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Coffee Talk: Will Punk vs Taker Deliver?

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Hey Wrestling Fans. Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. However, instead of multiple topics to touch on, I'm going back to the roots of Coffee Talk's inception and sticking to one topic here. That topic is, of course, the CM Punk vs Undertaker match at Wrestlemania. Many people were loving the fact that this match was going to happen, and at first, I was too. Then I witnessed the last two weeks of Raw with the match build up and my opinion of it has changed dramatically.

So grab your cup of joe, espresso, latte, whatever your poison is and let's enjoy some Coffee Talk.

I wanted last year to be Undertaker's last Wrestlemania. And that's huge considering Undertaker has always been my all time favorite. 20-0 is a great way to just stop doing Wrestlemania matches. I don't see a need to go for 21-0, 22-0, etc. Are they really expecting a potentially 25-0 record? To me, anything that's not a 20-0 or 25-0 record is pretty underwhelming. Once you reach that 20-0 mark, that number needs to be even of sorts. 25-0, 30-0, etc. So, to me, this Undertaker match doesn't make a whole lot of sense to begin with.

But rather than throw numbers out there and all the "what looks better" stuff, I'm going to get into the meat of this whole thing. For the last four years, Undertaker was involved in "highlight of the night" type matches with HBK and HHH. The thing about those 4 matches is, even though we all knew Undertaker was going to win, there were moments where it really seemed like he actually might lose. This was especially true at WM 26. While HBK's career was on the line, and it was a surefire thing that he would lose and retire, there was a point where it looked like he had it won. He hit Sweet Chin Music, followed it up with a moonsault off the ropes to the outside through a table, threw Taker back into the ring and Superkicked him again. My job dropped because I thought Undertaker was actually going to lose after that. I couldn't believe he kicked out. Then two brutal matches the next two years with HHH. The types of matches that are memorable and always considered when thinking about the best match of the night.

Now we have CM Punk. I know everyone puts CM Punk on as high a pedestal as it gets. I like CM Punk but I do not put him quite so high. The fact is, and despite this comment is probably going to send the hounds on me as far as those who love CM Punk, he is no HHH and no HBK. He's had a very nice run as champ and did a fantastic job at being one of if not THE top heel in the business, he's just not in their league. He's the brightest star, in a sky full of dim stars. I'm not calling him overrated like others have done. I'm simply stating that the previous four Undertaker WM matches were absolute showcase matches, this is more of, just a match.

The build up isn't really there. Of course, those Punk lovers who love everything he does will say, "Oh, this feud is awesome". But look at it realistically for a second. Look at it with an opened mind. Undertaker has so far, not said a single word. He's shown up and posed. And WWE did some cool camera work to show the WM sign above the ring to close out the show. Punk brought up the death of Paul Bearer, (tasteless on WWE's part in my opinion, regardless of who's approval they got.) He stole the urn and that's the premise in which we're building this match on. To me, that's very underwhelming.

With the level Punk is on, and the underwhelming build to the match, and in the wake of Paul Bearer's death, I don't see how Punk poses even the slightest threat in this match. It leaves ZERO drama. And this isn't the same type of knowing that Undertaker will win, as it's been the past 4 years. This is a match that Punk will probably need to carry and while I like him as a performer, I don't think he can carry this match in a manner that will leave us in awe. And honestly, that's what Undertaker WM matches need to be. They need to leave a lasting impression. Punk lost this past Raw to Kane after a simple chokeslam. So how realistic is it going to be if Punk kicks out of an Undertaker tombstone? In fact, if that does happen, even once, it will ruin the match completely for me. If he kicks out of a chokeslam, fine. If he kicks out of a Last Ride. Cool. If he escapes Hell's Gate by getting to the ropes. Good for him. But if he kicks out of a Tombstone, in my opinion, that would be too much of a stretch to be considered believable. It's already a stretch to see him kick out of a Last Ride but since that's not Taker's absolute finisher anymore, I'd be okay with that. Over the last few months, I've seen anyone and everyone kick out of the GTS. And of course, Undertaker is not tapping to the Anaconda Vice. So what else does Punk have that could even threaten the streak in anyway?

My final issue, and this goes beyond all the rest of these statements I made, is this. This past week on Raw, I watched Punk attack Kane with the urn. And I watched an Undertaker struggle to even walk down to the ring. This is my biggest concern with this match taking place. Undertaker is broken down. And while he does leave it all out there for the fans to enjoy, wanting to put on the best performance, and being able to put on the best performance. are two totally different things. If he's limping to the ring, then we won't be seeing him hurdle the top rope on a suicide dive. We probably won't see him flying off the top rope with a clothesline like Kane does. And we probably will see Punk counter his way out of Old School so Taker doesn't have to balance the ropes and doing the leaping forearm smash. Underaker's move set that starts with Snake Eyes is probably going to come off very slow as well. Punk's move set, in turn, will probably be slower, and he'll use time to do taunts and things like that to draw heat so Undertaker won't have to do too much in the match.

