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Who will beat The Undertaker?

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The most talked about match year after year at Wrestlemania. The Streak. The biggest accomplishment in the history of this business. Sunday night, The Deadman goes 21-0 at the grandest stage of them all. Online betting websites have listed him as a 30-1 favorite in past years to win. With Wrestlemania 30 a year away, the big question is who, if anyone, will end the streak and make the Phenom rest in peace?

The majority of us seem to lean towards John Cena to face Taker next year. I strongly believe that theory, but do not believe Cena should, or will, end the streak. There are two schools of thought. The first, is that a big namer will do the deed. The second, is a pass-the-torch scenario where he puts over some other talent.

In the last decade, Taker's opponents have been superstars, so it's obvious that a top guy will challenge him at Wrestlemania for his remaining appearances. I really doubt he will have another WM match with Kane, but would love to see Kane end his career at another big ppv (non WM). I do think it is fitting for Cena to face Taker next year, but as some have stated, a win for Cena cannot really elevate him beyond the Superman level at which he currently resides.

Mark Callaway's career will end within 3 years, but that doesn't mean his record should too. Leaving him undefeated would allow the legend to live forever. A blemished record is almost as if the streak never existed. If you ask me, let the streak live. End the Undertaker's career at a Summerslam, perhaps by Kane, perhaps by a Cena WM rematch.

I pose 2 questions to the readers:
1. Why or why not should the streak end?
2. Besides Cena or Kane, in which scenario should Taker's career end? Or is there no other scenario?

Thanks for your time,

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  1. Kahlil Hutchinson's Avatar
    i think the streak should not end but his last match should be with a guy like the miz kofi kingston just to name a few but for this match to happen both guys need to be pushed into the main event spot and let them have a great match but let undertaker pick up the win like with shawn michaels
  2. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    The streak will never end. It means too much to the Undertaker, who is one of the most respected men in all of wrestling by the fans and his peers alike. While a former world champion, he's not a ten time champion like some other guys, so the streak is all he has. It sets him apart from all the other big names. WWE blew it big time because this year's match should have been the Undertaker against WWE Champion CM Punk, streak vs streak, because Punk would have help the title close to 500 days. lt have been huge, because even though Taker would have won, there would at least be some doubt. That's the best the storywriters can do, create some doubt that someone might actually break the streak. This year it is 100% guaranteed that the Undertaker will beat Punk, but if Punk still had the title there would be plenty of doubt. So while no one will ever break the streak, I would like to see Cena try (and fail) because the IWC would threaten to blow up the planet if Cena were to actually win. With the right stipulations the Big Show could be a viable threat, because his loss to the Undertaker at a previous Wrestlemania was as part of a handicap match, and it was actually Albert who took the loss. If Show is properly built up into an unstoppable giant machine, there could be some doubt. Unfortunately, Sting won't ever be in WWE to challenge the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but that would have been a classic, even though the two of their ages added together is 100. Food for thought. Rob
  3. weems's Avatar
    I don't see the Taker ever losing at mania. If he does ever lose, the guy that beats Taker will have achieved the greatest win in wrestling history. Just for shits and giggles, maybe in a couple of years Ryback defeats Taker. Somebody is going to replace Cena as the face of the company in the future. I am guessing that maybe VKM wants that guy to be Ryback. If so, Taker has always been a team guy and might do the job and allow Ryback to get the biggest win in wrestling history. I doubt it happens but think it might be possible
  4. Halfbaht's Avatar
    20 and 1, this will be takers last ride
  5. macstar77's Avatar
    Personally, I think this is The Undertaker's swan song event, there is one number that haunts The Undertaker and that number is 1. CM Punk is the first superstar to not only dominate but psychological upset and disturb The Taker Mania mind set. Yes, I know it would be fitting on the year Paul Bearer dies, Undertaker goes 21-0 but it's also considered a fitting and honoring tribute to the late Paul Bearer if The Undertaker's streak dies too.

    The Undertaker has been well respected over the years, but years have gone by and you can tell he has become more sluggish than ever, what has happened in real life is possibly the only reason the WWE could use to allow Taker to finally laying that streak to rest, much like his long and fortune filled legacy
  6. okctyler's Avatar
    The streak won't end, but takers career will . I see him going against Lesnar next year, and then having a rematch at summerslam or survivor series, and having it end there. It is possible though that he retires on a big win instead of the classic retirement match scenario. However, taker loves to put people over and give them the rub.
  7. venom28-'s Avatar
    Cena's already had torch after torch given to him. He doesn't need it. I'd go with Kane or even an established NXT star...Ambrose or something. Who knows maybe Cody Rodes become bigger and challenge for the streak...he just needs a meaner demeaner, lose the tache and become intense in the ring.
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