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2013 (3 of 3) Triple Threat Match

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Hi Everybody! In the two previous parts of this series, I changed the outcomes of selected matches at the Royal Rumble and the Elimination Chamber in hopes of getting at a Wrestlemania card people will think is better than the actual one. Part one didn’t really do a lot and it seems part two has fallen on deaf ears. Oh well, try, try again. In the third and final part, I’ll use the actual happenings from both events. I will also book the outcomes of the WM matches. So let’s get right to…

Your Neeeeeew Wrestlemania 29!(You’re Welcome…Yet Again)

-The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler
Yep, I’m going to bring this one back from part one, only this time not for the Heavyweight Championship. It’d be something like Ziggler trying to steal the show at WM by upstaging a former WM main eventer, and both of them being money in the bank winners. Dolph Ziggler still has his money in the bank at this point. These two could put on a great match. I think Miz vs Barrett could be pretty good, but I’d rather see this. I’d much rather see this than Hell No vs Ziggler and Langston. I wouldn’t use any special stipulations, as this match needs to appear rather innocuous. Ziggler gets the W.

-Randy Orton and Sheamus vs The Big Show and Mark Henry
On its face, it’d be a very easy to use this as a way to turn Orton heel and start a feud with Sheamus, but I’m not going to do that here for reasons which become clear later. Honestly, these were the four guys left without anything meaningful to do. I guess I’ll take some flack for not being able to properly use established talent. They could be put into a fatal four way for a #1 contender slot but I already did that in part one. How about a special stipulation where the winning team gets something or other? Ugh, in my opinion the worse match I probably came up with in this series. Orton and Sheamus win. Let’s move on…

-US Title: Antonio Cesaro vs Ryback
Ryback is the proud patriot that comes along to challenge Antonio Cesaro’s claim no American can beat him. Cesaro could carry Ryback to a really good match. It could be a sleeper. Ryback scores gold.

-Winner controls Tag Team Championship: Kane vs Daniel Bryan
I haven’t had a chance to do this match in parts one or two, and really think this is how it should’ve gone down. I like Hell No and their skits have been hilarious but its time to let Daniel Bryan become a serious singles player. Or after the winner picks a new partner, quickly becomes tired of them and attempts to reunite the team. I’m sure these two could tear it up at WM. Daniel Bryan takes it down. He’d run the suggested storyline better.

-Intercontinental Title: Wade Barrett vs Y2J
This one could be built around how Jericho was Barrett’s pro from back in the NXT days or Jericho trying to break his own record of IC titles at WM. What better way for Barrett to make a name for himself than to beat Jericho at WM? Y2J can prove he still has it and the IC belt is still a big deal and hopefully make everyone forget about Rhodes and Big Show from last year. Y2J is a pro. He knows how big of a win it would be for Barrett. He does the right thing and puts Barrett over.

-World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
I stuck myself with the actual RR and EC bookings, so I’m stuck with this match. I think Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter was an interesting direction to go in creative-wise but they have not been able to pull it off. Someone, either one wins this marathon match then Dolph Ziggler comes in and cashes in Money in the Bank so somebody finally does it at Wrestlemania.

-Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker
While I’m not sure the actual match product would be totally spectacular, the build up would be outstanding. With their history including their stare down at the UFC fight, it could be hyped easily. Brock Lesnar is a legitimate threat to the streak. I’m really looking forward to Punk vs Taker but after his two losses to the Rock and his loss to Cena, I don’t see Punk beating the streak as believable. Triple H could be used in this feud whether it being a ref, or from an executive standpoint, he’s concerned about the Undertaker’s legacy or something. Brock and Undertaker trade threatening promos. Is Brock afraid of the Undertaker? How can the Undertaker possibly beat Brock Lesnar? Of course The Undertaker goes 21-0

