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Coffee Talk: Wrestlemania is Nearing, so what's going on?

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Hey everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. We have a mere six weeks to go before Wrestlemania is upon us. I know a lot of people aren't overly excited about it. But my question would be, why? There are so many things to ponder about Wrestlemania and what's going to happen with certain people over the course of the next six weeks. But I'll tell you what. We have Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. We had a Cena/Punk match this past Raw. And we have HHH vs Brock Lesnar kicking into high gear. So we'll talk about these and other things. Grab your cup of joe, your espresso, latte, steamer, whatever your heart desires, and let's enjoy some Coffee Talk.

How about that match with Cena and CM Punk? I know not many people here in the world of the internet like John Cena, but come on. Gotta give it up for that match with Punk. It wasn't a situation where Punk carried the whole match. Cena held his own. That match had everything we could've expected. Close calls, high spots by both men, and even some major surprises like a John Cena hurricanrana and CM Punk delivering an old school Piledriver. Both men laid it out on the line and I know everyone hates that Cena won, but I clap for both of them for what could be the best match I've seen on Raw in a long while. But there's something else. Something that really made that match. And it was Michael Cole's commentary. That may have been the best called match he's ever done. It's been forever since I was on the edge of my seat during a match on WWE. Cena and Punk did NOT disappoint, and Michael Cole did a fantastic job.

Did anyone else love seeing the bloody mess that Brock Lesnar was at the beginning of Raw? It was a nasty cut and what an explosive opening to Raw. Now we all knew that when McMahon called out Heyman, it was going to lead to a Brock sighting and a HHH save, but when HHH's music hit, it was a definite goosebump moment. Not if we have to deal with six weeks of explosive brawls between the two, it will get old. So, I'm going to throw a question out there for everyone. What are some developments in this second feud between the two, that you would like to see. They already brought in Stephanie and HBK the last time. So what else can they really do to give us that "collision course" feel to the upcoming WM match? Maybe they can do a segment with Brock and Ric Flair? Or Heyman and Shane McMahon? Keeping the whole McMahon/Heyman dynamic is important here. So what can they do?

I must say, I absolutely love this new Jack Swagger. Zeb Colter is basically a JBL-like mouthpiece during his heel turn and switch from Bradshaw to JBL. But I like Zeb. He has a nasty look on him and with a vicious Swagger just standing behind him, arms crossed and all, they make quite a dangerous duo. I think Swagger wins at Wrestlemania, but the feud obviously continues. It would actually be quite a disservice to have Swagger lose. They've pushed him to be on a serious mission. I'm not sure ADR winning would be the best thing, unless they're trying to make a hero out of him. He can still be a face, and keep momentum, even if he loses. A good feud is brewing here. But this is sort of a bridge into my next question.

What's going on with Dolph Ziggler? At first, it seemed like he was on an absolute roll. *No that I liked it, but I cannot deny it*. Then the whole MITB thing just got pretty old. He's held the briefcase for far too long in my opinion. There have been many situations where it seemed ideal for him to cash in and start his world title reign. And at first, when Jack Swagger won the Elimination Chamber, I had this whole three title changes in one night idea at Wrestlemania. Swagger beats Del Rio. Ziggler cashes in. Then Ziggler's match with Jericho is a WHC match where Jericho wins thanks to Swagger screwing Ziggler. With Ziggler and Swagger's past, it's a scenario that would've made sense. But with Swagger's direction, it really doesn't make any sense at all. Now we all assume it's going to be Jericho vs Ziggler at WM. And it will be a good match. But again, what's going on with Ziggler? He got bounced around like a ping pong ball by Ryback. So what was the thinking behind that match? It probably should've ended in a DQ with Langston interference and be done with it. Instead, he lost, yet again. Part of me thinks his cash in is going to fail. Cena may have started a trend with the losing the cash in opportunity. It's a shame, but there's not really anything for Ziggler to do right now, except fight Jericho in a rather meaningless match.

My final point is this. Six weeks to go, Raw is in Dallas TX, and no Undertaker. Clearly, Undertaker will not be a Wrestlemania this year and I think that's the best move. But it sort of leaves Punk in the dark. So what can CM Punk do for Wrestlemania? Who can he fight that makes any sense at all? It's Rock vs Cena and they're not going to touch that. I don't think there's enough time to start something with anyone else, at least not that makes sense. But it's CM Punk. They can't leave him off. Will it be a meaningless match for him at WM? Miz is really the only person currently available, unless that feud with Cesaro will continue. Sheamus and Orton are busy with The Shield. Who else is on a CM Punk WM match level? So I'm thinking, Mick Foley. Punk comes out on a night upcoming where Backlund and Bruno are there, He talks smack about how he's a better champ then them. Foley comes to their defense. Voila. WM Match in virtually Mick Foley's home town. Won't be a fantastic match but would keep the crowd excited, and Punk would obviously win. Then he can pursue the title post-WM.

So as you can see, we have sort of a sketch of what WM is going to be, but there are many opportunities to paint the picture a little more clearly. I'm interested in seeing how they approach the Punk and Ziggler situations. I also want to see what direction they go with Brock vs HHH. I'm thinking it may be a Hell in a Cell match. Rock and Cena will be a decent build up too. As the weeks dwindle down and WM approaches, we should get a better idea of what's going to happen fairly soon.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Coffee Talk. Leave a comment and let's hear some of your ideas.

