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Updated and estimated Wrestlemania card

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Pre-Show Battle Royal - United States Title - Antonio Cescero (c) vs R-Truth vs Cody Rhodes vs Justin Gabriel vs Damien Sandow vs Heath Slater vs Jinder Mahal vs Kofi Kingston vs Drew Macintyre vs Brodus Clay vs Sweet T vs Primo vs Epico vs Darren Young vs Titus O'Neil - A Battle Royal has been the talk of the Pre-Show since last year and now i think that the United States Title will be a low profile thing - Either Justin Gabriel, R-Truth or Drew Macintyre should win.

Match #1 - Tag Team Titles - Hell No (c) vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston W/AJ Lee - This is where they can split Hell No for good with a loss of the titles and a big wrestlemania match - Ziggler and Langston should win.

Match #2 - Kane vs D-Bryan - After the match have them want to tear each others guts out and then T makes the match, imediately - D-Bryan should win after his embarassing loss last year and a loss here he desearves it.

Match #3 - 8-Man Tag Match - Kaitlyn, Layla, Cameron and Noami vs Brie Bella, Nicki Bella, Natalia and AJ - This is a big rumored match and this should be a short but action packed match - Bella's, Natalia and AJ should win.

Match #4 - Chris Jericho vs Fandango in a No-DQ match - This is after their incounter on smackdown they desearve a match in a special stipulation but before have a build up of if Jericho can say Fandango right then he gets the match and he has 3 attempts over one night, 1st Jericho jokes and shouts Fandandweeb but with the right Fandan bit, next he shouts Fandandork but gets the first bit right, finally at the end of the night Jericho loses a match thanks to Fandango and shouts that he wants Fandango in a No-DQ match, he pronounces it right - Fandango should win to make the hype he has right, I don't want him to get beat in his first big match.

Match #5 - Intercontinental Title - Wade Barrett (c) vs The Miz - This has been a build up for weeks, i hope this is a great technical match - The Miz should win as the title looks great on him and looks stupid on Barrett.

Match #6 - The Shield vs Big Show and The Celtic Vipers - This would be a great chance for Orton to turn heel and cost the others the match reveiling he is the leader of the shield (he should also introduce Michael Maguilicuty and the Bella's as the newest members) After all this hype about will Sheamus and Orton be able to trust Show it would be a great twist - as i said the Shield should win.

Match #7 -World Heavyweight title - ADR vs Jack Swagger- This has been a big Hyped match and could be a main eventer for any PPV but this - Jack Swagger should win and become World Champion

Match #8 - World Heavyweight title - Jack Swagger (c) vs Dolph Ziggler - Ziggler cashes in Money In The Bank - Ziggler should win and become 1. the first MITB holder to cash in on WM and 2. The first man to win 2 titles at WM.

Match #9 - No Holds Barred - Brock Lesner vs Triple H - This has had a great hype and could be the main match of the night - H will win and this has been stated by ewrestlingnews.

Match #10 Respect vs Streak- CM Punk vs Undertaker - This has also had a great build up and no-one knows if it will live up to expectations - Undertaker should win and go on to face Cena next year.

Match #11 WWE title - The Rock (c) vs John Cena - This is a demeaning of WM28 match, Once in a Lifetime, guess someone died and came back to life cause this is bullshit - Cena will win cause that is the only reason they should even consider this.
So Thanks for Reading- Please leave a message at the bottom- No H8 please! plus little thought - does A-Train and Lord Tensai look alike?

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  1. Dime Store Saint's Avatar
    Why does everyone want to add members to The Shield. I think they work best as 3 and no others should be added. Besides the Kane and Bryan match, I think that'll be the card.
  2. Big_D77's Avatar
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Well, seemingly everyone has done their Wrestlemania card. And while it was looking great at first. Then you basically ruined your blog because all you did was repeat what everyone else has said with your taking shots at Cena/Rock and your slobbering love affair with Dolph Ziggler in the hopes that he's going to make some sort of WM history. You need to get used to two things. One, Ziggler's not making history, there will be little to no focal point on him. And two, Cena/Rock is only the second of what will go on to be three matches, and probably at WM 30. Gotta live with it man.

    Also, why would Natalia be on the heel's team in the Diva's match? She's clearly a face and Khali's valet. Wouldn't it make sense to have Tamina on that team instead?
  4. Randomboy's Avatar
    I think Kane and Bryan will retain their titles at Mania, but a frustrated Ziggler will cash his MITB Contract and will win the WHC after Del Rio retained it against Swagger...
  5. bearkg88's Avatar
    So...this is your blog...well...ill say just this. Your logic of orton turning heel, revealing himself as the leader of the shield, and adding michael and the bellas is down right laughable, and your logic of "the ic title should be on the miz cause it looks good on him, and looks stupid on Barrett " is another instance of me rolling my eyes. Nice try
  6. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Who made bearkg the be all and end all of blog writing ?? Guys a nugget lol tbh athis blog does have some flaws like every1 tht I read but bearkg88 thinks he is on the famous creative team
  7. andy mc's Avatar
    The bellas in The Shield ????? That must be a joke right U do realize that by puting them into that faction it would destroy any credibility that the shield have demanded since debuting in wwe ? and has the power to turn them into jobbers ? Witch I for one do not want !
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