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Who will win at WM 29

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Here are my predictions for the current WM card:

Rock vs Cena
Winner: Cena
Although I prefer the Rock to end it, as most of you have pointed out, this one is pretty obvious. Cena takes the title and sets up Rock-Cena 3. The winner of that one should be Cena since, you know, the Rock has another job.

Swagger vs ADR
Winner: Swagger
The guy hasn't lost since returning and would be able to set up so many good future feuds (Sheamus, Orton, Cena etc). I wouldn't be surprised if Swagger also beats Ziggler if he cashes in after the match, becoming the first man to win and defend the world title at WM.

Punk vs Undertaker
Winner: Undertaker
This one's easy. Punk hires The Shield and the match turns into a 4 on 1 handicap match (either it becomes no DQ or they sneak attack a la Royal Rumble). Taker kicks out of the triple powerbomb and takes out The Shield and Punk for the win. Look for the Shield to beat down Taker on RAW within a couple weeks, implicating their involvement in the match.

HHH vs Brock Lesnar
Winner: Brock Lesnar
This one was close and is the one in which I am most doubtful. Brock should go over and become an unstoppable force, resulting in a title run tease against John Cena. I will be disappointed if HHH wins this as Brock is probably the most entertaining guy to watch in my opinion.

The Shield vs Big Show, Randy Orton, and White Chocolate.
Winner: The Shield
It has been The Shield's year, plus a win for team WWE won't really do anything for team WWE. It will just pointlessly ruin a stable that is on fire.

Ryback vs Mark Henry
Winner: Ryback
Has he even won a ppv match yet? For godsake let him get this victory before he goes back to being buried in the mid card for the next 2 years.

If it was up to me, I'd also do a 4 to 8 man elimination match unifying the US and IC titles. Throw in Miz, Jericho, Sandow, Rhodes, Kofi, and R Truth.
Winner: Damien Sandow
You heard me you miscreants! Silence!

No tag title match if you ask me. We've already seen every combination of every tag team in a match at least 5 times. Go ahead with the Daniel Bryan vs Kane match which you guys have been predicting on this site.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

There you have it folks. Hope I threw some stuff at you that you haven't already thought of or read. Either way I'll probably watch it at a bar for $5 and have a good time.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    In answer to your question, yes Ryback has won a PPV match back at No Way Out but i bet there is loads more
  2. j-train's Avatar
    Winner: Ryback
    Has he even won a ppv match yet?
    Weren't some of his early squash matches the openers of ppv's?
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I'm rooting for Lesnar, but don't believe he wins. I basically believe the same thing.

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