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WM 29 Predictions: Turning a predictable show into an exciting show

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Hello guys, I dont blog often but i felt the need to put a positive spin on WM 29 which has been taking a lot of heat as of late due to the build and surplus of rematches. While i agree that wrestlemania season has been lackluster so far, I have faith that wwe will have the capabiltity to put on an exciting and memorbale show; if done right. Anyway, this blog will include my personal booking decesions on how the 4 hour extraveganza should go down. The show (excluding the 1 hour preshow) is 4 hours long so these matches should get decent time. Howeveor, there is now an official Diddy concert in the works that will most likely take up 15-20 minutes of our time. Sigh. But lets get into in! The matches will be in order in the way I would arrange them to make the card flow well.

PreShow -The preshow is an hour so I see two matches taking place. For one, I believe the 8 man mixed tag match, which is official on will get moved to the preshow due to time constraints which is unfortuante for team rhodes scholars. Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls will win in a 5 minute match and then proceed to dance to make the kids happy. Secondly I have Antonio cesaro retaining the US title against Kofi Kingston who had won a battle royal on Raw or main event to earn the title shot during the pre show. Its a shame that Cesaro wont be featured on the main card but that's wwe for you.

The Main Show
1) Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston w/ AJ d. Team Hell No (c) (tag titles) (9 min)- This will be a fun fast paced match to kick off the show and get the crowd going. It'll be interesting to see Big E finally make his debut and goe toe to toe with the big red monster. I'm also really looking foward to Bryan and Ziggler working together because when theyre in the ring together its magic. The challengers will pick up the win after Ziggy Zig Zags Daniel Bryan after a distraction from his own partner Kane. This will be the end of team hell no and will cumilate into a match at Extreme Rules between thr two. (P.s. this won't be the last of Dolph)

2) The Miz d. Wade Barrett(c) (IC title) (8 min)- This match has no build at all. And I have no interest in this match what so ever, even though i know these two are capable of putting on a good match when given the right amount of time. The babyface will win after making Wade tap to the figure 4 for the 1 millioneth time.

3) Fandango d. Chris Jericho (11 min)- I was skepitcal when i heard that this match and even more shocked when then actually when in this direction. At first i was kinda pissed that Jericho was being wasted on Fandago and his stupid dancer gimmick but to my surprise the feud has gotten pretty hot as of late. I now suspect that y2j was on board with this match or maybe even requested it. This match could be a show stealer solely because of jericho whick makes me quite optimistic. As far as a winner goes, i see Fandango going over after hitting a leg drop off the top.

4) Ryback d. Mark Henry (6 min) -This match will be a short one. Ryback will win after he shell shocks Henry, which will surely be a sight to see, and get Ryback a wrestlemania moment. However, the big question here is "Will Ryback be able to do it?". I think so.

5) The Shield d. Randy Orton/Sheamus/Big Show (14 min)- Im actually looking foward on how this 6 man match plays out. I foresee the sheild picking up the win after a heel turn from randy Orton. I'd have Orton rko sheamus out of nowhere and punt him in the skull. Ambrose gets the cover on sheamus and the shield continue their dominance. This will lead to a orton/shemaus feud and extreme rules these 2 will duke it out in a street fight or a match of that sort. Its quite obvious that Orton will be the one turning heel here, after all of the rumors and build on Smackdown as him being the "voice of reason." My only concern about him turning heel will be that when he does so at mania the crowd will cheer for the sole fact that sheamus is getting rko'd, but we'll just have to wait and see.

6) Alberto Del Rio (c) d. Jack Swagger (Whc) (15 min) -I've thoroughly enjoyed the build towards this match and while it was a little repetitive here and there, it still gained my interest. When Swagger broke Ricardos ankle on Raw it added a certain feel we were missing and made the feud more personal. As far as the match goes, these two have the potential to steal the show if given 15-20 min. I fear that wwe might make this match the opener which has been an ongoing theme for the past two shows. That hurts the credibility of the the tile though. Anyway, both these guys are athletic and can wrestle their asses off in the ring. I would have picked Jack to win the title and carry it into Extreme rules but after his trouble with the law i see del rio picking up the win after forcing Swagger to submit. After the match, Colter and Swagger will attack Del Rio which leaves teh door open for no one other than Mr. MITB. Ziggy will finallllly cash in and become the new WHC after hitting del rio with the briefcase and hittinf a zig zag. This would also be the first tim a wrestler cashes in at mania and the first time someone walk into manai titleless and laves with 2 titles. Your new WHC: Dolph Ziggler

7) Triple H d. Brock Lesnar (21 min)-
Unlike most I'm anticpating a good to great match with these two. The no holds barred stipualtion really helps them as well. I wasnt a fan of there summer slam encounter but i did like the fact the Brock went over. Unfortunatley it looks like HHH and his ego will be going over at mania. The match could be a slobber knocker of a fight with weapons galore, outside interference from the NAO, HBK and possibly stephanie mcmahon. HHH will get the win after 2-3 pedigrees and a slege hammer shot to the head. I do expect blood.

