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TNA Impact Review 3/7/13

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Got bored of not seeing an Impact review on here recently so I'm deciding to write one of my own! If only I had gotten to the name Sudden Impact first...

How was the go home show to Lockdown and the Impact Zone's swan song? Let's get to it.

The Crowd 5/5
The crowd was rocking tonight and it got me pumped to watch.

Austin Aries promo and Aries vs. Hardy 3/5
This seemed a bit random for both men. This has nothing to do with the tag title belts that Aries is defending on Sunday...which by the way no Bobby Roode the whole show?!...and the feud between Hardy and Aries seemed to be over. Good but not great match to start the show and then....BOOM! Matt Morgan nailed a vicious looking Carbon Footprint on Hardy to end the match and then looked to follow it up by doing it again with Hardy's head against the ring post before Bully came to make the save. Again, I am a bit confused why this happened when Morgan has nothing going on at Lockdown with either of these two, but he did look impressive.

Sting Promo 4/5
Short, sweet, and highlighted the importance of each guy on Team TNA going into Lethal Lockdown with a high intensity. Good job Stinger.

Brisco Promo/Angle Confrontation 4/5The video package highlighting the feud between Brisco and Angle had very little to go on but was excellent. Brisco made some mistakes during his promo so he struggled to get the crowd going. When Angle hit the ring he was broken up by D'Lo Brown, Al Snow, and someone else. Angle realized D'Lo was in the ring and started yelling "That's him!" before getting kicked in the groin by D'Lo. Even though the surprise was spoiled for me ages ago it was still an awesome reveal. D'Lo did a great job in his promo that followed and questioned whether Sting could trust his team.

Sting vs. Devon 3/5
Is it just me or does it feel these guys keep facing each other over and over? This was the first in a best of three series to see who gets the man advantage at Lockdown. Sting actually seemed to have an extra pep in his step which was good for only a fiveish minutes match. Nothing special but a "fan" threw his beer in Sting's face allowing Devon to slam Sting into the post and finish him off with a big boot in the ring.

Gail Kim/Velvet Sky backstage 2/5
They can do so much better. At least Gail reminded us of the story of referee Taryn Terell favoring Velvet. Gail just stood there looking dumb after getting slapped.

Gutcheck Deliberation and Elimination 3/5
Danny Davis needs to not interrupt. Did they really have anything bad to say about Ivelisse? Very surprised they picked Lei'd Tapa to go face the judges, but it was a tough choice. Lei'd brought something different to the table. Also, Taz cracked me up talking about getting fired without notice and "that's real nice go break the girl's heart in front of everyone"

Chavo, Hernandez, and Velvet Sky vs. Daniels, Kazarian, and Gail Kim 4/5
I really enjoyed this match. It had some good spots and some great double team offense between the tag teams including a spot that Chavo and Hernandez did that I haven't seen before. Also, fun to see the girls mixing it up with the guys a bit in one of these mixed tag matches with both gals tripping up their opponent and Gail landing some cheap shots. Gail pins Velvet after Eat Defeat

AJ Styles Update 1/5
Maybe that's being unfair but was that short clip necessary? I guess it reminds us AJ is still around and luckily he will be back next week.

D.O.C. and Garrett Bischoff vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus 3/5
Match 2 of the best of 3 so we knew already and that Joe and Magnus were going to win. Still, we had the trust storyline to be concerned about and it made sense for these two to not trust one another given their recent feud. Kudos to Tenay for reminding us. Painfully slow to watch when Garrett was in the match and got some well deserved "You can't wrestle!" chants. Match picked up when D.O.C. came in and hit some great body shots. Joe gets the hot tag takes out Garrett and works with Magnus to hit some of their signature tag team moves. Finish got a big pop and it was cool to see them celebrate their win.

Kenny King Promo 3/5
Not much Kenny could do without an opponent for Lockdown to focus on in his promo. RVD maybe wanting his rematch for the title? Talked about doing anything to keep his title. Effective.

Sting/Eric Young Backstage 5/5
Nice to see EY play serious and deliver a convincing message to Sting to be picked for the rubber match, but gets passed over for James Storm. Ouch.

Gutcheck Decision 3/5
Lei'd Tapa got a huge negative reaction, which fit for her character that's a natural fit as a heel. Nice Bill Moody tributes from Prichard and Al Snow. Tapa needs to work on her talking but she's right in that she shows a lot of potential as a wrestler after only two years. Tapa gets the contract. Yay.

Robbie E backstage 1/5
How do I take him seriously? While the breakup between the Robbies was built up well that does not mean a match between them was. I know there's only so much you can fit in a show but if you don't put them on the go home show then why use all the other time on the show leading up to their breakup?

James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson 2/5
This was the rubber match for the man advantage at Lockdown. Score might not be entirely fair because for the four minutes that the match did last it was good. Still, they were building to the importance of this man advantage so much that it seems odd to have it be decided so quickly. Lots to fit into the show tonight. Storm lost when Aces and Eights came out for the distract. Aces and Eights with the man advantage for Lockdown.

Bully Ray/Jeff Hardy face off 3/5
At first, Bully started this off well talking a bit about their history but I wish he would have gotten into how special it is they both moved from being tag team guys to main eventers. Then he said he was proud of Hardy. Hardy reciprocated and said he was proud of Bully too. I'm with Taz, too much butt kissing. Hogan comes out for some reason and cuts a weird, short, and mistake-filled promo on the title match. The Aces and Eights come out and so does Team TNA to have the predictable brawl to end the show.

Overall 4/5
The show definitely had flaws especially in some of the promos but at the same time this is two weeks in a row they have focused on the story and build to matches. It's a good thing. Strange to see no Rob Van Dam after losing his title, no Bobby Roode for the second week in a row, and no Rob Terry, especially when the last two have matches at Lockdown. Nothing they have done so far has really interested me in the title match unless they pull some sort of twist at Lockdown. They are being too nice to one another. The Team TNA vs. Aces and Eights had a great build this whole show and it will be interesting to see if any of the Team TNA members....maybe Eric Young?....turn on their own team. The D'Lo reveal was done well. No X Division match build again is disappointing.

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  1. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    Ey heel turn comin?
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I feel like someone has to turn based on what they said on Impact but I'm not sure which one of them it's going to be. Sting, Eric Young, Magnus, James Storm, and Samoa Joe have all been attacked and attacked Aces and Eights so it will be interesting to see how they justify it if a turn does come.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    My apologies for stealing some thunder from you with my Sudden Impact blog...

    Excellent blog. I, too, am wondering what the deal is with Bobby Roode. And yes, they should have had a real segment with the Robbies since there is a match.

    I also can't wait to see the deal with AJ Styles next week.
  4. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    Ey would be huge shocker
  5. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Too high of marks for the show that was put on. While there were some good matches and spots, I didn't watch one match or segment that was worth 4/5 or 5/5, but that may be because I demand more for a better ranking. Without seeing your criteria used for the scores, it's hard to judge what you based said scores on. Otherwise it was a decent blog. Keep it up.

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