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Top 10 moments in Booker T's career

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I know the critics out there will come out and say something out of no where. I'm going to keep it basic here. I've only followed Booker T's career in 3 companies so be cool with me. Those 3 are: TNA, WWE, and of course WCW. So don't expect any moments elsewhere where he may have competed. Letting that out before we begin. Did this to show love to one of my favs going in to the HOF the day before Mania. Top 10 moments in Booker T's career:

10.1995Harlem Heat wins first WCW tag team titles-1 of the greatest tag teams of all-time wins their first tag team titles vs Marcus Bagwell and The Patriot. It was the first stamp of many to come from the legend this blog is dedicated to.
9.2001 King of the Ring debut in WWF attacking Stone Cold Steve Austin-It was the beginning of the Invasion angle in 2001. Booker T attacked Stone Cold with a championship belt going out through the crowd. A lot of folks didn't like the Invasion angle, but it wasn't as bad as many made it out to be. Of course I would have loved to seen the likes of Flair, Hogan, Sting, Goldberg, and so forth in it.
8.2006 King of the Ring Judgment Day vs Bobby Lashley-I know a lot of folks didn't like King Booker gimmick, but I enjoyed it. Made Booker far more entertaining and funny on top of it. Raise your pinkie high and show some class. King of the world, King Booker!! Whether you like it or not, it saved Booker's WWE career. He declined every single year since he was in the company. Main event Mania 19 vs HHH, Mania 20 tag champs with RVD, 21 winning battle royal on pre-show, and 22 before this ppv losing to the Boogeyman. Booker T saved Smackdown in probably its worst year ever in 06.
7.2006 Cyber Sunday wins Champion of Champions match vs John Cena and Big Show-I was there the night, King Booker successfully defended his world title in a triple threat match in the historic Champion of Champions match. Yes, K-Fed got involved, but King Booker proved again he is the champion of the World.
6.2003 main events Wrestlemania 19 vs HHH for the world title-Whether you like it or not, very few men can say in this business they main evented a Wrestlemania. Booker T is one of the very few on a very solid WM19 card. Everyone including myself though Booker T was going to win that match, but it didn't happen. I was shocked when Booker eliminated Rock to get in that match.
5.2006 Great American Bash wins World title vs Rey Mysterio-I probably should have ranked main eventing WM ahead of this. In any case, winning the world title in WWE meant a lot at the time. SD was torture to watch in 06.Angle leaving for ECW earlier in the year, Orton getting suspended than back to Raw, Taker's long absense after losing to Khali at Judgment day, Rey vs Helms in main event more times than I care to count, Batista being out first half of the year, Finlay main eventing ppvs. I can continue, thank god for MVP and Kennedy feuds with Taker/Kane towards the end of the year. Worst year ever for SD. Booker beating Mysterio was great for me cuz I felt he just won because of Eddie.
4.2011 Royal Rumble Booker T's return in Rumble match-Return of Booker T at the Royal Rumble is called by some as the best moment in his career. Obviously it ranks high on my list, but not in the top 3. It meant a lot cuz he left for TNA in 07. Finally returning after a long period like Christian did. It meant a lot to have him back in WWE.
3.2000 Bash at the Beach Booker T wins WCW title vs Jeff Jarrett-One could argue, but possibly the most important match in the career of Booker T's happened that night. That controversial night where Russo went off on Hogan when Hogan/Bischoff not knowing he did so because it wasn't planned. He had Booker T/Jarrett battle for the vacant title. Booker's first world title of his 5x. Booker certainly praises Jarrett for working in the situation he did that night. He spoke about this on Jarrett's DVD. If vs a higher profile guy, it would have been ranked higher. I never thought Jarrett was a main event talent. Still don't to this day. Having guys like Jarrett on top is the reason WCW was in the shape it was.
2.2001 Final Nitro wins WCW title vs Scott Steiner-The final WCW show, leaving with a victory becoming a 5x WCW champion. WCW Monday Nitro had 1 last show. The last show saw, Booker as their last champion. Which is why it is ranked so high. History of Nitro, being on the last one, and WCW history.
1.1998 WCW best of 7 series vs Chris Benoit-Whether an acknowledgement will be made or not. No one will ever forget the best of 7 series between Benoit and Booker T. Wrestlers who made top 3 matches lists had the best of 7 series with Benoit and Booker T in their tops. When wrestlers have that much respect for a mans work to have it ranked in their top 3 matches all-time. You know how good it is. It isn't just 1 wrestler or 2, several on WWE magazines. When you look back on the career of Booker T, his best matches will always be connected to the best of 7 series he had vs Benoit in WCW. No doubt about it. Top moment without question.........

There you have it! The top 10 moments in the career of Booker T in my opinion. Did I miss a moment or 2? Do you agree? Disagree? How'd I do? What is your top 10? Leave that in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sahu
    Booker / DDP are the only finest home made stars of WCW apart from singles competition ...they ruined everyone and everything else with their lame decisions...
    Don't forget Goldberg even though he wasn't exactly having 5 star matches with night after night. He was a huge superstar.
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