8) AJ Lee d. Kaitlyn (c) (Divas title) (3 min)-Aj Lee will win and will bring more gold to the trio of Ziggler, Big E. and herself.

9) Undertaker d. Cm Punk (23 min) -This is the match that I'm most looking foward too but would be even more epic if Puck was stil champion. Streak vs streak would make more people belive that punk actaully had a chance to win the big one and end the streak. If that were the case i would have Taker win the title, the gong go off with the title laying in the middle of the ring. Then, at the next PPv we could have a match for the vacant we title. Instead we're getting a standard match whose build revolved around the death of the late great paul bearer. Another thing that irks me is that you have punk lose to Kane on raw in under 10 min and wwe still expects us to beleive that he can end the streak. Hopefully this match will be a classic. Taker will win after making Punk submit to hells gates.

Sean "Diddy" Concert:No one cares, Waste of time

10) John Cena d. the Rock (c) (Wwe title) (25 min) - This match in no way has to be for the title. The whole redemption aspect overshadows the title. However, the build has been relatively good considering the rock has only been present for 4 of the 7 raws leading up to mania. I really liked the Q and A promo last raw and I hope at mania there is a possible heel turn in the works for cena. His i n promo he sounded a lot like Scsa before wm x7 and i like that. As far as there match goes, I would have a ref bump towards the end of the match which leads to a brock lesnar run in while both men and the ref are down. Brock hits Rock with the F5 and drags cena over the rock. Brocks leaves momantariy while the ref awakens and counts 1-2-3! Cena wins the wwe title and turns heel in doing so. Brock enters the ring and shakes cenas hand then raises it to huge boos from the NY/NJ crowd. Not only with this be an awesome moment it would go down as one of the most memerable mainas of all time.

Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think with comments. Thanks.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    The Shield has to be hired by someone in one of those last two matches. I know it'll happen. As far as the two possible heel turn matches, I think the Orton theory sounds the most realistic. Cena won't turn heel until there's another megastar face at WWE on his level, which may be years from now.

    I hope the WWE title match is interference-free. Especially if we see interferences in some of the other big matches, which we likely will. I think Shield helps Punk to no avail. The Rock definitely won't have anyone save him, Cena might. The only thing I can think of is the Shield helps Cena win then we find out it wasn't Cena who hired them, maybe? Cena/Rock/Taker vs the Shield at Extreme Rules if that happens. Awesome, but a bit of a stretch.
  2. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Hhopefully there is a swerve in the main event .. I think I speek for most when I say cena should go back to the doctor of thug anomics gimmick and show little care for an outside interference win .. Woant happen tho .. Wood be a gd ppv if it went down the way you said
  3. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    Nice ideas you put together i think it would be cool to see it actually go down in that manner i as most people would like to see a curve ball just because it kinda makes it more special and not feel like a Monday night lol good job
  4. jlsniper's Avatar
    Nice... I do think the some of the matches will be longer though.. I mean... the times added together are barely 2 1/2 hours, Just saying. Still good though.
  5. Bagg's Avatar
    All Great ideas, all would advance the product, all would leave most people wondering what the hell is going on and will tune in monday. Unfortunately, i just dont see the wwe turning orton AND Cena, not just ever but in the same night. Despite the booking, i still find it hard to believe Orton will turn and will believe it when i see it. I still would not be surprised one bit if "team wwe" beats the shield and absolutely nothing happens of note. Going in with this mindset, hopefully something will happen and I can enjoy it. This is though, 100% the way this show should be going, the most accurate booking of this event ive seen of things that could actually possibly happen. Save the Cena turn, i dont know if thats even been opened for discussion at a wwe creative table.
  6. mrrobotnow's Avatar
    Thanks and the reason why some matches are a bit short is due to the all of the video packages, ring entrances and post match happenings as well as the dreaded Diddy performance. Also if you look at post mania Match time totals they almost equal up to less than 2 and 1/2 hours
  7. CJOVETT's Avatar
    Sometimes predictable is good.
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