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WrestleMania build up and genuine push ideas

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Hey, this is Dennis again. An experince EWN Blogger and I thought we'd do another duel blog since the first one was so fun to do! Hope you guys enjoy Bearkg and my blog about Bully Ray, The Wrestlemania build up, and one superstar that we believe should be pushed by a major wrestling company.

What do you think about Bully Ray's heel turn!?
Dennis: I like that they switched him to a heel. Giving him this new direction gives TNA a main event level heel that is worth watching. He has proven himself as a very talented heel. We all know that he can get the fans to boo him more so than most TNA wrestlers, or even most wrestlers in wrestling today, so I not only am ok with him turning heel... I embrace it with open arms. Also it gives aces and eights a new push, when they seemed to be simmering down. Win win in my book.

Unlike dennis...i love that they switched him. Lets be honest, a face bully ray is ok...but a heel bully? Well fuck ya!!! In all of his work last year, i thought it was going to be his year to be champ, so when he turned face, didnt win the world title, and then was aligned with the hogans...i was deflated. I honestly stopped watching impact around december. This heel turn, has me wanting to watch it again, just to see what happens next. I think thats what wrestling should be. Those moments that grab your attention and make you wonder what is going to happen next

I agree with Bear to the point that I do love moments that grab you into wrestling. The moments like when Orton RKO'ed Stacy, or Piper smashed a fruit on Snuka's head. And Bully ray turning heel and aligning with Aces and Eights was a killer moment, and I loved it! But I think bear might be lost a little saying that he loved it. I mean, it's way to early in the story line to tell if it's going to be a major success... This story could flop next week, so for that reason, I'm going to stay with it as just a liking situation. Not a love situation like bear is saying.

I guess for me, the whole aces and 8s angle could flop, but bully ray as a heel and world champ, i cant see flopping. Thats what i love. If i put it into more of a context of bully turning heel, winning the world title, AND aligning with aces and 8s, id say i like it. It gives an8s a fresh angle, a revitalized angle after the crappy reveal of d'lo as the vp. Personally, im now wondering who will stop this group. Im pegging aj styles.

What other matches will happen at mania besides the matches we know about?

Ok so currently for WM, we have Brock vs HHH, Cena vs Rock, punk vs Taker, ADR vs Swagger, Shield vs Ryback/Sheamus/Orton confirmed as of this Smackdown. That is a total of 5 matches. Now, from what I've seen, WM normally contains anywhere from 8 to 10 matches. So that leaves roughly 3 to 5 more matches for this WM. Here is how I see it. I see Wade Barrett having a match. Maybe against Miz and Jericho, or maybe against just one. But I see it going down in that fashion of some sort. Now there have been rumblings that the WWE has been trying to get past diva's resigned. I think if that happens, we have a diva's title match at WM. Maybe a six pack challenge. Something that will feature all the returning divas, highlight the divas title, and put it on one of the returning divas. I also see some match involving Kane and Daniel Bryan. Whether it be them facing each other, or them as a team defending their titles, I see that going down.

I like where bear what bear is thinking but I think WWE might go a different rout! I think the obvious matches will happen. Swagger will face Alberto Del Rio, but I think there is a good chance that Swagger vs Ziggler happens if Swagger wins for off screen issues. I also think that Shield will face the "Dream Team". The other matches that I think will happen are a little less predictable. I think team Rhode Scholars will win the belts off of Team Hell NO! leading up to a tweener battle between Daniel Bryan vs Kane. I think this will lead the Rhode Scholars on the road to defend their titles against the new age outlaws. I'm not saying they deserve the chance at the belts, but those tickets sell! Also I wouldn't be surprised to see a celeb like donald trump to get involved in something! And I don't think the divas match will be a huge match. I think it will likely be someone like Kaitlyn vs Aksana or Jimmies daughter. Also, don't be surprised if Fandago gets naomi and feuds with the bizarre team of Tensai and Clay.

Oh god no...not donald trump. It was bad enough the last time. As for your point of Kaitlyn vs Aksana or Tamina, I think it's a possibility. If the WWE resigns people like Kelly Kelly and Maryse, I think my idea is more likely, but if all they get are the bella twins, then I'd say your idea is more likely.

Yea, I agree Donald trump is a bad choice, but he is already going to be there and they haven't teased at anyone else. One of the things that makes mania special is the celebs. The bella twins does help your case, I just don't know if I want them in the title picture so soon. I do think it's funny that they pair the bellas with the team that faces Daniel Bryan beings he's dating one of them! I laugh at silly things.

What Superstar should a major company push!?

I think if I had to pick one superstar for wwe to push, his name would be Justin Gabriel! He's a legit competitor! His unique air style could sell well for the fans, and his finisher is probably the most eye grabbing ending to a match that anyone currently has in WWE today. I have been told by females that he is a decent looking guy, so he could sell well to the female crowd in theory. As a heel he works well. As a member of NEXUS he finished off the good guy with his 450 splash, and I remember thinking wow, that guy is done. The thing that bugs me is that he hasn't been pushed already, he's a good superstar. WWE pushing him could be good for business from a better market in countries outside of the us as well. Since Gabriel is from south africa pushing him could get more countries more interested in wrestling. This is the supposed reason for keeping khali around, a man who can not wrestle, but they won't push a real superstar level talent? I don't quite understand that!

Bear:If I had to pick one superstar from TNA or WWE to push, I'd go with Samoa Joe. Is he amazing on the mic? No. He is decent. His in ring work, is above all the rest though. I feel like once this Aces and 8's storyline is done, Joe should be given a chance to be the man, and run as the TNA Champion

Bear and I would like you for reading this edition of WWD! Thanks for reading and as always godspeed to you all!

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  1. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    I completely agree about Justin Gabriel, he is a great competitor and for so long i have said that he should win the RR at some point and go on to beat someone great like e.g. Cena, Rock, Brock, Big Show or Taker.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I'm happy that Bully won and turned heel even though everyone says it was predictable. Who cares? Bully Ray deserves the title and who is better out there they could have put as the leader. Morgan, Steiner is about the only 2 that would even be in the ballpark.

    Kaitlyn vs Layla for the Divas title I hope. Basically all the slots are filled right now with tag titles, Ryback vs Henry. I hope both US and IC titles will be up for grabs. I want to see Barrett vs Jericho, but it looks like they are leaning towards Miz. Cesaro in a 6 pack challenge would be cool to try to fit guys who deserve to be on the card like Sandow, Rhodes, Miz and so on.

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