Thanks for reading. Be Safe.

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  1. Adam MacKenzie's Avatar
    Great blog.. I agree with you on the Cena/Punk match from RAW. I nearly spit soda everywhere when Cena did that hurricanrana. Punk's piledriver and Michael Cole's delivery in the match was awesome.
    I myself do not see where or how the next 6 weeks will progress between Lesnar and Triple H. They brought in HBK and Steph last time, so they might bring in Flair this time around, maybe they'll work it as something between Vince/Triple H and Lesnar/Heyman. Who knows right.
    As for Swagger and Del Rio, I can see Ziggler stealing the spotlight. Swagger got busted for a DUI and pot possession.. the 'E will do something about it, they got to, to save face with ESPN, Bruno, and all the other's who are likely upset over Swagger's fumbling. Ziggler has had that briefcase for far too long now, it is time to either use it or lose it.
    Your final point you made.. where there was no Undertaker in Dallas.. this could have been because the 'E didn't want to have all their big returns to happen on one night. Now that Punk lost to Cena, expect 'Taker to re-emerge at the Old School Raw. Punk's promo last week played into the beginning of a feud between the two.. and 'Taker will make his challenge this coming week. He worked a house show that weekend, WWE made that known to everyone, it could of been to see how well 'Taker has recovered, to see if he can still go.
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    I agree with the blog, however there is something that irks me about Cena's hurricanrana spot, he did it to Ziggler at TLC, has WWE really made us forget about that this fast?
  3. alcrissam's Avatar
    It would never happen, but I think foley should have a match with punk like the match he had with edge at wm 22. Hardcore, weapons, the whole enchilada. But pg wont let it happen, so really no complaining. You gotta go by the rules.
  4. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    So far, this might be the laziest booked Wrestlemania of all time. I am planning to blog a little bit on this myself but it's not the rematches of Triple H vs. Brock and Rock vs. Cena themselves that are upsetting. The upsetting part is the storytelling.

    A redemption storyline, which is what they are doing in a Greatness vs. Redemption billing for Cena and Rock is completely legitimate if it makes sense and adds a new feeling to the mix. However, this is John f'ing Cena we are talking about!! How many times does the guy have the same BS redemtpion or "overcoming the odds" storyline over and over and over and over. He won wrestler of the year in 2012! Oh, so much to come back from. Want me to believe in his redemption?? Have him LOSE. Have him lose faith in himself for the first time in his career that he will be able to beat someone. That's something completely fresh for him even as cliche as it is. That's why I personally can't stand Cena. It isn't the wrestling, it's the boring character.

    Then you have Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar. They already made it really personal in their fight at Summerslam so now you have to do something different. I have a few choices of how this would go. In one I would have Trips get personal back at Lesnar attacking Heyman (and talking bad about Sable, even though that would never happen). Lesnar comes out infuriated both times to attack with no physical contact between the two. Either Triple H slides out of the ring or security breaks it up. Then another night have Heyman alone in the ring cutting a prom about how Lesnar is going to destroy Triple H to finish the job he started at Summerslam. Have Triple H come out to confront Heyman with the announcers playing up how he pedigreed Heyman two weeks ago when suddenly Lesnar appears either with no entrance music or from under the ring. He comes in and decks Trips with a clothesline from behind, Lesnar holds him for Heyman to get in a few shots, and then an F5. Next week, Heyman and Lesnar cut a promo on how they gave a preview of exactly what's going to happen at Mania. Triple H comes out to interrupt and him and Lesnar go at it a bit when Triple H looks like he's getting the upperhand Heyman with a lowblow. Lesnar puts him in the kimura and the segment ends with H laying in pain and the announcers playing up that he might have just broken his arm again and what will this mean for their match in two weeks?? Then next week, before Mania, Lesnar and Heyman out again to gloat about how they didn't even need the match at Mania to finish the job. Triple H comes out in the entrance way with his arm in a sling to say that he got careless and says he's too good that Lesnar can't take him without help from his manager but he's not sure if he's going to be able to go to Wrestlemania. Heyman gloats, Lesnar laughs. Triple H then finishes that he's not going to be able to go to Wrestlemania without letting everyone know first that his x-rays came back negative and he removes the sling on his arm to pose. Lesnar and Heyman obviously are shocked announcers play up that The Game will be ready to get his revenge come Sunday. In the match itself include some kind of spot where Triple H can injure Lesnar with Lesnar begging off and Triple H does it anyways. Boom.
  5. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    I must say since your 'hiatus' and your being more objective these days your blogs have become much better.
  6. bearkg88's Avatar
    Good blog. Ive pondered getting back into blogging but who knows if i will. Anyways, im guessing you are watching the wwe again. Awesome. I think you make some very good points. Personally, i think cm punk will still face the undertaker. Also, id rather not see two back to back hiac matches at wrestlemania. Id much rather see lesnar vs hhh 2 be a last man standing match
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm glad you all like the Coffee Talk concept.

    @Wade Barret...Thank you for the compliment on my blog. Yes, I've been trying to stay even with all my points of view on everything...even my most hated wrestlers/storylines.

    @bearkg....Yes, I'm watching again. I started to get WM fever right around Royal Rumble time. I'll probably stop again after WM unless something really starts to captivate me. Thanks for commenting. Haven't heard from you in a while. If you get back into blogging, you know I'll be in line to read and comment.

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