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My view: Wrestlemania 29 card

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Wrestlemania 29 is almost here and a lot of folks are excited while others are complaining. A series, I'm going to try out is "my view". It is "my view" on a certain topic. Explain why I like, love, or hate something or someone. Instead of always talking about history and doing those top 10s. Try something fresh....not to say top 10s have ended because I enjoy doing them. To attempt to keep things fresh maybe every 2 or 3 weeks have this type of blog. What is the point of this blog is to give my opinion on the Wrestlemania 29 card. Explain why or why not I like the match that is booked. Why or why not I'm excited. Hopefully you get the concept I began after reading this opening. Here is my opinion on the Wrestlemania card:

Let me first start out by saying, I'm a bit disappointed that Cesaro isn't defending his US title at Mania this year. I'm most bummed about that.

Preshow: IC title Wade Barrett(C) vs Miz-It is a decent match to look forward to, but it feels like a consolation prize. I think it would have been better for Barrett to face and beat a guy like Big Show or Jericho at WM. Those matches are the ones I'd like to see over Miz. Not as big of a fan of Miz's as I used to be. I'm always for a new thing. After he had his run, I wanted the next guy to have his run. You know what I mean. I think Barrett and Cesaro are potential main event talent. High on both of them. Don't think beating Miz will do as much as beating the likes of Jericho or Big Show on the big stage. They both have movies which is the theme they are going with. Who cares? These movies mean nothing like they used to because there are so many now. None of the movies I care if I see or not.

8 mixed tag match: Tons of Funk vs Rhodes-Scholars & Bella Twins-Upset that Tons of Funk made the card, but I'm glad Rhodes-Scholars did. I'm rooting for Rhodes-Scholars here and I believe they will win. Don't care that much for anybody in this match other than Rhodes-Scholars. I never cared for the Bella Twins. Thought it was comical that Funks dancers actually said they looked up to the Bellas. The majority of their time in the WWE, all they did was accompany celebs or something stupid like that. Didn't have impressive career at all. They certainly wouldn't be making a WWE hall of fame I was running for their accomplishments in their first run. I believe that in their deal, Bella Twins had a Mania match promised which is why they are on the card. Sandow is like a top 3 fav of mine. Future main event talent. Loved his axxess tour video where he asked for hand sanitizer after giving a small kid a high five. his catchphrase as well.

Jericho vs Fandango-I was shocked like many others that Fandango had a match on the card. Especially vs Chris Jericho of all people. His constant name thing reminds me a little bit of what Dolph Ziggler did when he first started. Shaking hands with people while introducing himself. I find it more comical than anything else. Some folks hate him while I find him a bit entertaining and funny. When he refuses to wrestle, you just shake your head. Not really much to get mad about. Not gonna lose sleep over him not wrestling. Wondering if he'll do the same at Mania, but I hope not. Hopefully others get enough time to show what they have.

Tag titles: Team Hell No vs Zig-E-Let me first start out by saying that Ziggler is a top 3 fav of mine with Daniel Bryan. Especially since AJ is involved makes this a must see. I think it is too soon for AJ to be wrestling for the Divas title. I'd prefer her to win the Divas title on her first try. What other heel out there is better than her? Kaitlyn really hasn't had a decent title reign only winning it in January which is why I'm against it happening so soon. I've been hoping and rooting for Team Hell No to lose the tag titles since way back at HIAC although I have enjoyed the segments that Team Hell No has had. I just feel like Kane is holding Bryan back while riding his coattails. I want Zig-E to win, but I also want him to cash in MITB and win the world title at Mania. I doubt he will both win tag titles and world title. I think he will end up with neither. I hope I'm wrong though.....

Ryback vs Mark Henry-I'm surprised by some people being such a downer about this match. I've wanted Ryback to face someone like Henry, Show, and a big man ever since he started facing those jobbers. I want to see him shellshock those dudes. Why am I so interested in this match? I'm a Ryback fan. Why am I Ryback fan? How often does WWE debut a guy like Ryback beating jobbers like that along with being a face. I can't remember a time when they did something like this. It is usually jobbers vs moster heels. He brings something different to the show and the matches. Why on earth does every match have to be a 5 star technical wrestling match? I don't expect a 5 star match to happen. I expect a hard hitting type of match between these two monsters with Ryback coming out on top. I want to see if Ryback can lift Mark Henry, Big Show and others.

