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2013 (1 of 3) Streak vs Streak

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Hi Everybody! It feels like CM Punk cutting that promo on The Rock was such a long time ago. WWE had a chance to do something really big in 2013 leading up to an incredible card at Wrestlemania 29. Instead, they played it safe and we end up with a very “in-the-box” card. In this three part series I will attempt to give three versions of 2013 which would have led us to three different Wrestlemania 29s which I hope you think are better than the actual Wrestlemania 29. So let us go back to…

Royal Rumble 2013:
The build up to The Rock vs CM Punk match was great, so I am going to keep everything the same until they restarted the match. With help from The Shield, CM Punk leaves the Rumble still WWE Champion and the consecutive days as champion streak continues. However, in my 2013 this match goes on BEFORE the Royal Rumble, which comes down to Cena, Ryback, Sheamus (just like it did), and The Miz! The Miz pulls of unexpected upset (well unexpected compared to the other three anyway) and wins the Rumble!
Side Note: Del Rio’s storyline stays the same. He leaves World Heavyweight Champion.

McMahon comes out on Raw. He says The Shield helped Punk. He knows it for sure, he should strip Punk of the title…but he won’t. Instead if he wants to keep his streak and be “the best in the world” then he has to win the *debut* new WWE Belt in the Elimination Chamber! The WWE Championship chamber also features Cena, Rock, Ryback, and two members of The Shield.
Not to be outdone, Booker T announces on Smackdown, Albert Del Rio will defend the World Heavyweight Title in another Elimination Chamber match (that’s right, two chambers in my 2013!). The match includes The Big Show, Sheamus, Y2J, The Miz, and Mark Henry. The Shield’s multiple attacks on Randy Orton leave him unable to compete in either chamber.

Elimination Chamber 2013:
-WHC Chamber
Big Show and Sheamus start out. Y2J enters the match. Mark Henry enters next and eliminates Sheamus. Del Rio enters and eliminates Mark Henry. Miz enters and they all gang up and eliminate Big Show. Furious final three seeing Y2J eliminate Del Rio, and then the Miz eliminates Y2J. The Miz wins the World Heavyweight title! Until Dolph Ziggler comes in and cashes in Money in the Bank! Dolph Ziggler is the even newer Heavyweight Champion!
-WWE Title Chamber
The match starts off with Rollins and Ryback. Reigns enters. The Shield is able to gang up and eliminate Ryback before John Cena enters. He holds his own with The Shield when the Rock enters. Rock and Cena eliminate the two Shield members and CM Punk enters. Cena and Rock take turns on CM Punk until Rock catches Cena off guard and eliminates him. It’s down to Punk and Rock. They go back and forth till Ambrose interferes. Orton comes to take out Ambrose, but the damage is done. Punk pins the Rock and leaves the WWE Champion with the consecutive days as champion streak still in tact.

And Now… Your Neeeeeew Wrestlemania 29!(You’re Welcome!)

-WWE Championship: CM Punk vs The Undertaker There Must be a Winner
CM Punk comes out, says he’s beaten everybody, is the best in the world and his streak is going to be over 500 days by WM 29 and is the greatest streak ever. Cut the lights and sound the gong. This one writes itself with Punk on the mic and the ensuing build up to the next once in a lifetime greatest match ever. At some point Punk tries to use the Shield to jump the Undertaker, but they are stopped by Orton and Team Hell No. Punk is tired of outsiders ruining his plans. He wants a straight up one on one title match with a definite winner to prove he’s the best ever. He tells Heyman to make sure no one interferes. Did I mention you get Streak vs Streak?

-The Rock vs John Cena Part II
Bad blood from WM 28 and The Elimination spills over and we get Rock and Cena again. Only in my 2013, it’s not for the belt.

-World Heavyweight Championship: Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz
Dolph Ziggler says he is going to walk in and out of WM 29 as the WHC just as he planned. Miz is mad Ziggler cashed in and ruined his chances of unifying the two major titles and uses his Rumble win to challenge Ziggler for the belt.

-Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton
Paul Heyman enlists Brock Lesnar to neutralize Randy Orton so he stops interfering in Punk’s business. Lesnar jumps Orton and the feud ensues leading up to big time WM match. Triple H can be used in the build up because of connections to both guys.

-Intercontinental Title: Wade Barrett vs Sheamus
Their brief feud over Barrett’s acting ability leads to an IC belt match at Mania. Barrett makes fun of Sheamus for getting eliminated first at the Chamber and reminds him he has never been IC Champ. Sheamus reminds Barrett the IC Belt is the only one he has ever won.

-WWE Tag Team Title: Team Hell No vs The Shield
Team Hell No is tired of The Shield and vows to eliminate them at WM.

-United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro vs The Big Show
Cesaro says no American can beat him for the belt, especially at WM. Big Show comes out and is upset he’s not in a title match at WM so he’ll take Cesaro up on the challenge. Can Cesaro do his finisher to Show?

-Fatal Four Way Winner is #1 Contender for the WHC: Alberto Del Rio vs Y2J vs Mark Henry vs Jack Swagger
Alberto Del Rio thinks he should be #1 contender because he was champ going into the chamber. Y2J thinks he should #1 contender because he beat Del Rio in the Chamber. Mark Henry thinks he should be #1 contender because he’s the World’s Strongest Man. Jack Swagger thinks he should be #1 contender because he is a former WHC and this opportunity should not go to a Mexican like Del Rio.

-Team Rhodes Scholars vs Ryback and Santino
This is the obligatory “last minute let’s get more guys on the card” match

-Divas match
Yeah, I might as well.

Which Wrestlemania 29 would you rather watch? This one or the one on April 7th?

Part Two: The Tournament…

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  1. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    How does Del Rio not have a rematch for the title? Also Rock vs Cent again would come under too much criticism after the whole once in a lifetime thing. at least this match they can say its for the title so they had to do it again.
  2. Akshat's Avatar
    nice card...... would have like Randy orton vs Lesner
  3. lucky7pointman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Y2JLionsault
    How does Del Rio not have a rematch for the title? Also Rock vs Cent again would come under too much criticism after the whole once in a lifetime thing. at least this match they can say its for the title so they had to do it again.
    same thing like Sheamus did not get his rematch 4 year ago when he lost the title in EC match
  4. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    How does Miz win the rumble then go and win the title at e.chamber?
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Barrett vs Sheamus has been done to death weekly on SD. I'd prefer not to see that. Glad they didn't end up doing it.

    Rather see Lesnar/Orton face at Summerslam cuz the history they had at the event. Youngest world champions and make Summerslam more meaningful.

    Team Hell No vs Shield after fueding with them since December? I like Shield facing these main event talents to help them get over.

    You have Dolph holding on to the briefcase this long. Why not make history by allowing him to be the first to cash it in at Mania? That is what they should do.Make it even a bigger heel reaction by not having a match before hand.

    Like the US title match.

    Absolutely makes 0 sense the tag match with Rhodes-Scholars. Glad you arn't the booker.

    I'd rather see the current one. Mark Henry vs Ryback is a match that intrigues me. New opponents for Team Hell No is intriguing. Like the possibility of Orton turning heel on Sheamus during their match. What poor use of Ryback. I'd have him face Lesnar or Big Show.
  6. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    yeah makes no sense

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