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deadsectors morgue- 20 favorite moments in WWE history

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Well now, how are you all doing? Been a long time. To be honest, i wrote a couple of blogs just after EC that never got posted and figured I'd been given the boot... But then I got an email last week saying they Missed me around here. LOL. So anyway I figured I'd give this another try. I hope all of you are pumped and ready to rock with wrestlemania just around the corner. With Wm comes great moments, moments that will stick with us for years to come, moments that define a wrestler's career. However that isn't what this blog is about, this blog is just my top twenty moments, my favorite moments from the WWE RAW, SMACKDOWN AND any PPV's. Some of these moments will make you think i'm a sick bastard, others will make you go "he's such a suck" be that as it may you're welcome to think as you so choose as always. To keep this reasonably short i won't go into great depth about each moment and some will have no commets at all but if your intrested then go have a look at them on youtube later.
SOOOOO, layth the subject on the table we've got work to do...

20. Lita vs Trish RAW main event. As far as i can remember this ins the only womans match to main event a raw and it was a match worthy of that spot. A great reward for the two best female wrestlers of that era.
19. Austin 3.16 says I just whooped your ass- I remember watching austin whoop Jake roberts ass in King of the Ring, austin's promo after was to set the stage for the best ear in WWE history.
18. Wassup stacy?- Naughty naught stacy...
17. kane's debut- awesome is really the only word that fits kane's debut in the WWF. Wish more were like that now days. Great debut for one of the greatest big men in wrestling history
16. austin lays waste to the McMahons- four stunners, one family all in a nights work for the texas rattlesnake.
15. Rock vs hogan Wrestlemania.
14. too cool dances in the rumble- a LMFAO moment in my opinion and the fact that Rikishi tossed his friends just after the dance was complete made it even better.
13. Sons and father dance on raw- ok so maybe not the most epic moment ever but i thought it was a really good feel good moment for rikishi and his sons, it isn't everyday that father and sons get to share the spotlight even for a few moments.
12. kane chokeslams Erick bischoff off the stage- just and OMG moment one i like to go back and watch often.
11. hogan slams the giant- what needs to be said?
10. extreme jeff hardy- Jeff Hardy was and still is one of the most exciting wrestlers in wrestling, his insane risk taking style made him amazing to watch. THere are many moments that could go here, but the one thats on my mind right now is the swanton bomb on to Randy orton from atop the raw set. Brutal
9. OOOOHHHH SABLE!- One of the most shocking moments in all of wrestling, sable taking off her top only to have no bra on under it but a large pair of hand prints painted on her T**s. Thats never been done before or sense but if you want shocking you've got it right there. DAMN.
8. Undertaker VS Mankind hell in a cell- One match two franking brutal moments that made Mick Folley's career. This doesn't need to be talked about, just go watch it again, and again and again.
7. What Kurt Angle?- ONe of my all time favorite kurt angle promo's, just watch how the crowd rips him apart here. In my opinion one of the funnyest things i've ever seen, great interaction between angle and the fans here.
6. Brock lesnar superplex's the big show- BANG.
5. Undertaker's promo after being sealed in a casket by Yokozuma- granted this was a taped promo that aired just after the match. For the time that it was in it was well done and in my opinion one of the scaryest moments in WWE history.
4. Rick Flair's fairwell speach- There is nothing that needs to be said here a fitting end to a great career. (my heart goes out to flair and his family with the news that his son Reed passed away today at the age of 25. My thoughts are with you Rick)
3. austin stunn's McMahon- epic thats all that needs to be said I can remember my reaction to that, so can most of you I'm thinking so i wont say anymore
2. DX (HBK and HHH) impersonate shane and vince Mcmahon- in my humble opinion the funnyest thing to have ever been on a WWE show. The promo the song the dancing just pure gold
1. Undertaker, HBK, HHH Hug- Now i know this pissed some people off, but in my mind there has never been a better feel good moment in the WWE. THree guys who i've grown up watching and loved all my life. Three guys who gave us everything they had everytime they got in a ring. One of the very few moments where i couldn't hold back the tears and that is why for me that moment is number one.
Well guys thanks for reading, if you haven't seen these moments because you're new to wrestling or were too young at the time i'd suggest watching them for sure.
Bag it and stick it in the freezer we're done for the day.

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  1. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    did u do this on a word doc before putting it on the website, copy and Paste. I did the excact same thing. oh and ur blog was great, especially #1. that was a real momentum boost on everyone's part. I hated HHH, HBK and The Deadman but now after that display i have changed my mind, i love them.
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    The only thing i hated about number 1 was it was called End of a era then 1 year later HHH and Taker are still fighting at WM lmao. Ruined it.
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    So Rikishi dancing twice but no WWE buys WCW? Also, you forgot the Chris Benoit tribute RAW episode. Kidding. Entertaining blog, lots of good, original entries outside of that OMG 50 moments dvd list.
  4. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Thbk coming down the ramp as shane even jst thinking about it now makes me smile lol ... Dx as the nation of domination was really funny .. " You should have smelt was the rock was baking "
  5. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    hey nice collection of moments they are all not the same that have been published in recent dvd's they have put out i like the list you compiled there are a few of my own that i would substitute in there but nice creativity
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by WWE.TNA.2012
    I hated HHH, HBK and The Deadman but now after that display i have changed my mind, i love them.
    What in the world was there to hate about any of those three???

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