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Analyzing Raw Last Night

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Yesterday's edition of Monday Night Raw really left a lot of people such as my self asking questions and high points and very low points. Without further ado, Monday Night Raw evaluated in no particular order.

Paul Bearer Tribute/Undertaker CM Punk Segment:

-Appropriately enough, the night started with a tribute to Undertaker and Kane's long time manager, Paul Bearer. A great compilation of his best moments were shown and he deserves the up most amount of respect. Rest In Peace Paul. They should really consider inducting him into the Hall of Fame this year. With Undertaker slowly approaching the ring with the urn single in the ring, Undertaker bows and does his signature pose with Paul Bearer's face on the Tron. That is until a familiar face by the name of CM Punk showed and interrupted this. Originally, I may have thought it was crossing the line but then again, Punk always brings edgy TV and did a fantastic job in creating heel heat and saying that Paul will remember him as perfect but to everyone living he will lose to him at The Big Dance. A great opening segment.

-During the commercial break we saw Kane attempt to chokeslam Punk to hell but he got away and escaped. Why does the WWE cut out these segments on live TV? I have no idea whatsoever. This would set the stage for the Punk-Kane NO DQ match later in the night.
-Kane is furious and is looking for Punk backstage. But GUESS WHAT? We had an Alex Riley sighting as he was thrown to the floor. Its good to see him back isn't it?

Seth Rollins (w/Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns) vs. Big Show

-As soon as this match was announced, everybody knew that the Shield would eventually attack them as a group. I have wanted to see each individual in single matches and this is not what I had in mind. They barely lasted a minute with each other. Soon, The Shield would land an impressive Triple Powerbomb on Big Show. This segment was pretty average but WWE needs to realize that they have 3 talented men here and that they need to utilize them more in singles competition. Its great to know they are dangerous as a group, but just how dangerous can they be when they are by themselves?

Dolph Ziggler (w/Big E. Langston and AJ) vs. Daniel Bryan

-Never get up for a bathroom break when these two are in a match. Dolph would get the win here and it was very needed as he consistently found himself losing to Alberto Del Rio and Ryback in recent weeks. These two put on a PPV quality match as they would hit their signatures. I still don't like the idea of having Big E. interfere in every match Ziggler is in. It makes him look weak and that he can't get the job done on his own. Nonetheless, the live Indiana crowd got a huge treat tonight.

Sweet T (Lord Tensai) vs. Fandango

-It pains me to even put the phrase (vs) because there was no action whatsoever. Just a hot mess of a segment. From the looks of it, Fandango looks like he is talented but seriously, why waste time in Monday Night Raw of all shows, just to have Fandango complain that his name isn't pronounced right. Kofi Kingston got the same treatment last week and was more of an insult because KOfi is a dedicated worker and a very established mid-carder. No one is gonna care about this dude, or his female counterpart if we don't see any action. This segment was mores suited for a show like Superstars or Saturday Morning Slam. They gotta fix this, and fix it now because this was painful by every stretch of the means. Just horrible.

Team Rhodes Scholars vs The New Age Outlaws/Brock Lesnar comes out

-God you gotta love that Damien Sandow. But i have a question. Is this group back together officially because not too long ago they announced a split-up for single career pursuits but now are apparently on this reunion tour. Make up your mind, WWE. They mocked the NAO and it was so entertaining and funny. Just marvelous. I hope Sandow gets proper treatment in the future. The NAO comes out and shows them how its done. After about 2 minutes of action, Brock comes out with a fury. Where's Tazz when you need him? Brock eliminates Road Dogg and Jesse James with Paul Heyman masterfully controlled the mic. He can do nothing wrong. HE announces that Brock will fight Triple H at mania barring that he can make the stipulation. My guess is that its going to be something to the sort of an MMA fight but WWE can throw us a huge swerve as they have done before. Tune in the next couple of weeks as this feud picks up steam.

Kofi Kingston vs Mark Henry'

-So apparently a former Intercontinental and United States champion is not good enough for a televised entrance. Another talent being used the wrong way. You could just tell who was gonna win when this match started. With the exception of some action outside, it took all of about 4 minutes to eliminate Kingston, maybe less. Typical squash match. We get Mark can squash people. That's wonderful. But get him some real competition. Cause after these matches he keeps screaming, THATS WHAT I DOOOOOO! and he acts like he just had an incredible feat of strength. The World's Strongest Man needs more of a challenge.

Ryback vs Heath Slater

-Another match that you knew how it was gonna end. Heath got maybe 1 percent offense in this game and thats it. With Henry staring from afar, he approaches Ryback after the match and they both take turns executing their finishing move on Drew Mcyintyre after the match who looked to be really hurt. Seriously tho, WWE, why treat Drew like this? This is Vince Mcmahon's "Chosen one"? Really? The former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion is now subjected to this? No wonder why the mid-card is so weak. Its garbage like this that makes you wonder why the creative team is allowed to make such decisions. Mark Henry vs Ryback is announced for Smackdown. If they are planning this match for Wrestlemania, which I can tell is already gonna be bad, then why put it on Smackdown? Really gives fans an idea of what their match may be like in an ecounter. Another filler segment, how nice.

The Highlight Reel featuring The Miz and Wade Barrett.

