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WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS .... 2013 and beyond

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Hey everyone,

so as we are only a week and a half away from wrestlemania ,I can't help but wonder who will leave as the champion of each division. (Ie: WWE, WHC, US, IC, Divas, Tag team) or maybe who is even in the running to hold the belt in the year coming. Which superstar deserves the shot along with the rest of the locker room who fits and who doesn't. Strap in and here we go.

WWE Championship: OK we all know that the rock is champ as of right now, Will he retain at mania? If john cena wins and becomes the champ who is the likely next candidate to get a shot at the Championship? I personally think cena is gonna walk away with the belt, there if a few people i have in mind that could be a contender. Obviously cm punk will be the most likely to want his belt back ( probably will happen ) they could throw us a curve and have Brock Lesnar insert himself into the scene as well as dolph ziggler if he looses his MITB cash in. The other people i would think could work would be the miz, daniel bryan, and chris jericho.

World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio is a champ trying to be a baby face right now, he is facing Jack Swagger at WM. I have a feeling that Del Rio will retain and swagger will move on to the next thing. Now for the possible next challenger for the WHC is Dolph ziggler since he has the MITB briefcase which he could loose if he fails on the cash in attempt. Randy Orton , Sheamus, and big show once again will be all vying for there opportunity to challenge for the belt again. I don't see big show getting to far with it tho, now if Randy has his heel turn he will be the most logical challenger no matter who is the champ ( ziggler, swagger, Del Rio) ... this title scene hasn't really changed much in the last year so hopefully the will surprise us with a new challenger we did not see coming. (Ryback , Mark Henry Christian)

Tag Team Championship: Hopefully this will be the break out season for the Tag Division. team hell no vs. ziggler and Big E anything can happen, I see hell no splitting soon so losing at mania would be perfect. Ziggs and E probably won't keep the titles long in turn makes for the perfect transition for a new team to shine. The most likely challengers could be the shield as Ambrose & rollins . they woudl be awesome champs right now .they could go on to face the Rhode scholars ( if they are back full time together) , the prime time players , and the Uso's as i't would be nice to switch it up a bit.

The U.S And I.C championships: To me they seem to have the same players vying for a shot and i have seen many people saying they want a rumble for both which would be cool. The Most obvious choice as a challenger is The Miz for either because he has held them both. They could also throw Cody and Damien into the scene with Rhodes going I.C and Sandow going U.S i't could make them look very strong. Wade Barrett to me is just not a good fit in the scene he could go bigger and i't could give Kofi Kingston , roman reigns , and maybe fandango an chance to really get in there to make a move.

The Divas championship: As of now there is not really much competition for Kaitlin. Tamina Snuka is a good match because they both look really strong. I think Natalya deserves a chance for the title, But most of all AJ is my pick for the next challenger she could really bring out a new element in the division. with her linked up with ziggler and big e they would look like a strong stable . as always layla will get her chance eventually but the in ring work should be worked on . every other option right now just isn't viable ( Aksana, the bellas , naomi, cameron ) all tho naomi should get a chance in the future.

So Who do you think deserved to be the next challenger of your favorite title this year ?

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Not sure of your logic about Wade Barrett going on to bigger things. He hasn't exactly been a huge standout.

    The rest of it, I pretty much agree with. They could certainly use some more tag teams.
  2. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    That is a nice blog good job. WWE Championship- Cena will defeat Rock at WM and since Rock is sceduled for Extreme Rules so that will be the 3rd rematch. But I think the next will be a heel Randy Orton.
    World Heavyweight Championship- The next xhallenger besides Dolph Ziggler will be either Sheamus or Mark Henry. Possibly Ryback.

    IC Champiionship- Definatly The Miz, Rhodes, Returning Christian,
    Us Championship- Will be R_Truth, Kingston, returning Evan Bourne
    TagTeam Championship- PTP, Uso, and maybe The Ascension.
    Diva's Championship- Tamina, AJ, Possibly Paige from NXT.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Divas title would probably be Natalya. Kaitlyn beating her would help her out a lot. If AJ goes into the division and competes she should win the Divas title. Since Kaitlyn just won it, doesn't make a lot of sense.

    Tag titles probably a rematch with Team Hell No after they lose. Probably Usos would be next in line or Mysterio/Cara if both are ready by that time.

    World title: Dolph cashes in and wins. Del Rio for a month or 2 fueding. Possibly Miz, Jericho, Sheamus. If Swagger wins, the same virtually. Del Rio wins, possibly Orton would be next on the list.

    WWE title: Cena vs Rock than later Lesnar since he is on the payback ppv poster.

    IC, I would have loved to seen Jericho/Barrett instead of Miz. Be a win that Barrett needs since he really only defeated Kofi really since his reign began. Student vs teacher would have been cool. Christian likely when he returns would be cool.

    US, shocked it isn't on the Mania card. I'd rather see Cesaro on the card than Fandango or Clay and Albert. Kofi would be ok or the Big Show. Love to see Cesaro attempt his finish on him like he did on Khali.

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