To answer the question in the title of this blog...I think that this match WILL NOT deliver the way we all hope.

Please understand that this blog is not me hating on CM Punk. This is more about my dislike for the fact that this match is even happening. We have three weeks left before Wrestlemania and I'm truly hoping that in these three weeks, WWE will change my mind about this match. But as it stands now, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I'm looking at this match to actually be one of the lowlights of the night. Again, I'm truly hoping I'm proven wrong. But for what I've seen so far, just the nature in which Punk got the match was bland and lame. We knew Orton, Sheamus and Big Show weren't winning that Fatal Four Way. They could've have built it so much differently. And honestly, I think I might rather have seen Orton or Sheamus take on Undertaker this year, if Undertaker absolutely HAD to have a match.

A little bonus note here, Wrestlemania this year is set up to be very underwhelming as it is. So Underwhelming that Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio is potentially going to be the best performed match of the night. If I were to book Wrestlemania this year, my card would go like this. Cena vs Rock II, CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler, ADR vs Swagger, Sheamus vs Orton, Ryback vs Mark Henry, Big Show and two others vs Shield, Cesaro vs Someone, Team Hell No vs Some Tag Team. To me, that's good utilization of the bigger names on the roster which is what it should be. I can do without Undertaker at WM now and I can do without HHH at WM as well.

Ahhhhh, my cup is no empty, so I will be ending this week's Coffee Talk. I will say this. I know this edition won't be real popular. There are a lot of CM Punk fans that read my blogs and won't take kindly to my negative outlook on one of his matches. For that, I apologize. Please take this for what it is, my opinion. And not all hope is lost. We do still have three weeks left. I'll be watching and hoping for something to happen that will change my mind.

I hope you all enjoyed this edition of Coffee Talk. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Safe Everyone!!!

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  1. hofnerite's Avatar
    To make this match great all they need to do is have it a falls count anywhere match and have the vast majority of the match backstage away from the live crowd. Pre record it all, use as many takes, edits, hell even CGI, to make it an incredible match. Have Taker throw Punk through (fake) walls, windows like the hardcore match at X7, massive bumps (which are safer and easier to stage manage if recording rather than live) By doing this, Taker can take all the time he wants, however injured he really is. He can take legit looking bumps, even though they would be safely stage managed and the both of them can create a really memorable match, whoever wins.
    I am surprised with the direction Vinny has taken the E on recent years, they have never actually done this. Even the Boiler Room Brawl was recorded in one take, but didn't need to be. Why not have CGI and edited movie-like segments in wrestling, sorry SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT?
  2. Stihltygre's Avatar
    the thing about Taker, according to every word said about him even by his detractors, is that he's a work horse... a complete machine, and he LOVES this buisness and putting on a great show, he gets the say in whether or not he competes and he is more than able to take a year or two off... he didn't, he's in better shape than he's selling. i suspect this years WM is going to shock a lot of the the "taker can't do it any more folks" add to that Punk's abilities, and it SHOULD be a great match.
  3. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    Hey love the Coffee Talk. I love pro wrestling and I love coffee so keep up the sick work.

    Numbers are just that - numbers. I don't really get why you think the streak "has" to end at 20-0, 25-0, etc. As long as the big milestones are somewhat special. I didn't think the HIAC match last year was a classic match, but it was special.

    I would like your opinion on another part of the issue. What do you think this feud would be like if Bearer hadn't died or they hadn't involved his death in the feud? I'm unsure on whether it would be better or worse... I just wanted to know what you thought.

    I also agree 100,000% with what you said about 'taker's health. I am glad to know I am not alone in seeing him limp to the ring. It would be a huge shame if he seriously hurts himself in this match, leading to a retirement after an underwhelming performance. It would leave a bad taste our mouths after WM28. Do you agree? Also, I'm thinking that next year is it for Taker. WM30 he will go out. So after he beats Punk this year he will probably face him again next year and that's it. Is it just me, or are you sick of all the rematches?

    So I agree with you. This match wont deliver. But then again, I thought their 2009 feud would be a let down and it wasn't. I hope I'm wrong.
  4. nrb6304's Avatar
    Honestly, I'm gonna respectfully disagree with almost everything you said. HOWEVER this was a well written thought out blog and I wil be looking forward to your blog AFTER the match.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    @Ozzie Mandias...I'm not sure what would happen if Paul Bearer hadn't died. I'd have to think that the build up would be worse, but who knows. I'm just not a big fan of using death as an angle...much like they did a few years ago with Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler, regarding his mother. I just don't like that. And Punk imitating Bearer this past Monday, makes me hate this build up even more. And as you said, I hope I'm wrong too and this match blows us away.

    @nrb6304...I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. As promised, I will follow up with this post-WM. Thanks for reading.
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