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Coffee Talk: Wrestlemania Outcomes

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Hey Wrestling Fans. DK Savior here with the final Coffee Talk before Wrestlemania. The season was a long one. One filled with seemingly lackluster build and little to no real drama. Nothing since the Royal Rumble really WOW'd me and by reading blogs and forums, it seems I'm not alone. But not withstanding, we are approximately 24 hours from Wrestlemania. And many, MANY predictions that have come out. Some were pretty good. Some were out there a little. But one thing I've noticed is, alot of them are driven by the reports that come out on these sites. So, I figured I'd give some of my own predictions. However, this will be in true Coffee Talk format and I won't be predicting the outcomes of the matches, but I will instead be predicting some of the highly anticipated circumstances that some are predicting, or hoping, will happen.

So grab your cup of joe, your latte, espresso, capuccino, steamer, or whatever your poison is. Spike it w/ whiskey if you want. And let's enjoy some Coffee Talk....WRESTLEMANIA EDITION!!!!

Let's start this off with Good Ol Dolphy. Will Dolph Ziggler be a shining star at Wrestlemania? Will he walk out of there a Double-Champion? In a single word...NO. I do not think so. This Wrestlemania, much like last year, is revolving more around the cornerstones of the company. The Part-Timers, as I've heard them referred to as on many occasions. Here's what I think will happen with Dolph. I believe that Ziggler and Big E Langston will lose the Tag Title Match. And that will pretty much be the last that we see with Dolph Ziggler tomorrow. I cannot foresee any scenario where he will "Steal The Show" and in essence, steal the spotlight from Cean/Rock or HHH/Lesnar. Wrestlemania tends to be about the moments but much of the stories moving forward tend to start the night after, as the new season begins. I believe the moments will be saved for Cena or Rock, Lesnar or HHH, and The Undertaker. However, I can definitely see something the next night, where Dolph cashes in. Possibly. What do you guys think?

Okay, I'm going to let my Ziggler commentary sort of be a bridge into my next question. Will Team Hell No break up at Wrestlemania? I do not think so. Instead, I think they will keep them together, and arguing how they tend to do, but ultimately, this will be about Daniel Bryan sticking it to AJ. I can see a more in-depth feud between Ziggler and Bryan happening in the new season, but I think this will be a match that just comes and goes with Team Hell No keeping the belts and we'll move on. Would you agree with this?

Now this next one is one of the more popular topics and predictions recently. But this is also one I feel is being more driven by "rumors" or "reports" than anything else. Will Randy Orton turn heel? Will he be revealed as the leader of The Shield? I will say this. We've been reading reports that a Randy Orton heel turn is in the works for about a year and a half now. I know the IWC loves a heel Orton and he can be vicious and all that. But there's also something to really consider here. Orton as a heel, was very evil. He did crazy things and many of those are things we won't typically see on PG WWE TV. I think Orton is ready to get back into the main event scene again. I think he's long overdue. But the thing is, he doesn't need to turn heel and screw over the face team vs The Shield to do that. He can do it as a face. Let's be real. He's very over as a face. I ultimately think they will tease it a little, but The Shield will win the match with some dirty antics and Sheamus and Orton will have disagreements. This will lead to a feud post-WM and that's when the heel turn will happen, be it Sheamus or Orton. That's my take on it.

Will The Streak come to an end? I have been very down on this feud mostly because I'm against the use of Paul Bearer's death as an angle. However, I commented on another blog or a forum or something earlier this week and I was given some real perspective. A beautiful send-off for Paul Bearer. Undertaker wins. Punk tries to escape with the urn and Kane stops him. The Brother's of Destruction unite in the win. They do a send-off to Paul Bearer in front of a huge crowd and it ends with "Thank You Paul" chants. As for the match? Well, I promised to follow up after the match and I intend to keep that promise. So I will leave it at that, and not talk about how good or bad the match might be. If reports are true that Punk is taking time off after Mania, I can see a vicious beatdown at some point. But once again, a perfect bridge into my final prediction.

And now, the most anticipated question, concern, and in some cases, hope, coming out of this Wrestlemania. Will John Cena turn heel? This is so hard to judge. Over the last few weeks, he's cut some very nice heelish promos for this match. Does it mean anything? I will say this. A heel turn is probably something that should happen. Now, I'm saying this not taking into account the merchandise sales and the super-hero Cena that's consumed the WWE for many many years now. I think he needs to turn heel because it can turn the company around. McMahon used to always want to "shake the WWE to its very foundation", and this would be the biggest thing to happen since Hogan turned back in 96. In fact, if done right and done in a completely shocking manner, it could even be bigger. He can cheat to win. Help Rock up afterwards and try to justify that he did what he had to do. Then BAM! He levels The Rock where he stands and beats him down. He holds the belt and stares out into the loudly booing crowd with an angry and evil look.

So how would you guys turn Cena heel? Would you recycle what Stone Cold did when he sided with McMahon? I wouldn't really like to see that again. That's the reason Stone Cold's heel turn, while big, wasn't bigger than Hogan's. Would you have Cena lose and then snap? I wouldn't want to see that because it's been done so many times and is the typical mid-carder heel turn. If Cena does turn heel, which I am officially predicting he will, I want to see it be the biggest thing ever. I want Sports Center to talk about it. I want the papers to talk about it. I want Twitter to blow up about it. I want this site and others to almost crash because of the overload of reactions that come from it. They need to go way outside of basic with it. And let's face it. If it happens, it will be shocking to us all. But if it becomes the biggest deal in wrestling history, none of us will ever forget it.

That's what I got folks. My cup of joe is empty. I'm hoping WM delivers for us. We all get so excited for this time of year and it tends to be one of the biggest media events of the year. Like the Academy Awards and The Superbowl. Sometimes it's not the greatest PPV by some standards, but as an event, it is always a big deal. I hope it doesn't disappoint. I hope it's not as predictable as many think it will be. I was let down last year, which led to my stopping watching WWE for an extended period of time. I don't want to do that again. So while on paper it doesn't look to be as good as the last few Wrestlemanias, and the build for it seems to have lacked in many areas, there is definitely potential to put on a great event and I'm hoping WWE delivers.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Coffee Talk. If you haven't already, please go to and "Like" us. I'm starting a wrestling sportscenter type web series and I'd like you all to be fans and be involved in it. Like the page and get updates as I get this show put together. Post on my news feed shoot some ideas out there of what you'd like to see. I'm going to try and get a few quotes from Daniel Bryan's and Ricky Steamboat's Q&A's from Philly's Comic Con this year. I'll try for Cena as well but that might be a bit harder to come by. But I'm gonna put a lot of effort into this and do my best to make this a really good on-going web series for us all to enjoy. So please show your support and Like Voltage Entertainment on Facebook. I'm also on twitter but don't really do much with it yet. That will come.

Enjoy Wrestlemania Everyone. Be Safe!

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