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Nature vs Nurture

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Here's an idea to chew on...

People always complain that this generation is nothing compared to the 00's or the 90's. Why is this? My theory is simply because of how young talent is treated today vs how they were treated in the past.

Take this into account, today more than ever you hear either the fans or the older wrestlers themselves trying to mold the current wrestlers into the "new" version of a wrestler from the past. "Oh cena is like the new Hogan, CM Punk is the new stone cold, Miz is the new Y2J" and so on. When the fans say stuff like this, it leads to promotions booking their stars in this fashion. They stick guys like HHH with a young Randy Orton, and tell them they're "the next diamond" of the industry.

Then, the company's book the older stars to put over the young kids to "pass the torch" to them. Because that's what they think we truly want. A "new" version of the past.

This leads wrestlers to be complacent. "oh I don't have to try, im the next (insert name here), they're gonna book me strongly anyway". I even read an article on this site once claiming that Vince told Carlito to act "more like Eddie Guerrero".

And people wonder why we barely have any new stars. Its because they're all doing the same stuff, or trying to be like someone from the past and failing.

Now, do you think that the stars of the 80's were so easy to "pass the torch" to the new stars of the 90's? Absolutely not. Because they were taught that this is a business before anything, which is why they adopted the mindset that "this is my spot, im gonna hold it until someone makes me get out of it".

While it seems rude, it really isn't. Its simply competition. And competition is good for business. It means people work harder to be original and stand out more to take the spots from they're competitors.

My point is, guys like Cena, CM Punk, and Sheamus shouldn't be so willing to let the new guys just come up without a fight. They should get a little more greedy. Try and hold someone down. This way only the real dedicated stars will rise up and eventually become the top stars we need so bad.

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  1. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    Very well written i like your logic its very true to say that you need to be greedy to get to the top because you need to show you want it just because you are booked strong at the top doesn't mean that crowd will react to you and if they don't you have to work that much harder and it could be an epic fail recreating the past isn't always what it seem be unique and do you not something (insert name ) did ten years ago or if you want to draw from a certain person do it in your own way prove you are mean to be there
  2. grave's Avatar
    I don't think the superstars are to blame. I heard CM punk is one off the hardest working guys ever stepped foot into the business. the real problem is Vince, he keeps everybody down because he wants his puppets to make it, like cena, ryback ect.
  3. Bagg's Avatar
    Not a bad blog man, but CM Punk has been pretty well putting over everybody for the last 8 months, Whether its DWAYNE or The Ryback or Cena or Kane. Soon to be Taker. Guys like Cena and punk and sheamus have nothing to do with putting over younger talent and passing torches, thats WWE creatives fault and the wwes fault in general for having millions of programming hours a week to fill with younger talent jobbing out to everyone in the world.

    Im sure if the wwe came to Punk and was like "hey, would you rather end your reign to The Rock or Dolph Ziggler", Punk would have said Ziggler, likely, woula said Bryan, if he had the choice, even Rhodes, im sure Punk didnt want to drop that belt to The Rock, but he just had to.

    PS, Miz the next Y2J??? Y2J can talk and wrestle, i see no similarity between him and the Miz.

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