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How I Would Book AJ Styles

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Hey wrestling fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with an unusual blog. I tried to keep Sudden Impact going but with work, school, and other things going on, I can't keep it going weekly until the end of May. So I will shoot out tbings on the fly like I do with Coffee Talk.

Before I get started, I want to announce that I'm going to be putting a wrestling Sports Center type web series together. I've already got the layout together and I'm working on the production end of it every chance I get. What it's going to be is a 6-8 minute show every weekend. It won't be just me sitting on a chair in my bedroom talking about what i think about wrestling. It's going to have cool features, results scrolling along the bottom, etc. I'll be posting updates often on my Facebook Page. So if you haven't already, go to and Like the page. Become a fan. And help me build a decent audience for this new video venture I'm going to do.

Okay, now that the plug is over, let me get to this blog. As you can see in the title, this is how I would book AJ Styles in his new, "Crow Sting" like neutral gimmick he's got going on. I'm going to be general about it and not do it in a specific timeline. This will basically be how I would develop his character.

If you watched Impact this week, he showed up in the crowd while James Storm called him out. Aces & Eights sacked the ring and AJ walked away. Now what I would have done was build more toward the whole "what's going on in AJ's mind" angle and had him sit there and watch the beating with zero emotion on his face. That match turned into an excellent 6 man tag match with Eric Young and Angle after they came out to make the save. I would have had AJ watch the match and after it was over, just turned and walked away. Obviously, he and Storm will be meeting somewhere down the line.

So I would use this time to build AJ as someone very dangerous, and start incorporating everything into this. He should interrupt Gut Check next week and destroy the two competitors. And here is where we introduce the new, vicious AJ Styles. And not only that, they introduce a new finisher for him. I feel that The Styles Clash is too much of a slow developing move for this new Styles. I think he should do something like a Cross Rhodes. The set up resembles that of Sting's Scorpion Death Drop. And he should slowly walk out through the crowd.

After that, he should have a mini feud with someone. This would resemble Sting and Rick Steiner from Nitro. He would come out and attack someone like Christian York, basically just coming behind him and nailing him with his new found finisher. The next week, make it like an Open Fight Night. Have York call him out. AJ comes out. He destroys York and after hitting the new finisher, just walk out.

This sort of thing should go on for a month. No one knows where AJ is and where he'll strike next. Then, he comes out while an Aces & Eights member is fighting someone. Let's say, Anderson vs Storm. AJ comes out while both wrestlers are down and the ref is down. He comes down, nails Storm with his finisher. Everyone can assume he's with Aces & Eights since he's got the leather jacket and all. He stares Anderson down but then just walks away.

The big thing I would have happen is he would do an attack on Sting, basically giving Sting a taste of what he did back in 96-97. This could lead to something big between them, whether it's a match, or a uniting and we get Crow Sting back. The silent Sting that just watched from above. Hogan can come out and start throwing ultimatums out there to him. AJ can remain defiant but ultimately, he's looking to get back into the BFG series, leading to the eventual match with him and Storm in the finals. AJ wns and gets his title match right on schedule from when he lost last year to Storm.

I know a lot of this is recycling what Sting did back during the Monday Night Wars, but they shouldn't rush this new gimmick for him because it can really work. The direction TNA is going, the goody goody Styles wouldn't fit. Everyone's got an edge to them now and this is his chance. He can stay silent for an extended period of time since his promo skills are weak. There's real potential with this gimmick they got going with him.

I hope you all liked this blog. It was very unconventional for my style of pun intended...

So what are your ideas with this new AJ Styles gimmick? How would approach this storyline with him?

Thans for reading everyone. Be Safe.

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  1. johnnyvine's Avatar
    Why do you want to book AJ like Sting?
    Can't AJ have his own and different story.
  2. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I'm not necessarily saying AJ should be booked like Sting. Yet recycling some older material could be interesting. A modern day Sting, mixed in with a twist of Raven may be an entertaining new gimmick worth watching. As you said, this is something TNA should take their time with, building it gradually and what not.

    AJ can be booked differently than Sting. I'm not saying to deck his face out in paint or anything, but what with TNA being slightly edgier as of late. I for one believe a "dark" gimmick would be something interesting to tune into.

    Great blog bud. As for your f.b link, I still can't seem to find it. Keep me posted, as I'll "like" it when I find it. Take care.

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