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Who will beat The Undertaker?

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The most talked about match year after year at Wrestlemania. The Streak. The biggest accomplishment in the history of this business. Sunday night, The Deadman goes 21-0 at the grandest stage of them all. Online betting websites have listed him as a 30-1 favorite in past years to win. With Wrestlemania 30 a year away, the big question is who, if anyone, will end the streak and make the Phenom rest in peace?

The majority of us seem to lean towards John Cena to face Taker next year. I strongly believe that theory, but do not believe Cena should, or will, end the streak. There are two schools of thought. The first, is that a big namer will do the deed. The second, is a pass-the-torch scenario where he puts over some other talent.

In the last decade, Taker's opponents have been superstars, so it's obvious that a top guy will challenge him at Wrestlemania for his remaining appearances. I really doubt he will have another WM match with Kane, but would love to see Kane end his career at another big ppv (non WM). I do think it is fitting for Cena to face Taker next year, but as some have stated, a win for Cena cannot really elevate him beyond the Superman level at which he currently resides.

Mark Callaway's career will end within 3 years, but that doesn't mean his record should too. Leaving him undefeated would allow the legend to live forever. A blemished record is almost as if the streak never existed. If you ask me, let the streak live. End the Undertaker's career at a Summerslam, perhaps by Kane, perhaps by a Cena WM rematch.

I pose 2 questions to the readers:
1. Why or why not should the streak end?
2. Besides Cena or Kane, in which scenario should Taker's career end? Or is there no other scenario?

Thanks for your time,

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  1. elruto's Avatar
    taker will never lose final match wrestlemania 30 against lesner
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