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Wwe .... In the long run 2013

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Hey guys, I had a few thoughts and maybe it would be cool to get a big discussion going... here is what i was thinking how do you see it going

The wrestlemania season is in full swing and based on what we have seen so far ARE YOU EXCITED TO WATCH IT? I personally always do, I have since i was a kid (I'M 23) but this year just hasn't really grabbed my interest. Now i read multiple opinions about how underwhelming it is gearing up to be (i wrote a separate blog about it earlier this year) and i couldn't agree more. The only thing that i am sort of excited about is Taker/Punk considering the physical restraints the match will have i am still giving it the respect of not completely thinking it will under perform.

So what i was thinking going through the card thus far and reading the predicted matches, I can't help but wonder where the WWE is gonna go from there? With the rock champion and a *spoiler * possible Cena WIN, Is the title scene gonna heat up with some feuds that will captivate? I sure hope so. The rock is signed on to a match at i believe extreme rules ppv against who idk. Is the wwe looking for another high profile match with him or will it be another cena rematch?

Now on to M.R MONEY IN THE BANK dolph ziggler .... WILL HE FINALLY CASH IT IN or IS THE MAGIC OF IT GONE? I think that if he does cash in it no matter what it will be a cool moment, because hopefully it will come as a surprise. With the next MITB ppv looming (July 14, 2013) they have to do something to refresh it. I love the whole concept of the matches but holding onto it for a possible year is crazy. He should have cashed in at the end of 2012 when he was really on a role. He has a tag match at mania with big-e vs. team hell no could he make history and win two belts in one night? who knows but it sure would be cool.

will the divas division finally become relevant again? I think with Kaitlin as champ they are going in the right direction. now that the bella's are back there is more of a mix. it might be cool if they brought in a few NXT divas to make a kinda female version of the shield (obviously not to copy the exact thing ) or maybe align them with the shield bring some real power to division.

WHO IS EXCITED ABOUT THIS YEARS HOF INDUCTIONS? this could be one of the more star powered ones they ever had overall. obviously Bruno being the main attraction is a long time coming and with Mick Foley Trish stratus Booker T & Bob Backlund along side him is just awesome. It is just a shame that they don't show it the same night televised like they used to. Do you agree with the inductees? and who should induct them? maybe edge for trish and terry funk for mick....

Lastly, is it me or has the crowd really been dead for most shows this year? It really showed with the HHH/Brock "contract signing" they had no reaction to the body guards being attacked or paul heyman's beating / stipulation announcement it was almost dead silent ( BAD SIGN) Can he not draw anymore? Also is his ring rust showing since he bust open everyone he comes into contact with as of late and we know that its not on purpose WTF is up with that?


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  1. jhorton1215's Avatar
    The Hall of Fame is currently the most exciting part of WrestleMania as of now. The card itself just isn't interesting to me.
  2. Thunderlips's Avatar
    Looking forward to Wrestlemania as always but also looking forward to the part timers stepping back out of the limelight and some of the new(mid) boyos stepping up for awhile. Tensai for world champ!

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