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Top 5 best and worst Wrestlemania matches of all-time!!

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It is Wrestlemania season and everyone wants to talk about memories of the biggest event of the year. What are the best matches of the grandest stage of them all? What are the worst at biggest event of the year? I'll answer those questions and more with this blog. I must stress this is my opinion first and foremost. These are my personal favs along with the matches that I think are the worst. Format is basically, I list the match and give my reasoning as to why it is listed in the top 5. Save the best for last and start off with the worst. So here it is: Top 5 best and worst Wrestlemania matches of all-time!!

5.WM 20 Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg-When you think about dream matches at WM. This one comes to mind. Looks good on paper, but it didn't really pan out. Austin was in the middle of it telling these dudes who paced more than they were on the mat. Everyone knew they were leaving. Even JR and Lawler talked about it during the match. Last Mania in MSG had a ton of booing during this bout. Two bulls going at it grappling, pushing, and pacing around like animals. Both Brock/Goldberg still talks about this flop today. Need I say more? Us fans, talent, and themselves know how bad this match was. As Damien Sandow would say "you're welcome".
4.WM 9 Hulk Hogan vs Yokozuna-A non-scheduled match happened at one of the worst Wrestlemania's of all-time. It featured the new crowned WWF champion and probably the biggest superstar WWF ever produced Hulk Hogan. According to Bret, Hulk Hogan was scheduled to face him at Summerslam, but it didn't happen of course. Hulkster won his final WWF title before heading to WCW at WM9. His last Mania before he faced The Rock almost a decade later. Yokozuna went in as an unstoppable force of a big man like most big men are used. However, his first WWF title reign ended in less than a minute. It certainly didn't help Yokozuna losing the belt that quickly nor did it help Bret. Scratch your head and wonder why it happened. Yokozuna did retain the belt at the King of the Ring that year.
3.WM 26 Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon-A match you watch and your like, when is this going to end. Bret was taking a seat during the match for goodness sake. I was wanting it to be Bret vs McMahon at Mania to. It took way too long though. It should have ended quickly with a sharpshooter looking back on it. Interesting to see the Hart family on the outside getting involved. How many chair shots can you stand to watch? Was it more than the I quit match back at Rumble 99? My goodness.....expectations however wasn't high. Did we really expect Bret to put on a 5 star match? No!
2.WM 27 Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole-I hate announcers being involved in matches. I felt like, other guys could be used on the show instead of them. Especially Cole. I was glad Lawler finally got a WM match on his resume. It surprised me when I first heard he didn't have a match at WM. Especially in those Burger King days. Cole of all people still talks about being undefeated at Mania. I wish he was still heel so Taker could tombstone him. LOL! I'm actually glad he is no longer a character on the show. Didn't like anonymous GM stuff. Joke of a match that didn't deserve to be on WM.
1.WM 9 Undertaker vs Giant Gonzalez-A match that instantly comes to my mind when I think of the worst matches ever.....this match and feud comes to mind. Worst feud, matches of the year. How can you disagree with this being #1. Neither man really moved during the match. Giant Gonzalez used a wet rag which had a substance to make Taker pass out which resulted in a DQ. I believe that is the only match Taker had at Mania that didn't result in a legit victory such as submission or pinfall.

