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Missing Rivalries from WWE's Top 25 Rivals

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Looking At the Missing Rivalries from WWE's Top 25 Rivalries
First I'll I start with the list of rivalries and will go from there:

Credit for the List:
25 – Triple H vs Mick Foley
24 – Tazz vs Sabu
23 – Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero
22 – Bruiser Brody vs Abdullah the Butcher
21 – Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Piper
20 – CM Punk vs John Cena
19 – Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar
18 – Randy Orton vs Triple H
17 – Verne Gagne vs Nick Bockwinkel
16 – Mankind vs The Undertaker
15 – Tommy Dreamer vs Raven
14 – Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker
13 – Triple H vs The Rock
12 – John Cena vs Edge
11 – Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage
10 – Tully Blanchard vs Magnum T.A.
9 – The Undertaker vs Kane
8 – Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz
7 – Dusty Rhodes vs Ric Flair
6 – Von Erichs vs The Fabulous Freebirds
5 – Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock
4 – Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan
3 – Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat
2 – Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart
1 – Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mr. McMahon

First of all I think this is a pretty good list. All though there are a few rivalries missings. The first rivalry thats comes to my mind is:

5. Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior
Hogan was the top dog at the time and had been through out the 1980's. Warrior was on a roll and at the 1990 Royal Rumble during the Rumble match the WWF champion Hogan and the IC Champion Warrior went at it. Warrior was eliminated by Barbarian, Rude and a clothesline from Hogan. Then at WrestleMania VI in a match billed as The Ultimate Challenge, Champion vs Champion, and Title vs Title Warrior defeated Hogan to become the WWE Champion. Warrior became the first man to hold the WWF Championship and IC Titles at the same time. Should it be included on the top 25 rivalries DVD? I'm not sure.

4. Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold
Two opposites Angle drinks milk while Austin drinks beer. This feud begin when both Austin and Angle were on team WWE against WCW. They both wanted to please Vince and tried to one up each other to get Vince's attention. On RAW, Austin would cost Angle a tables match by hitting a Stunner on him and then Bubba Dudley powerbomb Angle through a table. Kurt went on to win the WCW title but Austin again hit the stunner on Angle in the middle of a match only this time it cost Angle the WCW title. At SummerSlam Angle would win a match against WWF champion Austin but not the title due to Austin getting DQ. Then at a RAW, Austin would hit Angle with the WWF World Championship and steal his gold medals. Angle attacked Austin on another RAW and drove off with Austin in the trunk of his truck with a cinder block and chain. Angle forced Austin to cry to prevent himself from being tossed over a bridge. Austin cried; agreed to a WWF World Championship match at Unforgiven and Angle got the last laugh by shoving Austin into a children's pool. The feud would continue and Angle beat Austin at Unforgiven but lost to him in a triple threat match at No Mercy 2001 when Austin pinned RVD. The feud ended when Austin pinned Angle at Vengeance 2001. Should this feud be included on the top 25 rivalries DVD? I think so.

3. DDP vs Randy Savage
At the time of this rivalry the NWO was in power over WCW. On an episode of WCW Monday Nitro Savage with Hall and Nash attacked DDP and painted the letters NWO on his back. Then at Uncensored, Savage and Miss Elizabeth did a worked shoot on DDP telling the world that he was married to Kimberly. Right after this Savage beat DDP up again. At Spring Stampede DDP wrestled Savage in his first payperview main event and won. At the great American Bash they would go one one one once again but this time it was in a anything goes, lights out match. In this match Savage would win with help from Scott Hall. At the Bash at the Beach thee was a tag match with Scott Hall and Randy Savage vs Diamond Dallas Page and ?partner? Curt Hennig. Hennig tunred on DDP and Hall and Savage were once again victories. One of my favorite moments in the feud was when DDP dressed up as masked wrestler La Parka and beat Savage on Nitro (The match can be seen on Best of Nitro V2) Page fought Savage one last time at Halloween Havoc in a Sudden Death Match and loss as Hogan attacked him. This was the feud that jump started DDP's career. Should it be included on the top 25 rivalries DVD?
I think so.