-WWE Title Triple Threat Match: The Rock vs CM Punk vs John Cena
After everything that went down in the two matches between Rock and Punk and the fact Cena won the Rumble, these three are thrown into one match where there is no excuses and there must be a winner and winner takes all. John Cena can avenge his losses to both men and win the WWE title. CM Punk can beat the two guys from last year’s main event and prove once and for all he is the best in the world. The Rock can prove he’s the best ever after winning two straight WM main events and beating the two top guys of this era. The match goes on until the Shield arrives. First they take out the Rock. Obviously they are here to help CM Punk, right? WRONG!!! After laying waste to the Rock, they then turn on CM Punk. Meanwhile John Cena hits the AA on the Rock and does the people’s elbow on the Rock just like he tried last year, only this time the Rock doesn’t pop up. John Cena wins the match and the title, turns heel and reveals himself to be the leader of the Shield!!! Cena grabs the mic and says, “Suck it Aces & 8s! I’ll show you a heel turn!”
Ok, maybe I went a little too far with that last line but I think you get the picture.

In conclusion, over this three part series I think I’ve put a little bit of everything out there and hopefully there was something intriguing. I’m just one guy with a computer and some spare time. They pay several people thousands upon thousands of dollars to come up with this stuff. When put side by side, the cards I put together and the actual one are not far off. That’s my opinion. I could be completely wrong but I doubt it. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed.
Which Wrestlemania 29 would you rather watch? This one or the one this April 7th?

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Tag titles should be defended on the show!!

    No Shield on the show? Stupid tag match?
  2. weems's Avatar
    I like the idea of Jericho v Barrett for the IC strap. The IC strap has turned into a joke as Barrett seems to lose over 50% of his matches. This feud could bring some prestige back to the IC title. Likewise, I like Ryback v Cesaro for the US title. WWE has ruined the US title by making Cesaro job each and every week. Ryback could help give it some credibility again.
    On another note, it is funny and ironic how everybody complains about the tag division being so poor yet wants Hell No (the only quality tag-team IMO right now) to be broken up.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I liked this series of blogs. It's hard to tell which I would like more. I enjoyed the tournament but they'd never do it. So I'm gonna go with the first one as my favorite.

    @weems...the reason everyone wants Hell No to split is because everyone thinks Daniel Bryan still has something to offer. No one realizes that his time has come and gone. It wasn't until he lost to Sheamus that he really got over. Then they gave the IWC what they wanted which was Punk/Bryan. Bryan, I believe, is out of any further world title matches. Great performer, but perfect in the spot he's in right now.
  4. Hurtts101's Avatar
    I want to give kudos to your blogs as well. I thought of doing the same thing long ago but was never sure how they would be received. While I don't understand all your choices, they are yours and as long as you find entertainment in them then that is all that matters.
    My only comment about your card itself is I really don't want to see a 'leader' of the Shield, least of all Cena. Too nWo if you ask me. While I think this mania is the perfect time to turn him heel, I hope it's without a faction. If anything, and something I did in my WWE 13, I would have Punk head up a faction consisting of Ambrose, Cessaro, Bryan, Ohno, and Rollins. Have even thought of adding Bourne and Paige as well. Perhaps I'll write a blog about it....
  5. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    to be honest m8 i wa really really looking forward to part 3,so much so that i had my laptop on 24 hours a day and 3-4 day a week (because that washow long between these last 2) but this one has let down me and urself, u r capable of so much more. Lets face it u ran out of ideas so u did this. u probs had ideas but then because people said stuff like dont change other ppv's u gave in but u must have had them, put Daniel bryan and Kane inside an inferno match, Antonio Cesaro vs Ryback, The Miz vs Wade Barrett, Mysterio vs Cara Golf Of Mexico in NY/NJ funny Shinozzle.ADR vs Ricardo Rodriguez vs Jack Swagger vs Zeb Colter WHC, Rock vs Cena vs Punk for WWE Championship, Lesner W/Paul Hayman vs HHH W/The McMahon's Special ref Shawn Michaels,Ziggler vs Langston special ref AJ Lee! Taker vs Y2J, Big Show, Orton and Sheamus vs The Shield elimination No-DQ FCA and Henry vs 3MB, PTP, Sin Cara, David Otunga, Fandango, Kofi Kingston and R-truth - Gauntlet slobber nocker! think what card u would prefer his or mine or the one on april 7th?

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