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My Wrestlemaina 29 booking

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This is my first blog ever and my Wrestlemaina 29 card. I'm pretty damn proud of it and how I would book it if I didn't have to answer to Vinny Mac and were charge of all creative decisions. IWC, rip it to shreds.

Match #1 WHC Match: ADR v Jack Swagger

They started the last 2 yrs with the WHC and probably will again. Love Zeb and the Tea Party angle but for my WM Swaggs will have to put ADR over in a solid opening match.

Winner: ADR (Postmatch celebration interrupted by Swaggs slaping on the patriot lock until Del Rio can't stand-up. Jack exits and Dolph's music hits.

Match #2 WHC Match: ADR v Dolph Ziggler

If I were booking, I'd want a cash in at WM. These two could be great together if they got adiquete time, but Del Rio would be gimpy so I'd only let it go 7 to 10 min. After better match then expected with ADR on one leg, Ziggy goes over.

Winner: Ziggler (Postmatch celebration interrupted by Booker T who announces that Ziggy's scheduled match will now be for the WHC)

Match #3 WHC Match: Dolph Ziggler v Chris Jericho

Let's make history, start WM with 3 world title matches. Everyone probably wants me to put Ziggler over in this spot, but I can't. Jericho has been putting guys over for years and has never got a true WM moment. The fucking guys wrestling Fandango this year! What a slap in the face of a true all-time great. it's now or never for a forty-something Lyin' Heart (his best nickname), and if it were me I'd give one of the best ever his moment in the sun.

Winner: Y2J

Match #4 Ryback v Mark Henry

One match I really don't have a problem with. I just wouldn't have booked all the Ryback-Shield nonsense. Why have them feud from Survivor Series if Ryback just forgets the 10 or 15 beatings took after 1 attack from Henry. Makes no sense, but that's the writers for wwe, our fans don't matter to us so it doesn't have to be believable. Whatever, any way this is the spot they usually use Big Show. Can Ryback shell shock him. It's kind of refreshing to see Henry in this role. Ryback picks him up, but Mark kicks out of shell shocked and just like Jericho, I'd give a guy who's paid his dues a WM moment, and a big, CLEAN win.

Winner: Henry

Match#5 Elimination Chamber match: Sheild v Orton v Sheamus v Big Show

Another match I don't hate cause as a fan I get 2 things I want: Show as a face and Orton as a heel. Do I think it's ridiculous they turn Show every six months, of course. But I think he works better as a face and I like to see the older guys get cheered on their way out. I hate Show but the guy put in his 20 years and he deserves it.
The reason I put this match in the chamber is believability. It's hard to write a scenario why Orton would help 3 guys who kayfabe separated his shoulder a month ago or whatever that angle was, so here's how I do it. Show and Reigns start. Rollins next, then Orton, Ambrose 5th in. With Orton down on the outside metal, the triple power bomb eliminates Show. Sheamus in last. The Sheild one by one get elimanated. As Sheamus gets up from pinning the last member of the Sheild, he turns into an RKO. Instead of covering Sheamus he sells the turn to the crowd, goes to the corner, and proceeds to punt the shit out of Sheamus.

Winner: Orton (To seal the heel turn, as the chamber goes up the Sheild come back for Sheamus, and Orton walks away. As they set up for the triple power bomb, Big Show comes down for the save. As he cleans house, the NEW members of the Sheild arrive through the crowd. Kassious Ohno and Michael McGilicutty make the save, and after a triple power bomb, the Sheild stand tall)

Match #6 Kane v Daniel Bryan

hopefully, everybody is as sick of this team as I am. Booking the team to argue over who's better into a WM match will be the beginning of the end of the team. Kane won last year, and after Danielson's embarrassment last year, he has to go over.

Winner: Bryan

Match #7 2 out of 3 falls; 1st for US title, 2nd for IC title triple threat: Miz v Cesaro v Barrett

Solid match to get the mid-card titles on the card and turn Cesaro face to start a solid feud with Wade. Miz wins first fall with a clean win pinning Barrett, 2nd fall Cesaro pins Wade clean. I'd book it with significant time to show off Cesaro, a top 5 in ring guy in the Co. Joining Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, and Christian

Winner 1st fall: Miz, 2nd fall: Cesaro

Match #8 Street Fight: The Undertaker v Brock Lesnar

This one writes itself. Everyone saw their confrontation in UFC, so just build off of that. Heyman could be genuis cutting promos to build a match that doesnt even need a build. 20-0 is an unbelievable accomplishment and Taker is obviously the best big man ever and a guy who gave me many great memories, but it's time. Every year it's a closer and closer call if he can even go at WM. It's tradition in the business to go out with honors, a lot of people put him over in 20 yrs and it's time to give back, leave your boots in the ring, and we will always cherish your career.