-Now here comes the worst part of the night, the Highlight Reel. This is about as bad as it can get for these three men. Jericho comes out and introduces Miz and we get ANOTHER movie preview. For goodness sakes, WWE, this is getting really annoying. Its not like we haven't seen it a million times. WWE Superstars should be in matches, NOT PROMOTING MOVIES. Then we have the IC Champion, Wade Barrett come out to promote HIS MOVIE. More time being wasted on endless upon endless movie promos. This is getting redundant putting this on live TV. Miz and Barrett go back and forth with the annoying "Really?" thing and Jericho comes in with his rock version of the saying, which was probbably the best part. Otherwise, this segment was horrible, rushed, annoying and just disrespectful. Especially to Barrett. He is the IC Champ and he's in segments like this? Then, Brad Maddox comes out. WHOOPIE! He announces Jericho vs Miz in a number one's contender match. He just made the segment even more horrible. He looked uncomfortable and just did not get over with the crowd. Triple H is high on this guy but his performance last night was a disgrace to the live crowd. This segment could not have ended quicker enough. Heck, you could even hear Cole and Lawler speak through the headsets of how horrible it was. Then you know it sucks.

Chris Jericho vs The Miz

-We miss part of the action but there is some good back and forth but when Jericho throws Miz into Barrett we have both of them team up to his both their finishers om Barrett in the ring. Expect a triple threat for the IC title next week on Raw. Lets hope their match next week is superb to make up for their horrible performance this week.

Alberto Del Rio vs Antonio Cesaro

-I guess the United States Champion is not good enough to have a televised entrance as well. Such great treatment. We already knew Del Rio would win via submission but the WWE actually allowed us to believe Cesaro would win due to a well executed uppercut. The WWE needs to treat Cesaro better. Miz is in the Intercontinental Title hunt now. Where does that leave Cesaro? Whats the point in giving these mid-carders the titles if they are going to job to main event caliber stars like Del Rio and Orton? They both have taken turns beating Barrett and Cesaro and as a result, the titles lose their prestige. Really, WWE, you better not drop the ball on these two stars.
Sin Cara vs Jack Swagger.

-Yea, Sin Cara never had a chance in this match. He was just, there. Colter comes out and in his usual controversial fashion discusses why he is one of the problems in America. Great speech and he is a perfect mouthpiece for Swagger. Swagger wins. A squash match. But then Del Rio comes in and shows some agressiveness coming to the aid of who was once a rival of his.

Randy Orton and Sheamus vs Team Rhodes Scholars

-Rhodes Scholars gets more TV time this episode due to their match being, well, interrupted by a certain someone. There is some decent back and forth. I swear that Orton gives the best super plexes in the business. Orton and Sheamus would pick up the win here but would be attacked by the Shield. Another segment that should be aired on live television. Honestly, why does WWE feel the need to have Del Rio and Swagger get over with the crowd by puttingthe WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE on the line? A heel Orton and Sheamus would be much more suited for Mania. Since i know for a fact that The Shield will win their match at Mania, i guess it benefits them but one can only hope that an Orton heel turn is coming soon. Lets all hope.

CM Punk vs Kane - No DQ

-The match of the night by far. Punk was able to handle Kane on his own pretty impressively on his own for most of the match. When a big gong sounds and Undertaker distracts Punk it gives Kane the pinfall via a chokeslam. At the end of the match we have a perfectly executed tribute by both Kane and Taker by bowing in respect to Bearer. I thought the match would have ended like this but was surprised when Punk struck Kane with the urn and ran off with it at the top with Taker tending to Kane. Punk then mocks Undertaker's pose with the urn in his hand with the Wrestlemania sign looming over them. This is great heel heat gained by Punk and this also gives Undertaker a good reason to fight for Taker. I was worried at first as to how the storyline would play out but this is going to be a great build-up which should be the main event, not Cena-Rock II.

All in all, a pretty average Raw. The endless movie promos for The Rock, who was notably absent along with promos for Halle Berry's movie (i did like the commercial with Kane), the Highlight Reel, Brad Maddox, and Fandango all killed it tonight not to mention the endless filler matches. The Ziggler-Bryan Match, the No DQ match, along with Rhodes Scholars along with Paul Heyman saved the night from what would have been a great disaster. The night was really lacking without its WWE Champion (at leas Punk would not have missed it, but then again The Rock is a movie star now so i guess he's too good) and his challenger John Cena. It managed well without them, but boy they sure could have used them tonight. Rate: 6/10

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    "Oh, you were not aware of this?"...."Your posterior better contact someone immediately." HA HA...LOVE IT. Also loved Kane stalking Halle Berry. Some of his segments can be so funny.

    Unfortunately, these are the only things I enjoyed about Raw. Besides watching Daniel Bryan absolutely school the hell out of Ziggler.

    Honestly not looking forward to the Undertaker/Punk match. I think story building is lame and Undertaker can barely make it to the ring. He's my all time favorite, and I'll never get sick of him...but he needed to stop at 20-0. He didn't look all that great last year, and he looks 10 times worse this year. I've never been so unenthused about an Undertaker match in my life.
  2. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    I smell a face turn for Cody Rhodes
  3. sharkscyclops's Avatar
    Road Dogg and Jesse James?...
  4. captainmoonlight's Avatar
    I think you need to be a bit more patient with your viewing. Most films cut stuff out like they did with kane and punk. Raw should be a tease for PPV's and this was to help the taker angle.

    I think you're on your own wanting an orton vs sheamus wm fight. Keeping Orton away from top matches until he turns heel is the way forward. Wouldn't be surprised if he's with the shield.

    sometimes wrestlers look promising, but just aren't very good. That's where mcintyre fits in.

    I agree with the kofi segment
  5. Dennis's Avatar
    Sweet blog man. You are right about Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler, What a match!
  6. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sharkscyclops
    Road Dogg and Jesse James?...
    The Road Dogg Jesse James, one guy dude
  7. Steve's Right Peg of Doom's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Y2JLionsault
    The Road Dogg Jesse James, one guy dude
    I believe he was actually questioning this is how it was written in the blog, 'Brock eliminates Road Dogg and Jesse James.' I'm sure he's not that unaware.
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