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Most likely Wrestlemania upsets

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Out off all the matches i think that there will be 4 that could cause a major upset.

1: Jack Swagger Def Alberto Del Rio
this is unlikely due to the fact that swagger has still to serve his suspension for being caught under the influence but this is on off the matches that people are thinking is gonna be a walk in the park for Del Rio... anyway that's upset number 1

2: Mark Henry Def Ryback
I know his is a match for ryback to show his dominance and get back on top in wwe but i also think mark henry could defeat him due to the fact the hall of pain is just outstanding... upset 2

3: Brock Lesner Def Triple H
I Just have the worst feeling ever about this match, everybody knows that triple h has moved upstairs in wwe, but his occasional match shows that he still has it to run with the big dogs, i seen a video off triple h in training and he is doing intense work outs but i just think there are to many factors riding on this match, plus what better way to finish your career on the grandest stage off them all with your best friend at ringside

4. The Rock Def John Cena
ask anybody, and they will tell you that john cena will win at mania, i also think this, but due to the fact that the rock has only had the title for January and has defended it once that leads me to believe that the rock might actually win at wrestlemania. cena needs the win more than the rock and the rock needs time off to film some movies, and having the wwe without a wwe champion you have all seen it in the past few weeks it hasn't had a great impact leading up to wrestlemania which i think is wrong... but yeah i think that could be another upset if it happens.

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  1. GaryBallantyne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by VegasModman
    I believe you are correct about all...except 1. Ryback, imo will squash Henry in a short, hence the word squash, match. Followed by a feed me more chant...

    By the way i am not a fan really of either too much however i am pretty much emotionally biased on the other matches, some with negatice outcomes completely for the fans...we will end up wanting closure to certain things that happen and explanations that will never come, see my blog for reference to my full opinion.

    Also John Cena Heel turn is expected, Rock Heel turn would be another great upset. I would mark the fizzzzukk out.

    Let me know what you think
    The ONLY Heel turn off the night will come in the All stars vs The Shield match... Orton will be the only heel turn off the night, cena will not turn heel anytime soon Fact!
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