2. Owen Hart vs Bret Hart
In Nov of 1993 at the Survivor Series payperview Owen and Bret's team faced HBK's team during the match all the members of HBK team accept for HBK were eliminated. Bret was injured and walking on the ring apron when Owen was knocked into Bret knocking him off the apron. Owen was eliminated by HBK as a result of being distracted. The team of Owen and Bret went on to win the match by dq but Owen came back to the ring and he blamed Bret for his elimination. The situation was calmed down but at Owen started to use the Sharpshooter the following week. And he started dressing like his brother as well. At the 1994 Royal Rumble, they faced The Quebecers over the Tag Team Championship. During the match, Bret sustained a knee injury so the referee stopped the match. After the match, Owen viciously attacked Bret's knee and he blamed him for the loss. At Wrestlemania X they had there first match against one another where Owen beat his brother. On that same night Bret went on to face Yokozuna for the WWF Title. Bret won and Owen was mad. At Summerslam 1994 the brothers face off again only this time it was in a cage match. Bret won the match and kept the gold while Owen was trapped indise the cage. Jim Neidhart attacked Bret and through him back in the cage and Own and Neidhart beat up Bret. At the Royal Rumble 1995 Owen cost Bret the title and the feud ended when Bret beat Owen in a few match's after that. Should it be included on the top 25 rivalries DVD? I think so.

1. Sting vs Hogan
This is one of the biggest rivalries in WCW history. This feud began in 1996 around the time of the Fall Brawl payperview. On Nitro a fake Sting attacked Luger in the parking lot and lead almost everyone to believe Sting had turned his back on WCW. Sting denied attacking Luger but no one believed him. Sting would get in the War Games Match at Fall Brawl very briefly and beat up members of the NWO. Sting left the match and at that moments he changed to the black and white Sting (Crow Sting) walking around in the wrafters. Over the course of a year and a half Sting would battle the NWO by coming down from the tops of the arena's. Then at Starcade 1997 Sting got what he had waited a year and a half for; Hogan. Should it be included on the top 25 rivalries DVD? I think so.

So what do think should these match's be included in the top 25 rivalries DVD? Should some of the other match's even be on there? Are there more rivalries you would like to have seen on this DVD set?

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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Should also mention Gentleman Chris Adams v Terry Taylor. That feud spilled over into 2 feds.
  2. Stevenhigney's Avatar
    Yeah Owen vs Bret is weird it's not on there. Warrior and Hogan actually really never fueded at all. Looking over the list I find myself wondereing where Austin vs Bret is. That ran roughly a year while Bret was gone from WWF with the Pillman/Austin taunting, their match at Survivor Series, the interference at IYH: It's Time, the Rumble, Final Four, WM13, and then the change up with Bret as heel leading into July's Canadian Stampede PPV. The fact that's missing is terrible cause there's some great stuff they could've covered. And honestly, Foley vs HHH? Where in the hell is either Foley vs Vader or Foley vs Funk which took place over several companies. Harley Race's stuff is seriously missing, and I blame this on the DVD likely being into production prior to Bruno's acceptance, but take ur pick there with several guys.
  3. PhiltheEgg's Avatar
    I can't believe I forgot Austin vs Bret and Flair vs Hogan. And one from ECW Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko. If you look at the WWE's list they did go a little Triple H crazy.

    25 – Triple H vs Mick Foley
    18 – Randy Orton vs Triple H
    13 – Triple H vs The Rock
  4. body slam's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletBowl
    Should also mention Gentleman Chris Adams v Terry Taylor. That feud spilled over into 2 feds.
    or Chris Adams vs Kevin Von Erich
  5. cjstonecold's Avatar
    What about Bret vs. Austin? or Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart? They actually had a dvd set with the greatest rivalries with Bret and Shawn!!!
  6. lexicross's Avatar
    As much as WWE disowns him:
    Benoit vs Angle was classic
  7. The Brahma Bull's Avatar
    Great blog! One feud that I would like to have seen on the list is DX v The Nation of Domination.
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