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Wrestlemania: The Good...

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First of all, I would like everyone to know that I will be in attendance at this years Wrestlemania for the first time ever. Even knowing that I would be in attendance for this historic event, I still was not getting very excited about the event this year. I particularly blame this on the amazing wrestlemania season we got last year. Anyways, regardless of how I felt before I have been able to think about the good things that this years Wrestlemania can bring us...which hopefully gets some people a little more hyped who read this. Below are my personal Pros for Wrestlemania:

1. Quantity of Promoted Matches: I couldnt help but notice that in comparison to some previous Wrestlemanias, there are alot more matches given to us this year. At Wrestlemania 28 there were only 8, while WM 27 had only 7, and WM 26 had 9. Up to this point, there are 10 confirmed matches for Wrestlemania, while we have also been teased for additional matches (ie Kaitlyn vs AJ and Brodus/T vs Rhodes Scholars). Its not only good for the undercard but awesome for those fans who really want to see their favorites at Wrestlemania.

2. Fandango: Now I realized that Fandangos gimmick is not very appealing, and how aggravating it is that Fandango teases us with a match. However, take a second to think about the last time a WWE superstar made his in ring debut at Wrestlemania.... I personally have no idea when that had happened before but I know that I have never seen it. I think that behind the scenes, WWE managment sees something in these two superstars to want them on the grandest stage, and even more that he is competing against a big name in Wrestlemania, Chris Jericho. In my opinion/prediction, I would not want to miss this match as we could see a great match between these two.

3. Social Media: I realize that WWE was involved with social media during Wrestlemania last year, but not to the extent that it has now. Following Raw 1000th, WWE has been extremely involved with social media. I think that just the environment of being apart of worldwide trends, and #1 Trends create an energy boost of excitement while watch. However, I personally would find it hard to be tweeting during epic match due to fear of missing something good.

4. WWEs Marketing/Budget: I have noticed that for months on regular WWE programming, They have cut back alot of their special effects (ie the opening pyro, Del Rios vehicles). In addition to these cutbacks, WWE has increased their profits (ie more/better WWE films, more merchandise, more itunes songs bought). I have noticed things like that over the past few months, because I am hoping that all of this was in an effort to make Wrestlemania even more incredible.

5. The Undercard: One thing that I think was really smart, was the fact that WWE has devoted less time to promos for the main event matches. I love this because all of the main events this year, do not need a whole lot of hype because you already know they have the potential to be great matches. I think that because of the unnecessary 24/7 hype, it allows the fans to get more excited about the matches we watch before those. Nobody wants to pay money for only 3 or 4 anticipated matches. With alot of exciting undercard matches, its safe to say that the entire event will be worth that money you put into it.

That is all I can articulate in writing at this point, but I hope that by reading this it gives people a little bit more insight of what good will come out of wrestlemania this year, rather than the bad. In all, I think that it will be a great one.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Nice to see a positive view towards WM. I think it'll be a good show. However I'm really only interested in the Taker, Shield, and Lesnar matches, and maybe the finish of Rock-Cena. I think half the card needs to be quality matches in order for it to go down as one of the better WMs in recent years, which may not be hard to do.
  2. WCollier's Avatar
    Undertaker -vs- Sting WM XXX
  3. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    hey good job i am really hoping that this WM delivers. I do like that they have stacked the card with many matches tho a few could be cut due to time constrains just in case (IE: royal rumble divas title match) which i hope is not the case having many matches makes it way more worth it so enjoy the show and have fun being there live

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