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Top Feud in Wrestling Currently.

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What do you think of when you hear “best feud going in the wrestling business today”? Does the idea of CM Punk vs. The Undertaker come to mind? Is it Redemption vs. Greatness that you think about? Perhaps you think about Bully Ray vs. Hulk Hogan, S.C.U.M. vs. ROH, or CZW wrestlers vs. Law Enforcement Officials. No matter what comes to mind first, there is a number 1 feud that immediately pops into your head; I know one comes to my mind instantaneously. However, the feud I think of isn’t something that you’ll see on Monday, Thursday, or Friday nights. It’s not something that will be in a featured spot on the Granddaddy of them All. And it isn’t even something that the talent of a given promotion can stake claim to being a part of “something special” outside of having been a part of the promotion in general. The biggest feud in the wrestling industry today isn’t involving a specific star; it is involving the fans of specific wrestler/promotion against fans of a differing superstar and/or an alternate promotion. Like my point of view or hate it, this is just a chance for me to get out a bit of frustration I have with the beloved “Drive By IWC” that I find myself involved with on a regular basis. So to begin with, I am going to say that this is a rant. Most on the blog section haven’t seen me around since I stopped my “How to Regain” series a while back due to a lack of motivation for dealing with some of my complaints about blogs in general. Rather than bitching and trying to spread my views as being the “justified” way of how things should be, I chose to take my views to the forum boards. Now that the intro has been derailed from the point, I am going to do my best to explain this feud.

I am a fan who is very simple to please. Give me a match where the athletes leave it all in the ring and I am happy. I get my kicks from watching a wrestling match that has great back and forth action mixed with excellent story telling in the ring. Storylines are more of an “added bonus” for me as a fan as I don’t care about who is taking cheap shots but when there is a brilliantly executed struggle for power or redemption story, it adds more punch. But as a fan, I understand that this is how I view the product. Others might have differing opinions and that is perfectly reasonable. What is not reasonable is why there is an underlying rule (or so it seems) that if you are not a fan of a particular type of product, you should feel that it is your responsibility to ridicule a fan with a different view of said product. We might value our own opinions, but we shouldn’t be ignorant enough to think that “my individual opinion is the way everyone should think”. That, in itself, is some of the dumbest logic I have ever heard; and I watch CNN and Fox News on a regular basis.

I have been very critical of WWE for quite some time. They are a product that is more centered around storylines than action in the ring, which is where my criticism stems from. However, when selected fans spew the bile against the PG product or when they run RAW down for being a “kid’s show” by claiming a dancing Dinosaur, Ryback, and the “controversial” John Cena to be killing the industry, I have to shake my head in disgust. The same goes for the over-the-top love for a specific man named Phil, who people say is being “held back” because the E won’t make him the face of the company. A man who told someone to drink bleach, vocally expresses his disdain for fans, and even managed to strike one on a live episode of RAW is not who I would choose to place as the face of my multi-million dollar company. The WWE is and has been doing excellent business for many years now, so who am I to say that the business is “dying” thanks to their efforts. If anything, some of the superstars most hated upon are the reason why other internet darling have a place to go in which they can make an excellent living.

On the opposite end of the coin, I find myself being a person who praises a lot of what TNA does. Not because they are “better” than the WWE; because they seem to be giving me what I as a fan want. They have made their show live, they made their storylines last longer than a month, they lowered the PPVs, home grown talent has flourished, they are taking the show on the road. What I was wanting out of this company, I am getting as they continue to have excellent matches (some worthy of a PPV spot in my opinion) on their live events and they provide an awesome experience when you sign up for the Fan Interactions. But I am not blinded to their short comings in that the storylines have multiple flaws, many talents will disappear for months at a time, and they desperately need to revamp some of their divisions. I can admit this willingly, but some TNA fans have the hardest time admitting any of this. They praise TNA as being the only show worth watching, and as a fan of the wrestling industry, I know this is a lie. Others will goes as far as isolating a fan that doesn’t have the “in-depth” history of where TNA originated from and use it as a way to express their “supremacy” of being the most loyal of all fans; with people like this, it’s no wonder why people constantly criticize TNA fans.

My biggest complaint, however, is that the fans of these two promotions tend to go at each other every chance they get; Hatfield and McCoy style. WWE fans call TNA the place for washed up wrestlers and those who aren’t good enough for the big leagues, yet will name a list of people who should jump to WWE when their contract is up (Sting, Styles, Roode, Bully Ray, Angle, Hardy, and Morgan to name a few). They will take cheap shots at something they read in a spoiler with actually having watched the event (Bully Ray Heel Turn at Lockdown); this is like saying “The video game God of War: Ascension sucked because I read the review in Game Informer about it.” How would you know it sucked if you didn’t experience the game? TNA fans run their mouth about how the WWE is shit, yet would willingly accept someone like Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, or Jericho jumping with damp shorts as they eagerly tune in to Impact. There was a slight debate for a bit in the forums about how these kinds of fans drive casual fans away from the product, and I feel that there is a bit of truth to that statement. It’s hard to become a new fan of something when those who are already fans paint you in a specific portrait before ever asking you what turned you onto the product to begin with. It is unnecessary and very petty of the fans of a specific product to treat new/alternate fans this way; we are all fans of the wrestling world. As a fan of TNA, I want them to succeed and the only way for them to continually grow is by continually adding more fans which can be accomplish in correlation with the continued success of the WWE.

I am not picking on everyone, nor am I not admitting that I too have fallen into this category at times. However, when you boil it down, I am a “mark” for the wrestling industry as a whole; not just TNA, WWE, ROH, or whatever your personal choice is. All of these promotions are part of the industry, so what right do I have to condemn someone for liking a specific aspect of the industry as a whole? To conclude this ongoing novel, I will say that a healthy dose of cynicism is perfectly acceptable, but a healthy dose of optimism tends to make watching whichever wrestling program you chose, that much more enjoyable and will also help in making new fans want to be a part of the experience you fell in love with in this wacky world of wrestling.

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  1. Brian Cice's Avatar
    Great blog. I totally agree with your points on why CM Punk isn't the face of the company. While he's a talented wrestler it's his attitude outside the ring that is holding him back. What separates him from Cena is that Cena will always put WWE first.
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