2 Colter becoming an in-ring competitor, put him in a fued with Swagger for screwing him. to then lead to HIAC PPV and have Orton, Sheamus and Show join the rivalry and make an armagedon HIAC of Orton vs Sheamus vs Colter vs ADR vs Swagger vs Show for the WHC!!!! afterwards the latest MITB winner for the WHC will cash in and make that past match look pointless no matter who wins. how cool would that b!!!! :P
  3. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    also another bold prediction from me is that Ziggler will b the first man 2 not cash in on time with the MITB briefcase!
  4. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by WWE.TNA.2012
    also another bold prediction from me is that Ziggler will b the first man 2 not cash in on time with the MITB briefcase!
    When you win the thing you have a year to cash it in. Back when Money in the Bank was at Wrestlemania you had till the next Wrestlemania and now you have to the next Money in the Bank payperview.
    So this won't happen at Wrestlemania anymore.

    On: Love your blogs man

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