Sheamus, Orton, and Big Show vs Shield-I like the Shield and what they are doing. Especially the promos with the camera moving while each gets to talk. It is different that we havn't really seen before. That is what made promos like NWO had so great back in the day. I hope they win and Orton RKOs Sheamus when he is getting ready to brogue kick 1 of the members while Show is getting double teamed outside. Why does he RKO him? I would enjoy it a lot more if Orton simply did it because Sheamus took his spot as the man on SD. He got the long world title run and main event title matches last year. Orton didn't which is why he RKO'd and cost his team the match. Doesn't really need to be a connection with the Shield like some speculate.

World title: Del Rio vs Jack Swagger-When I first heard about Swagger winning the world title, I was scratching my head as to why. I like the Zeb addition which is why I've been wanting managers back into wrestling for guys like Swagger, Lesnar, among others to get over with the crowd. Hard to tell what will happen here. This is make or break career match for Swagger in my eyes which is why I believe he will win. I'd like to see however, Del Rio win and Ziggler cash in. ziggler cashing in on Swagger would give him a face response. Which is why I don't believe it will happen. How and when Dolph will cash in is a mystery to me. I don't believe it should be on a heel o. I like the segments Swagger/Zeb did thus far, but feels like ok we get it. Lets get to the match.

Lesnar vs HHH-I must first start out by saying I love the addition of Heyman with Lesnar again. Love hearing his interviews, promos, and everything. He seems real when he is talking. Not political bs like you hear sometimes in interviews. Absolutely loved it when he said to HHH during the contract signing the "loser" should be the one that should get Steph. I hope like most everyone that Lesnar will win, but I doubt it. HBK added to the match really didn't add that much anticipation to me. I'd rather see Lesnar face someone else, but hey....I could be wrong. Lesnar may end up beating HHH, but if I were betting....I bet everyone would bet on HHH.

Punk vs Undertaker-I love CM Punk as much as the next guy, but I believe he is greedy. He wants to be the man, he wants to be the main event, and he wants to be the best. He is very vocal about that. That is one of the reasons we love him. At times, I question him because does he realize how many wrestlers would love the oppurtunity to say they wrestled the Deadman at Wrestlemania? That is everyones dream match is to face Taker at Wrestlemania whether it be Wade Barrett, Sheamus, or Ryback. He should be honored to be given the oppurtunity he is given if you ask me. Wrestling the Deadman to most people isn't a consolation prize by any means. However, in Punks eyes it is. His goal to main event Wrestlemania and I respect that. I hope he accomplishes that before his career is done. To the match, I like the buildup. 1 certainly could argue it is the most intriguing match on the show this year. I love it when feuds become personal. Especially this one even though some believe Punk and WWE has crossed certain lines. I find it humerous how everyone complains about WWE not getting edgy with the product and when they do....someone complains. If his family and friends gave blessing....what is the problem? Friends said he would have loved it. I doubt Taker would sit back and say nothing if something they suggested to do would cross the line. If anyone knows Paul is Taker who traveled over a half decade with the man all over the world. Again, in this world you can't please everyone. I miss those days and promos when dudes would do promos saying their opponent won't be able to walk out of the arena after their match. Taker wins while Punks gets a vacation.

WWE title: Rock vs Cena 2-A lot of people complaining about Rock/Cena 2. I want Rock/Cena 2 to happen. I wanted Cena to win last year as crazy as it sounds. I've always been about the vet putting over the young gun. Which is why I want Cena to get the W back. Will a heel turn happen? I'd still be shocked if it did despite the rumors. Rumors over the years have spread and it still didn't happen. How can people say Cena can't be heel? Cena was a great heel before. That is how he became popular. Those who didn't watch wrestling in 03 obviously missed that period. I was a bit surprised Rock has been staying around like everyone else. I thought it would be match with Cena than leave. I was even more surprised when I heard they were teaming at Survivor Series before last years Mania. I don't hate on Rock or Brock for coming back because I wanted them to be back. That is what I find crazy, people complained cuz the way they left. Now they are back and crying because they are. Can anyone make up their minds?Do I want Rock/Cena 3 to happen at WM30? No....I'd prefer to see Taker having his last match in the main event vs the man in the WWE....John Cena.

There you have it! "My view" aka opinion of the Wrestlemania 29 card. Do agree? What is your opinion of the matches put out? Do agree or disagree with anything I've said? Leave that in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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