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Marqus Stewart

Ramblings of a Horseman: 3/23/13

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WOOO!!! Welcome to my new blog. Sorry, I've been off the grid for a while . Making moves and other fun stuff. There's not going to be missing points I can talk about every week so I decided to have another blog where I can just speak my mind on any number of topics I chose. So let's begin.

We are officially on the road to Wrestlemania and WHOA!! It is not a good start. I could begin with the split between fans on whether The Rock should be WWE Champion, but I'll touch on that in a bit. I wanna start with this past week's episode of Raw which is a prime example of what's wrong with everything. Now let me set the record straight. I'm not like one of these other guys who look for every opportunity to bash the WWE. I LOVE THE WWE! I'm a life long fan. Always have and always will. I more often than others look for ways to praise the company instead of bashing it for not being what it used to be. But this is Wrestlemania season. This is easily my favorite time of the year besides the beginning of Summer. More than Christmas, and more than football season. It's 3 months of top notch sports entertainment on a weekly basis building to the mega event of the year. Well this year it feels nothing like that. This week on Raw they opened up with John Cena. The guy who will be headlining this year's show and is your franchise player. What do you do with him 2 weeks before the PPV? You give him a weak promo with a tag team that's been jobbing for months. Then put him in a match which the majority of it happens during the commercial. And that's it! For as many agentss and writers who work for this company, this was all you can come up with? I don't believe they deserve the title of "creative" any more. I know what people are going to say. "Well it would be a lot better if the Rock would show up." And I agree. I believe the Rock being champion and being off TV for 2 weeks does hurt the build up for this match. But you can't tell me as much as we know now, the creative team or head honchos couldn't have better prepared for his departure and gave us something better to sink our teeth into so that we can get excited for this match. Hell, The Rock's schedule was leaked online way back in December and you couldn't have had something prepared back then. This match is a sequel for all intents and purposes. It's supposed to be bigger and better than before and so far it's just disappointing.

Speaking of disappointing, besides the 2 championships, this time of year is all about one thing..The Streak. And as much as I am a HUGE C.M. Punk fan, I'm not that into this match. For starters, the whole 4 way match to determine an opponent for Taker wasn't bad, but highly unnecessary. Especially when your guy lyour building the match towards is C.M. Punk. Two weeks before hand he talked John Cena into putting his title shot he earned at the Royal Rumble on the line. You're telling me he couldn't talk Taker into having a match with him at WM29? Then you have the unfortunate passing of Paul Bearer. Somehow they were able to take this tragedy and work it into the story where it gave Punk some heat, and Taker a reason to want to not only face him, but hurt him really bad.It was actually starting to get interesting. But then they continued to ride Paul's death the following week into a promo that left me more dissatisfied than excited. Punk does some juggling of Paul Bearer's urn that upset a few folks but not me. He's been disrespecting folks for weeks and crossing lines that you wouldn't expect. Punk cemented his spot as the top heel weeks ago so I'm not surprised about anything he does anymore. My shock came from The Undertaker. After 2 weeks of CM Punk disrespecting the memory of Paul Bearer, he just stands there and does nothing. Because of his history and who he is, I would have expected some lightning, fireball, or anything supernatural. Nothing. Because of the 2 feuds with HBK and Triple H, I would have expected for Taker to verbally cut Punk apart. I mean he pulled both those guys "punk cards". But when it came to a legit Punk, he gave us nothing. It just faded to black and we went to commercial. I was shocked to say the least.

Now with Wrestlemania being two weeks away, it was due time that we started seeing the rest of the card start to take shape on Raw, which it did. But for the most part...still not excited. I know we've got some decent matches set up like Ryback vs. Mark Henry. Most fans are hating this but I'm super excited. Ryback to me hasn't had any real competition as far as his size and character goes, and Mark Henry is out to prove he's still the dominate force he once was. It would be a perfect storm if Ryback hadn't lost his last 3 PPV matches. But nonetheless, It's the one match I'm really looking forward to. Triple H vs. Brock has me a little excited but that's because when he wants to, no one can sell a story better than Triple H. Despite the disappointment of the stipulation announcement, I love the promo he pulled to get Brock to fight him. It was classic stuff about 2 men who just wanted and needed to beat the hell out of each other. It's what this business used to be about. It was "Hey! You disrespected my legacy, my friends, and my family. I have no choice but to hurt you and leave you a bloody mess." Remember when that was the basis of all good feuds? I know things need to be PG, but does everything have to start with a joke? That's why I was happy to see Jack Swagger break Ricardo's ankle. Not because I dislike Ricardo, but because I needed more to get me behind this match. The rants of a racist old man and his lapdog blindly following his lead just isn't doing it for me. And when did Big E. Langston and Dolph Ziggler become a tag team? The best worker in the company, who also holds the MITB briefcase and he's in a tag match? And why is no one paying attention to the fact that Chris Jericho gets a louder pop than anyone on the roster. I know he's all about putting the young guys over, but we couldn't do anything better with him than a match with an unproven superstar like Fandango? By the way I don't care if this gimmick works out or not, they need to keep his dancer. GORGEOUS!!! Basically what I'm getting at is the mid card isn't looking good. My concern level for the quality of this year's Wrestlemania is at an all time high. And they're actually going to charge people $70 in some markets. It better be worth it.

Ok I've rambled on long enough. Check back soon for my Wrestlemania edition of The Missing Points. Follow me on Twitter @MTStewart4. And as always, Keep Stylin & Profilin.

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  1. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    Hey interesting view. i agree i'm not really on board with the rock being champ and not showing up to raw for a few weeks. and yes they could have planned better i have read that cena has been held back a few weeks to try and not bring the attention of rocky not being there kinda lame they could have him just shooting on about the rock to further things along i have a feeling this mania is gonna bomb because its very under whelming right now and the build is not there. the first real build for the mid carders shouldn't happen two weeks before the show come on really but anyways good job
  2. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    This has been happening for ages were the under card has no fueds no build nothing ... Far to many ppv's have filler matches these days and for the price hike it aint worth it .. The wwe is lucky they have the most loyal fans tht watch any program on tv .. WE NEED MORE ATTITUDE
  3. big poppa pump's Avatar
    Fan dan goooooooooooo

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