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The Shield's leader to be revealed at WrestleMania

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If it were up to me I would put a slight spin on Wrestlemania 29 by having the Shield state that WM29 they will reveal to the world their leader.

Several individuals will have their finger pointed at thinking that their the leader including and especially Big Show, Orton and Sheamus who will team up to face the Shield in a 6 man tag at WM29.

Over the few remaining weeks leading up to Mania their will be a 'who is it' angle with everyone blaming everyone.

During the Mania PPV there will be 3 separate teasers about the Shield revealing their leader. 1- will have Paul Heyman come out to the Shield's music..only to reveal that it aint him. 2-Brad Maddox will come out to the Shield's music, but only to reveal it aint him. 3- At the end of the Shield's 6 man tag team win over TBS, Orton and Sheamus- the Shield will state that the leader will be revealed sometime tonight but not know because right now U CANT SEE HIM...ugh!

At the end of the Rock -John Cena match John Cena will cleanly pin the Rock and they will congratulate each other on a great match and hug and embrace only for the Shield's music to hit and it looks like it may be the Rock who is the leader only for Cena to suddenly have a smug look on his face and have the Shield attack The Rock and Cena embraces the Shield as he is announced as the winner. On RAW Cena will open up the show to his original music but then along with the Shield throw his hat, wristbands, etc in a trash can to incredible heat.

Also the Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swaggar match will actually close Mania and be a phenominal one on one match with Swaggar pinning Del Rio, but Dolph Ziggler coming in at the last minute hitting Swaggar with the briefcase and cashing in winning the World Title. Ziggler straight off of a split with AJ because he lost his match with Jericho earlier in the night is now a good guy and hears the cheers as we close Mania to Dolph raising his hand in victory with the title.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Cena being revealed as the Shield leader would be pretty cool. But as far as your idea for closing Mania with the Swagger/ADR match and Mania going off the air with Ziggles in a huge pop.....

    Uh, NO!
  2. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    yeah cena needs to be last ziggles is no where near over enough for wrestlemania main event, and why do the shield need a leader? can't they be what they are I think an established wrestler in that group would take away the limelight from them they don't need a mouthpiece ambrose is one of the best talkers in the business and the others are ok on the mic. I think if the writers play this right then this team could last at least 2-3 years before dissension creeps in by then each of them should be established enough to be the next big singles stars
  3. rampage_23's Avatar
    I think this is going to actually happen, Cena as the leader would be great, they have like everything in place and they HAVE to know that it will be more appealing to finally have Cena as a heel champion not to mention that it will be epic, the only problem is with Punk as a Heel there will be no super baby face to fight off the villainous Cena
  4. swanny316's Avatar
    I really like the idea of a top guy for the shield but i think the focus will be taken off The Shield if Cena Joins them in any fashion. Lets be honest they do not need any more muscle They need a really good mouth piece like Bobby the brain Heenan, Paul Bearer (RIP) or Paul Heyman.

    Now i also think that it should be either someone new to the business (from the Indie scene) or someone from the past - nothing like a surprise return to wrestling and although most might disagree id try to bring in Tony Schivonie he was never really a manager but a great mouth piece and always knew how to put people over and cut a good Promo
  5. AlexWorldOrder's Avatar
    Who says they have a leader?? Do not compare this to Aces & Eights.
    The Shield was McMahon's response to Aces, and he fucked it up. They claimed they fight for justice? Umm... What kind of justice? It made sense at first, until they decided to just fight people for no reason.. And since when does justice align itself with getting paid by Paul Heyman to do his dirty work? You see, it made sense when Roode and Aires paid a biker gang, but the Shield isn't a fucking biker gang. How do they have entrance music if nobody knows who they really are?! Lol sighs.
    The only thing keeping this senseless angle alive, is the fact that these 3 guys are great workers. I hope they don't get lost in the shuffle; or worse.. If they decided to rip off Bischoff and attempt to do an nWo angle by revealing Cena as the leader... God please no!
  6. bryanb1306's Avatar
    Didn't they state at some point that they had no leader? That they weren't above each other, or something like that? And why would they need a leader? If anything, Dean Ambrose can be the leader.
  7. 3countdcg's Avatar
    First off I don't even know what Aces and 8's is because I don't watch minor league wrestling. I've been a fan for 30 years and know enough to know that if Cena becomes monster heel then he'll be even that much over as a fan favorite for WMXXX. Also just like in the Horsemen, Evolution, etc. it'll give a chance for someone from the Shield to grow away from the group and go onto to be a megastar. With an already established superstar as their leader it will be much easier to write that and make that happen.
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