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My WWE Pay-Per-View Line Up

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Hello everyone, this is my first blog on this site and I thought I'd start off with something simple: my idea for what I believe to be a decent pay-per-view schedule for WWE.

First off, I went with 10 PPVs. I didn't work out the exact dates on the calendar or anything, but my reasoning was that this would allow for longer build-ups, especially for the major PPVs like 'Mania and Summerslam. So then, let's just get to it.

1. Royal Rumble
Big surprise, huh? This one doesn't need much explaining. The Royal Rumble is synonymous with January, as it begins the Road to Wrestlemania.

2. No Way Out (Elimination Chamber)
I liked when Elimination Chamber was called No Way Out. I really don't care for the PPVs that are named after a gimmick, such as Hell In A Cell or Money in the Bank. (The exception to that would obviously be the Rumble, and one PPV I'll list later). I like the two elimination chamber matches for the world titles, so really this PPV wouldn't be changing, I'm just changing the name back to No Way Out.

3. Wrestlemania
The show of shows, the biggest PPV of the year, the showcase of the immortals, whatever you want to call it. How could I possibly mess with this one? Oh, and I should mention that I would most definitely be bringing the Money in the Bank ladder match back to this event!

4. Backlash
I always liked Backlash to be the PPV following 'Mania. If there were any feuds that weren't settled at 'Mania, they could be resolved at Backlash. The name is just pretty fitting too, as all the "backlash" from whatever happens at Wrestlemania can be settled at this PPV.

5. No Mercy
No Mercy would be the start of what I guess you could call the "Summer PPVs." For those of you who are thinking, "This guy's using all the recent PPVs from only a few years back..." Yes, but I'm 19 years old. I was 7 the first time I watched WWF in the middle of the Attitude Era, so these PPVs grew on me over the past decade. I always liked the name No Mercy, and I chose this over Judgement Day for this spot. It certainly beats Over the Limit, which is what the WWE has been using recently during this time of the year.

6. Extreme Rules
Extreme Rules is a cool PPV. We get to see matches that range from No DQ to Last Man Standing, or any other stipulation you can think of. I bumped it back a couple of months from being the post-'Mania PPV like it currently is, and it seems like a good mid-summer PPV to keep us all entertained until Summerslam rolls around and things start getting epic again.

7. Summerslam
If I was in charge of WWE, this PPV would not be referred to as "The biggest party of the summer." This isn't a party, it's a wrestling event! Summerslam has always been my favorite pay-per-piew, though as you all know we've recently been forced to endure God-awful performances by God-awful "musicians" like Cee-Lo Green (did I even spell that right? who cares?) This should be a serious pay-per-view where all the biggest names in WWE can showcase their skills, just like Wrestlemania. Any feuds that we've all been tuning in to see over the summer could climax at this event, or the seeds for the feuds that would carry us through the fall season could be planted.

8. Night of Champions
I deliberated for a while on whether or not to include NoC, and ultimately I settled on it. It's pretty cool that all the championships are required to be on the line for one night. Plus just the name...Night of sounds like it should be a prestigious event. I also always liked the stage set-up with the pillars and the banners of all the titles, it's just too bad that some of them are so ugly right now...

9. Survivor Series
Survivor Series is crucial, just like the rest of the "Big Four" PPVs. We have our traditional elimination tag-team matches, along with (hopefully) some other memorable moments.

10. TLC
Yes, I know it's a gimmick, but I like TLC! I told you I started watching WWE back in 2000, and as a kid I was captivated by the matches between The Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, and The Dudley Boyz. Plus, if they're done right, TLC matches, or just your basic ladder match, can be some of the best of the year. Just look at The Shield's match at this past TLC, or the TLC match that CM Punk had with Jeff Hardy at Summerslam '09. This is a good way to close out the year and leave a good taste in the fans' mouths before the cycle repeats, and we begin the Road to Wrestlemania again!

So there it is, I hope you all enjoyed it. Please feel free to comment on any ideas that you agreed with or disagreed with, and hit me with your own ideas!

P.S.: I tried to come up with a schedule that would include King of the Ring as a PPV, where maybe the winner gets a title shot at Summerslam or something, but I couldn't quite come up with a way to include it that I was satisfied with. But trust me I'd love to see King of the Ring make a comeback.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Michael Burnside's Avatar
    I would love to see King of the Ring make a return. IT was in a great spot after Wrestlemania but before summerslam.
    And it was better when it had the quarter finals, semis and final on the one night. When it skipped the quarters it lost a bit of momentum.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    couldn't find a spot to put King of the Ring? Remove No Mercy.......
  3. alcrissam's Avatar
    Judgement day, unforgiven, vengence, arrmagedon, bad blood, I wish we could go back to the days before shitty ppvs
  4. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    I like the creativity you show with how you would line it up it makes perfect sense to have 10 ppvs i never really cared for king of the ring it think that it took away from the good overall matches that a ppv is suppose to have they can do a tournament anytime they want now that raw is 3 hrs and changing the names was cool too since i grew up with them around the same time (i'm 23) so i see where you are getting at i do wish they would build a feud longer then they do and i don't mean over multiple ppvs i'm not paying to see the same thing over again *cough cough* WM 29 lol anyways good job
  5. Hurtts101's Avatar
    I have never been a big fan of the gimmick PPV's and such have come up with my own list as well (mostly using the WWE games last 2 years). Obviously, yes the big 4 need to be left alone. I like your idea of bringing back Backlash too. My biggest changes would be to drop TLC as a PPV and make Night of Champions the last PPV of the year. Also, never liked Elimination Chamber as a PPV let alone before WM, so I would bring in Bragging Rights with the concept of it being a champion vs champion main event to see which title would be defended as the Main Event of Wrestlemania (course this idea worked better when the WHC was more prestigious and we still had a brand split). Anyway, here is my line up:

    Royal Rumble
    Bragging Rights
    Money in the Bank (or Backlash if try returned the MitB match to WM)
    Over the Limit
    King I the Ring
    Extreme Rules
    No Way Out (to replace Chamber/Cell PPV)
    Survivor Series
    Night of Champions
  6. andy mc's Avatar
    I would love for a ppv to be called something like Rated R the reason being for one full month on the build up to this ppv is it went back to being edgy and darker no kids pg jokes just 100 % madness and then it can go back to kid friendly for the other 11 months. I think its a really good compromise to what all the attitude era fans have been asking for.

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