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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Chris Benoit

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Hey everyone. I am here to share with you my opinion on Chris Benoit. I hope you enjoy.

[B]Chris Benoit: May 21, 1967 – June 24, 2007[/B]
- World Heavyweight Champion
- WCW World Champion
- Intercontinental Champion
- United States Champion
- WCW United States Champion
- WCW Television Champion
- WWE Tag Team Champion
- WCW Tag Team Champion
- WCW Tag Team Champion
- Royal Rumble Winner of 2004

The fact of the matter is that Chris deserves to have his name mean something again. He deserves to be acknowledged once again. He was one of if not the most technical wrestler in history. He accomplished a lot, was well known and has now been completely knocked out of the heads of WWE fans and staff because of his death and the situation leading up to it.

How many other wrestlers committed murder? If you recall, Bruiser Brody was stabbed by Jose Gonzalez back in 1988. Jose is still acknowledged, although the memory of a man who commits murder and then takes his own life is then shut out out completely? I don't think that is right. Not fair at all.

Not to mention, Benoit didn't have control of his own actions, as he had perminant brain damage caused by stunts pulled over the years during his time in WWE and WCW. He had a form of dementia and the brain of an 85 year old with Alzheimer's disease, leading to his actions. And it is not fair that WWE should be the ones to decide to have no more affiliation with Benoit. If it has to happen, it should be his family to decide.

Benoit is a legend, living or dead, it doesn't matter. Everyone knows he would not have done what he did if he had control of his body. He deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio and Chris' father should induct him together.

But that probably will not happen...

I hope you liked the post. Please leave your own opinions below. Positive. Negative. Who cares? Say what you like. Keep it to a minimum though.

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  1. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    I do have to agree that it will never happen not that he doesnt have the back up y he should for those who have children or a family they keep it with them unfortunatly and in a PG era the outrage from parents that know would be so.damaging they wont risk it just look at his entry in the,wwe encylepedia 2
  2. j-train's Avatar
  3. weems's Avatar
    When was the last time OJ Simpson (who by the way was found not guilty of double murder) was featured on, or another mainstream website highlighting his career? Oh wait, never. Why should things be any different with Chris Benoit and the WWE? If his wife's family comes out and publicly forgives Chris and says they don't hold him accountable and have no ill will toward him or the Benoit family because they understand he suffered brain damage, then maybe one day down the line he goes into the HOF.

    On another note, I will admit that Benoit's in ring work was second to none. His matches were always top notch. However, his mic skills were pretty awful. I think a lot of the IWC gives him way too much credit. Was he one of the best ever, sure. Is he in the same league as Punk, HBK, Bret Hart....not even close.
  4. The Piper's Avatar
    You must not have been here for the last two Benoit blogs that started a hell of a discussion
  5. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I'm going to agree with The Piper on this one. The last time the Benoit topic was brought up, it caused hell.. I'm amazed, especially after we were told that no further Benoit blogs would be posted, to see this up here. To clarify matters, I am an absolute die hard fan when it came to Benoit's in ring ability, along with his wrestling career.

    Benoit in the WWE hall of fame will never happen. Simple fact.
  6. smellmycooking's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jhorton1215
    2014, no. Will he possibly get inducted? Maybe, but it would be another 20-30 years from now after the whole incident has completely blown over.
    he killed his wife and kid. I don't think that will ever 'blow over'. Surely people are bored of this debate by now? Lets move on.
  7. Rowebin's Avatar
    Some say he may not have been in control of his actions but he is still responsible for them. I'm not really in control of what I do on a Saturday night after 15 cans of Stella, but I still have to stand up in court and say i didn't mean to hit her.
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