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A Dennis Blog -- A couple thoughts on the road to wrestlemania

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A Dennis Blog-- A couple of thoughts on the road to wrestlemania.
Welcome to another edition of A Dennis Blog, a blog that I am trying to keep going on a weekly basis. This weeks edition I'm going to do it much differently than before so, hopefully it works out for me but hey if it doesn't it's not that big of a deal, I will go back to my previous format and forget about this blog forever. The premise I have come up with for this weeks blog is predicated on the fact that WrestleMania seems to be mightily predictable this year. I plan to go over those reasons for the three matches already announced, and possibly go over my thoughts about another speculated matches.

Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio
This match in my opinion has the most potential of any match currently on the card at mania for several reasons. Alberto Del Rio and Jack swagger for one are both excellent and talented wrestlers who are performing their gimmicks as well as anyone currently in the WWE. But I think maybe their greatest ally in this feud right now is the curve they could pitch to the smarks in the wwe universe.

For those of you how don't know, according to this site and many others, including TMZ if I recall correctly, Jack Swagger was caught driving under the influence. Now why this might end up being a good thing is everyone and their mothers thinks Alberto Del Rio is going to walk out of Wrestlemania the champion or at least win this match. WWE has a chance to have Jack Swagger steal this match and get screwed by extending their World Heavy-Weight money in the bank briefcase story-line. We don't even know if Jack will be punished, but if he is it's his first strike... have Big E kayfabe injure him and Dolph beat him for the belt and send him on the road for 30 days for his misbehavior (this is assuming he gets punished at all). You have an unpredictable heel coming back angry, chasing a heel champion who would be feuding with the best face currently in the WWE in my humble opinion... that sounds like a grand sandwich of win! So many layers to the feud will make smarks and normal fans alike actually care about this feud. WWE could just let Alberto win cleanly and run with the title, but I think my scenario has a much better outlook.

Though I'm going on the record saying Alberto Del Rio is likely going to win.

John Cena Vs The Rock
I'm not going to touch on this issue as much because I did touch on it with a duel blog that I did with another blogger on here, Bearkg. I don't have an issue with this story being super predictable, I really don't. I think many people are spacing out on the fact that John Cena to put over great superstars in the future must be relevant himself. He's a face, faces are suppose to win.
I will say though, I do like the idea of having the rock somehow come out and beating John Cena once again and losing his belt to someone else at the next ppv such as Ryback. This outcome would also make it less predictable outcome. The only issue I would have with this is giving the push to the superstar who is not going to be relevant in WWE for the long term. John Cena is a company guy, whereas rock wins the belt and is only going to show up half the time? It seems borderline inane that WWE would allow this.

On the record, it's all but axiomatic that John Cena will beat the rock at mania

Cm Punk Vs Taker
If Cm punk wanted himself a match for mania, he found it.I'm glad that this match is going to happen, though again like the other matches I think the conclusion is all but all ready written. Cm punk will for sure demand the respect of taker, taker will beat cm punk in a fashion that will amaze and shock the crowd at WrestleMania 29 and it will be written down as one of the greatest in Punks career for sure.
A little play out of the scenario if Cm Punk were able to beat taker though is interesting. Cm punk obviously would go straight back to the title picture with out question. I mean, the man just ended the streak of a lifetime. If Punk beats Taker and Rock beats Cena I think rock will lose it to punk at the next ppv. This would allow Cena to chase the belt once again, but with out having to turn heel to chase someone like Ryback. For reasons to be later discussed in a blog hopefully, I don't think Punk is worth that push though.

So Again I think Punk walks away mania, a loser.

Kane vs Daniel Bryan!?
I have heard talks about a Daniel bryan vs Kane feud on these forums, and they have been playing towards that, but I don't like this idea. Though the match wouldn't be predictable by any means, it seems unnecessary. At this point they should get a feud going with another tag team, and go into wrestlemania to try to push those belts into relevancy once again not worry about their weird interactions as of late. WWE creative can do what they please I guess, but I don't really see how it would be advantageous to split the tag team champions up this close to mania if they don't drop the belts before mania.

Though if this match were to happen I think they should give it to Daniel Bryan. I don't know if many if you recall at last years mania, Kane actually beat Randy Orton. Whereas most of you would remember that in the opening match, Daniel Bryan was pinned in the matter of 18 seconds. I think Daniel Bryan probably wants his wrestlemania moment, and I think he at this point in his career has more to gain from a wrestlemania win. Kane is going to be a feared monster no matter what he does at this point. I mean, he's been teaming with a "goat face" for the past six months or so, and if he wanted he could turn back into a mega heel tomorrow.

Please don't make this match happen, but if it does I'm going for my home state guy, Daniel Bryan.

Thanks for reading this edition of A Dennis Blog, I hope you liked it. Feel free to comment on the formatting, I'm more use to the contention like formatting that I did before, but I thought I'd try something out of the box this week and I hope you all enjoyed it. As always godspeed to you all.

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  1. Dime Store Saint's Avatar
    Not sure if I agree with you that ADR is the best face in the WWE. To be honest, I think as a face, he's crap. I do like the idea of Swagger winning to only lose it to Ziggler but I'm worried when Dolph cashes the briefcase in he'll lose.

    I think you're right it's forgone that Cena and Taker will win. I'd be happy to have CM Punk beat the streak but there is no way he'll get the title again off Cena for a while. I think he'll lose at Mania and perhaps turn face and be drafted to smack down for a while to chase the gold there and feud with Ziggler. (Which would be a potentially awesome feud)
  2. Dennis's Avatar
    1) just in curiousity who do you consider the best face then dime?
    2) What benefit would turning your main event level heel face have for wwe when they have no other main event level heels on raw?
  3. wsm1996's Avatar
    For one, you should pay attention, there will be no draft until the brand split is back and you must be insane if you think punk will turn face just 6 months after turning heel. But after mania I deffinitaly think punk will go for the whc
  4. matthewsintes's Avatar
    Have you thought about calling yourself Dennis Blogman? LOL
  5. B-MCINTYRE's Avatar
    Cena is going to have the wwe title for a Fairly long time. If punk were to end the streak, his next feud would have to be against BOTH shawn michaels and Triple H about the fact that it took him one attempt to do what neither could twice ( triple h's first attempt doesn't matter)
  6. Dennis's Avatar
    Interesting idea b-mac and no I have never considered going by Dennis Blogman though I was a fan of the bulls in the nineties so I appreciate the joke.

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