Winner: Lesnar

Match #9 WWE Title: Rock v Cena

i don't want to see these two wrestle again as much as the next guy, but there is a shot for a great moment here. A ten minute match, because the attraction isn't the wrestling it's what comes after. Here's how I'd write it

Winner: Rock (as Rock is just about to duck behind the curtain after making the long walk from the ring, he turns to give the crowd one last pose, and Cena runs from backstage and AA's the rock through a table on the side of the set. He grabs mike cuts a promo about love and adoration. The Rock gets it, but he's worked his ass off for fifteen years, granting make-a-wishes, and becoming champion 13 times For all that hard work, he receives chants of Cena sucks and u can't wrestle. Something along those lines. I'm not gonna write a promo but I really feel like it could be epic, people have been waiting for his turn for years.

HHH and CM Punk tried to have a match a few years ago at summerslam and it was an unmitigated disaster. 1st it was Punk and Nash, then they couldn't figure out who was the heel and who was the face. The build was awful.

Punk was the best, However, cutting those shoot promos before his match with Cena at MITB, not just the infamous one, remember a couple of weeks after when he asked Johnny Ace if he fired Harry Smith to his face, or left a message on his machine. Punks the best when he says what he truly believes, that VKM is bully who lost touch with hardcore fans who've been watching since we were kids. We want Tyson Kidd and Kharma, he gives us Ryback and the Bellas. Mix that emotion with Paul Heyman's promos about Stephane, throw in a dash of Trips calling Punk skinny fat(lol), and both men get to pick a stipulation for the match

Main Event: HHH v CM Punk (If Hunter wins, Punk can never again compete for the WWE Championship, If Punk wins, he and Heyman become CEO and CFO, respectfully)

I'd hope HHH has one more classic in him but, ultimately and after numerous 2 counts and close calls , I'd have Punk win with a Pepsi Plunge. Kids think he stole the pedigree, we love that he used his Indy move to win. Either way, it looks like a slap in the face to Hunter. The show goes off the air with Punk and Heyman now in charge of WWE.

Winner Punk

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  1. Thunderlips's Avatar
    Groaned as soon as I saw your title- what another one- get original people- but you kept me interested enough to read the first half of the card which I quite like. Lost me after Hell No but hey 50% is a good first up effort.
  2. weems's Avatar
    I love your idea of having 3 consecutive WHC matches to start WM. Unfortunately, it is unrealistic because that would be too good to be true. Sorry I have no faith in WWE creative anymore. Also, your idea of turning the 6 man tag into an EC match is outstanding. This was a good read and probably my favorite WM29 armchair booking blog.
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    It's been roughly 3 long months that I haven't logged in my account, nor commented on a single blog. Mind you I've been visiting daily, and have been reading all of these Mania blogs. Hats off to you for booking quite a decent Mania. You're probably going to get a lot of heat for numerous reasons. Hell, the only outcome/match I wasn't too keen on reading was "Taker vs Lesnar". Other than that, good booking. Keep up with the writing/prediction blogs. I'll be looking forward to reading more from you.
  4. grundel69's Avatar
    Thanks to those of you who liked it, I know I'm gonna get heat, some of these idiots are happy with the product wwe is putting out, and that's why we true fans have to suffer through bodybuilder wrestlers(Ryback and Cena pushed down our throats), and an awful boring product. If your happy with the status quo, this blogs not for u. Just trying to book a blockbuster show chocked full of originality
    Updated 03-22-2013 at 05:56 PM by grundel69
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by grundel69
    Thanks to those of you who liked it, I know I'm gonna get heat, some of these idiots are happy with the product wwe is putting out, and that's why we true fans have to suffer through bodybuilder wrestlers(Ryback and Cena pushed down our throats), and an awful boring product. If your happy with the status quo, this blogs not for u. Just trying to book a blockbuster show chocked full of originality
    You obviously think highly of yourself. So much so that you don't even realize your card is basically the same card as the current card that is coming out. You obviously must be happy with it.

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