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Sudden Impact: Coming Home to Lockdown

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Hey wrestling fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with a special edition of Sudden Impact. We're three days away from Lockdown, where TNA is expecting their biggest US crowd in company history. This is a huge step for the company and Lockdown needs to really kill it. So, I'm going to breakdown this week's edition of Impact briefly, then I'm going to do how I would book Lockdown, just for kicks and see if everyone would like how I would make it. It'll be fun.

Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy

What a way to kick off Impact. These two do great ring work together. It had decent action. The ending with Matt Morgan looked like things were going to get very ugly and Bully Ray comes out and makes the save. It sucked the match had to end that way but I see the point. Hardy can't lose going into the title match and it would be a shame to have Aries lose with the roll he and Roode have been on. Where is Bobby Roode anyway?

D-Lo Is VP

I like how Wes Briscoe wrestles, but boy does he need some major mic work classes. "My father and my uncle was the one of the best..." Hm. A father and an uncle equals two by most math used on this planet. Anyway, D-Lo is revealed as the VP. Underwhelming but I guess it was expected. They obviously have to go one or even two steps higher and have a major impact reveal as the real leader. D-Lo has decent mic skills but, whatever. The revelation didn't WOW me at all. I am looking forward to an awesome, potential show-stealing match between Briscoe and Angle.

Sting vs Devon

I was shocked that Sting took the loss on this one. No much of a match. A fan interfered and Devon wins the first of three matches to see who gets the man advantage at Lethal Lockdown.

Bad Influence & Gail Kim vs Hernandez/Chavo & Velvet

Decent match. I really liked how well Kazarian did. And Hernandez is a beast. I like him in the tag team right now but I'm hoping he can branch out on his own and do some big things. Gail Kim gets the win over Velvet with Eat Defeat teasing the possibility that she'll win the title. Especially since she's undefeated at Lockdown. Surely Velvet will retain. Good match though. It had one of those Attitude Era type builds toward two matches leading into a PPV.

Joe & Magnus vs Bischoff & DOC

Am I alone in wanting success for DOC? He's got a great look and I don't care that he was Festus or Luke Gallows with Punk or anything like that. I wish they would stop jobbing him out the way they are. This match should have been Garrett and Knox. Knox sucks and serves zero purpose. Sorry, just a little rant from me. Anyway, Magnus & Joe took care of business and did some of their tag team moves when they were champs. It was good to see. They get the win and even the score 1-1. I am really looking forward to TNA's biggest crowd ever chanting "Joe's Gonna Kill You".

Gut Check

I must have been outside smoking a cigarette or something because how in the hell did that big chick get to go and face the judges...WHEN SHE LOST LAST WEEK??? And she got the yes vote? Whatever.

James Storm vs Anderson

They should drop the Mister. Anderson comes off so much better now that he's in A&E. Okay match, but served it's purpose. Both teams came out, and Anderson capitalized during the distraction. Aces & Eights get the one man advantage at Lethal Lockdown.

Bully and Hardy Face Off

Typical face vs face encounter. I respect you. You're proud of me. It's all good though. I'm very happy to see Bully in this position. It's been a long road for him. He needs a legit shot to be on top and see if he can be one of those superstars that TNA can create. Of course he was known from his days in ECW and WWF, but never as a chance to be, THE GUY.

Overall, I liked the episode. Not the greatest matches but everything built nicely going into Lockdown. And now it's time for "How I Would Book Lockdown."

With so many How I Would Book WM blogs, I'm gonna give TNA a little love because I'm looking forward to this Sunday more than I am to WM. That could change depending on how WM's matches get built from here on out, but Lockdown is here now. So I'll throw in a little prediction, and then give my spin on how I would and why I would book it a certain way.

Knockouts Title Match

Obviously, they're building on this whole Gail Got Screwed by Taryn dynamic. I'm not sure if this is leading to a Gail vs Taryn match or not. But I feel this one's pretty cut and dry. Velvet can, should, and will win.

Robbie E vs Bigger Rob

Bigger Rob should completely own this match. I would have him destroy Robbie E and then really start to build him up moving forward. He can be TNA's Brodus Clay.

Tag Team Title Match

Ok. This one is also pretty cut and dry. I would ride this Roode/Aries thing out all the way. They keep talking about capturing all the gold. Well, we know that won't really happen, but right now, this tag team is working and I wouldn't tinker too much with it. Have them be ever the opportunists, and have Chavo hit the frog splash on Kaz or Daniels, then have either Roode or Aries toss Chavo out and steal the victory, overcome the odds, and keep the titles.

Lethal Lockdown Match

Okay. I'm not real familiar with Lethal Lockdown. I know it's run sort of like Wargames where one guy from each team starts and then there's the man advantage every couple of minutes. Is this an elimination match? If not, I think they need a bigger ring because ten guys will just be tripping over each other. I think Aces & Eights needs to keep their push going. They need to be established as a real threat, which they haven't been all that much so far. So Aces & Eights would get the win. I would actually have James Storm turn heel and join. Have him laying in the back like he got attacked, then come out, showing a lot of heart and guts and determination, then BAM! Last Call to Sting and Devon gets the pin. Either way, Aces & Eights needs to get the win. If they lose, what little credibility they actually do have right now, is down the drain.

World Title Match

Plain and Simple. Bully should win the title. I would book it like this. A grueling match. Both guys hit all their signature moves and finishers and they both kick out. Hardy goes for a huge dive off the cage and Bully moves. Bully hits the Bubba Bomb and gets the pin, however, his feet were under the ropes or something and ref didn't see it. Why I would book it like this is because it leaves so many unanswered questions. Did Hogan pull strings for his Son In Law? Will Bully accept that victory with all the respect he has for Hardy and in being a top face? Was the ref acting out a little bit, like maybe it wasn't a mistake? Is there someone else invovled? Maybe a new addition to TNA who's targeting Hardy? I think Bully wins and I think he has to win. But it's gotta be questionable. And not just for the sake of Hardy pulling a Cena and never going down clean. But for the sake of storybuilding. I think Bully & Hardy need to feud and for a while. Not that either one has to necessarily turn heel, but with the wars they've been through over the years, I'd like to see that again.

Where there you have it everyone. This week's Sudden Impact and How I would Book Lockdown. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Let's hear your ideas on what should happen at Lockdown.

Enjoy the PPV this week and Be Safe Everyone!!!

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  1. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Of course I write an Impact review the same week you decide to come back and do one haha. Looks like we feel the same on most stuff although I did like the D'Lo as VP although it would be better if he was coming back to be an active wrestler.

    Also, I consider Gut Check a weird hybrid of reality and kayfabe combining. For example under kayfabe it should be a guarantee that Ivelisse and not Lei'd faced the judges like you say. They are looking at it completely like it was a performance while on a show that is supposed to maintain kayfabe. If it were me, I would have moved the Gut Check decision to the week after Lockdown in order to give some of the matches more time.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Johnny, even I wrote a thread out of this Impact episode..this impact episode is very good and I suppose that made us to post about it..
  3. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I'm going to read your thread in a minute Sahu.

    The cool thing is there's always another opinion and it's rare that everyone likes the same things so I like reading what everyone else thought.

    DK I hope you keep posting Sudden Impacts I always read them and have read every Coffee Talk so far.
  4. jamesjdavis's Avatar
    it is tight in space in Lethal Lockdown, but i think thats the point. Watching it in the Six-Sided ring was amazing

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