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Thoughts On The Best WWE Pay-Per-View

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After all these years of watching Wrestling there is one PPV that always stood out to me. I remember watching it Live on TV like it was yesterday. That PPV is Survivor Series 2003. Survivor Series 2003 had the best lineup and made history in more than once that night.

Not counting the Sunday Night Heat match with Tajiri and Jamie Noble we would start off Survivor Series 2003 with Team Angle vs Team Lesnar. This was a good match to start off with but not one of the main factors of the night in my opinion. Moving on we have Molly Holly facing Lita for the WWE Women's Championship another alright match.

The action and excitement started with the Ambulance match between Shane McMahon and Kane. This was a match a lot of people including myself anticipated seeing. Its was without a doubt a great match and a great performance by both superstars. This match was Shane's time to seek revenge on Kane for Tombstoning his mother Linda and torturing Shane himself throughout the previous weeks, etc. I'm not going to spend too much time on the details I am saving it for later in this blog post but Shane McMahon did lose after receiving a Tombstone Piledriver on the Concrete Floor and placed into the Ambulance with both doors shut.

Then we had The Basham Brothers against Los Guerreros for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Its was a good match especially when you have Eddie Guerrero and Doug Basham in the ring.

Now we move on to the history of the night. Team Bischoff vs Team Austin.
Team Bischoff consisted of Jericho, Christian, Randy Orton, Scott Steiner, and Mark Henry. Team Austin consisted of Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, and Team 3D. This was a great lineup. The stipulation would be if Team Austin won then Austin could raise hell, kick ass and do what he wants when he wants, but if Bischoff's team wins then Austin would have to Retire as GM of Raw. Needless to say this was a five star match from beginning to end. It eventually came down to Orton and Michaels, Michaels eliminated almost half if not of Bischoff's team and was covered in blood due to a nasty head shot to the steel ring post delivered by Christian earlier in the match. Bischoff would interfere when the Official was down and kicked Michaels in the side of his midsection, Austin would then stomb a mudhole and kick Bischoff's ass and delivered a stunner to Orton. Now both men are down and Austin and Bischoff are up by the entrance way. While that is occurring Batista would come in and deliver a nasty Batista bomb to Michaels, Orton gets his arm over Michaels and the Official counts the three. When the Timekeeper rang the bell Austin's face told it all, he had no idea what had just happened. He would then thank Michaels and help Shawn get up and walk him to the back but then came out to thank everyone in his backyard that night (Dallas, Texas) for the support over the years, etc. He would have his last beers with the crowd and leave two beer cans standing in the middle of the ring as he left to symbolize his presence. The tension and feeling that night was something I could not describe it was truly once in a lifetime.

We now move on to The Undertaker vs the chairman himself Vince McMahon in a Buried Alive Match. Undertaker beat Vince very quickly to a bloody pulp and eventually after putting him through hell, carried him over o the grave site. Vince would hit Undertaker with the snow shovel but that is about all Vince could do. Vince was in the grave and Undertaker was getting ready to go into the front loader to fill the grave and seal the deal when their was an explosion and The Undertaker seemed dazed and injured. His own brother Kane would now show up to save Vince and put his brother into the grave. Vince would then go into the front loader and fill the grave with dirt burying The Undertaker. Kane laughed and smiled over the grave to conclude that match. We would later see The Undertaker return as the Deadman with Paul Bearer at Wrestlemania 20 to face his brother Kane (one of the best returns ever).

Now after all this you would think the night is over but it wasn't! We still had a World Heavyweight Championship match between Goldberg and Triple H. This match was another good match, needless to say Goldberg prevailed and retained his Championship after defeating the odds of having a broken ankle, and dealing with all members of Evolution. Great match.

Survivor Series of 2003 will probably always be my most valued PPV in WWE. The whole night was filled with action, entertainment, emotions and wrestling at its best. This is my opinion on the best PPV in WWE, please let me know what you think or which PPV was your favorite, thanks for reading and take care.

This was my second time writing this blog after losing it the previous time, the first time was much more detailed and in depth but this will have to do.

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  1. Steve's Right Peg of Doom's Avatar
    In terms of card you can't really go wrong with WM17 but on a personal level Summerslam 1992, first major wrestling show I attended plus Bulldog v Hart was an incredible match.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    When I think best Survivor Series, I think 2002 with first chamber.
  3. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    Yes i agree with you one of the best ppv's in the history of the wwe there are many other matches that are true classics but they are scattered around different years and ppv's
  4. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    WM14 and WM10 are 2 of my all time favorites.
  5. hbk2416's Avatar
    I liked Summerslam 2002 the best. Angle vs Mysterio in their primes, Brock vs Rock, HBK vs HHH no holds barred, Benoit vs Angle and the crowd was electric.
  6. JW22's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve's Right Peg of Doom
    In terms of card you can't really go wrong with WM17 but on a personal level Summerslam 1992, first major wrestling show I attended plus Bulldog v Hart was an incredible match.
    Thanks for the response!
  7. JW22's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    When I think best Survivor Series, I think 2002 with first chamber.
    True, that was without a doubt the best Elimination Chamber match WWE has ever had by far, thanks for the response.
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