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Why isn't the Undertaker called Mr.Wrestlemania?

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I see from time to time in comment sections that HBK isn't Mr.Wrestlemania. Undertaker is!! So why isn't Taker called Mr.Wrestlemania? Why is HBK, Mr.Wrestlemania? The point of this blog is to answer those questions as to who I believe is Mr.Wrestlemania and why the other isn't. So who is really Mr.Wrestlemania?

Mr.Wrestlemania is in my eyes Mr.Wrestlemania. Why? He has put on great performances that everyone talks about til this day while Taker has had several flops and horrible matches. Matches that would be considered in the worst Wrestlemania matches of all-time. That has always been the case with the deadman early on his career facing every big man no matter who it was. He has also had terrible matches at all the major ppvs cuz his counterpart. The best example I can give you is Undertaker/Giant Gonzalez at WM9. The match ended via DQ after Gonzalez used a wet towel in Takers face that made him pass out. That isn't the only bad matches he had at Mania. WM15, he faced Big Bossman in a HIAC match. #1 on my blog of the top 5 best and worst HIAC matches of all-times, in the worst section. WM20 vs Kane was a huge flop if you ever seen one, but my personal fav moment of Paul Bearer was when he returned that night. I could go on here, but let us look at the track record of both superstars:

When you think of the matches at Mania that HBK has had before the Taker matches, HBK vs Cena, HBK vs Bret Hart, HBK vs Razor, HBK vs HHH vs Benoit, HBK vs Vince, and Ric Flair vs HBK. Plenty of great moments and matches for HBK no matter the result. 1 could argue Vince vs HBK stole the show at WM22. I'd say Flair/HBK was better than the Edge vs Taker match at WM24.What great matches or track record would you compare before these 2 met at Mania 25?

What, Taker vs Albert/Big Show was some classic? Mr.Wrestlemania is about putting on the best matches. It isn't about the record in my eyes. What does Mr.Wrestlemania mean? The man who stole the show, put on the best matches and moments at that particular ppv. When you make a top 10 list of the best matches either of these had at you actually think they can measure up? How many people talk about Taker vs Sid when Taker won the WWF title at WM13? Taker vs Snuka, Jake Roberts, King Kong Bundy, Diesel, Kane(2x), HHH, Flair, and so on. How many of those matches make the top 10 list of the best Mania matches all-time? How many make others list?

It isn't about the record. It is about the moments and matches at the biggest ppv WWE have ever produced. That is why HBK is Mr.Wrestlemania and Undertaker isn't. That is my opinion. What is yours? Do you agree? Disagree? Leave that in the comment section below. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Mania 17 was a classic and in my eyes takers best match with the game but hbk isn't jst mr mania he's mr wwe
  2. big poppa pump's Avatar
    undertakers best wrestlemania was 15 against the big boss man great match
  3. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    yeah hbk will always be mr. wrestlemania even tho taker has legendary spots they just don't add up
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by big poppa pump
    undertakers best wrestlemania was 15 against the big boss man great match
    you are a funny dude.
  5. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    In reply tay pappa pump lol " REALLY , really , REALLY "
  6. big poppa pump's Avatar
    Undertaker vs sycho sid!
  7. AOF666's Avatar
    In allhonesty only reason Shawn Michaels is called Mr. Wrestlemania because he started to call himself that. Nobody gave him that nickname. Undertake being called Mr. Wrestlemania doesn't fit his persona or his character, so it would be rediculous.
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