5.WM 2000 Triangle Ladder Match-I don't care what anybody says. The best of the 3 historic Ladder matches in the triple threat series between the tag teams of E+C, Hardyz, and Dudleyz. This was before the TLC match, but these teams first made their mark in their debuts. How often does all rookies make a mark like these teams did? Very rare Wrestlemania rookies get put in that position as well. After the great show stealing matches they had in the previous months vs one another. They just put all 3 in the ring with a Ladder for the tag titles. It was just the beginning of what we all want the tag division to be again. They raised the bar so high in that match. I believe this was the best one. I hated the fact Rhino, spike dudley were involved in the last one. This Ladder match is why I look at WM10 match like it wasn't in its league. Also the reason, I say Owen vs Bret was the best match for WM10. WM2000 also was ranked #2 all-time in a special top 10 Wrestlemania matches all-time voted by the superstars.
4.WM 25 Undertaker vs HBK-Jericho has called the match at WM25 between these two the best Wrestlemania match of all-time. That is high praise. You either loved it or hated it. Why do I say that? I can understand why people wouldn't like the match these 2 put on. What is the issue with the match? So many big moves towards the end that came with a lot of pins. I loved the match. Fans were so into it. They couldn't and didn't top it in their rematch the following year. I'd rather have seen HBK vs HHH 1 last time, but at Mania. Didn't happen of course. Still want Rock vs HBK at WM some time down the line. I'm selfish like that.
3.WM 13 Bret Hart vs Stone Cold-Ric Flair's personal favorite Wrestlemania match all-time(at least before WM20). For those who have read my blogs in the past know Stone Cold is an all-time favorite of mine. This is the match that launched him into main event status. Put over probably the biggest superstar the WWE has ever seen. The rivalry between Hart and Stone Cold was voted the best of the year. The following year, WM14....Austin was the man in the company winning his first WWF title in the main event vs HBK. Austin passing out and not quiting gained respect from fans all across the world. Most important match of Austin's career.
2.WM 21 HBK vs Angle-Great buildup of 2 of the best wrestlers this business has ever seen. A dream match finally happened at WM21. Ironic how both achieved their biggest goals in 96. Gold medal of course and WWF title at WM12. Both their dreams accomplished in the same year made the story even better. I enjoyed the flashback with Sherri and Marty returning with Kurt Angle. Other than HBK waiting too long to tap, it was an awesome match.
1.WM 20 HHH vs HBK vs Benoit-WM 20 is still one of my favorite Wrestlemanias of all-time even though some matches like Lesnar/Goldberg were not that good. Just looking at the card of 12 matches and 7 main events. Probably one of the best moments in the history of Wrestlemania will likely not be recognized for obvious reasons. I really enjoyed this match because every which way you returned.....something you didn't expect happened. HHH coming in to make the save so HBK wouldn't tap. HHH/HBK suplexing Benoit through the announce table. The fact to face confrontation after that with blood going down HBK's face. You think he is going to hit the superkick on Benoit, but Benoit reverses it. I could go on as to why it is my favorite.

There you have it. The top 5 best and worst Wrestlemania matches of all-time. Do you have a list? A match missing from either list? How do you think I did? Leave that in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by walldo 3:16
    Really enjoyed the benoit triple threat match ... Hhh taker mania 17 was really gd the whole ppv is ma favourite mania but nice blog .. Got abit of stick of sayn last years mania was bad and I still stand by it only gd match was taker was expecting a lot more from punk jericho match was predictable
    I expected a lot more out of Jericho/Punk as well.
  2. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Wait, you didnt think Doink v Bam Bam at WM10 was awful? What about Adam Bomb v Earthquake at WM10?

    And of course the all time worst match of all time was WM28, Sheamus v Bryan followed closely by WM12, HHH v Ultimate Warrior. Easily the worst match of HHH's career.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletBowl
    Wait, you didnt think Doink v Bam Bam at WM10 was awful? What about Adam Bomb v Earthquake at WM10?

    And of course the all time worst match of all time was WM28, Sheamus v Bryan followed closely by WM12, HHH v Ultimate Warrior. Easily the worst match of HHH's career.
    HHH vs Warrior was certainly on my mind. I mostly focused on main event type hype of matches. Doinks match served the purpose of a comedy type of match like many expected. I forgot Bomb vs Earthquake happened at Mania 10.
  4. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Yeah, I started thinking you may have been referring to main event level matches. And I'm not sure Sheamus v Bryan would actually even qualify as a "match" LOL!
  5. bastianboogerismydad's Avatar
    Jake Roberts vs Rick Martel at Mania 7 in a blindfold match anyone??
  6. CJOVETT's Avatar
    Excellent list.
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bastianboogerismydad
    Jake Roberts vs Rick Martel at Mania 7 in a blindfold match anyone??
    What was really expected out of that match. They were more into that match than most of the matches on the show. Fans were into it and involved. They were helping Jake find Martell which I thought was pretty damn entertaining match compared to the rest on the show. That was just me though.
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