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What bothers me about Wrestlemania 17?

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I know many are going to ask when they read the title, why discuss this topic now? Well it is WM season and this happens to be a WM topic that isn't going to be repeated by others. That and I have just had a blog on here for a year. Been wanting to do it for some time, but waited for WM season to do so. In any case, what really bothers me about WM 17 is the fact most consider it the best Mania of all-time. I've seen video playlists when you google it claiming best WM matches ever including the TLC match and Stone Cold vs Rock. For those who have read my blogs in the past, they know my favs all-time is of course Rock and Austin. So what is the issue? I'll just go topic by topic below. Bold the topic so some don't nec. have to read it all. In any case, here it is.....What bothers me about WM17: I want you all however to read Austin/Rock.

WM17 is heavily regarded as the best Mania of all-time. I go back and watch it....I don't know if I'm extremely critical or not. I'll leave that up to you. Going down the match card: it looks just as solid as any card in the history of WM. No one can argue that. WM 17 was actually the first ppv I watched. I was in grade school at the time.

Jericho/Regal 7 minute opening match that I was interested in because I enjoyed the story. Especially Jericho peeing in the tea cup and Regal apparently drinking it.

Didn't have internet access at the time and was too young to know many of the wrestlers in the battle royal. I knew Sgt Slaughter o from his DX feud along with him being one of Vince's stooges during the Austin feud. Just a throw in type of battle royal that was really once in a lifetime. LOL!

RTC vs APA and Tazz for about 4 minutes. I along with everyone across America enjoyed watching RTC getting defeated by APA and Tazz.

I enjoyed the Kane/Show/Raven hardcore match.

Eddie vs Test
was meh.

Angle vs Benoit is and was the best match on the show. Don't care who says otherwise. Was #10 on top 10 WM matches of all-time voted by the superstars the night before WM20 with no other WM17 match included. I couldn't tell ya definately it was voted by superstars, but I like to think that.

Chyna vs Ivory was a match all us fans were waiting for ended in like seconds. The last time we see Chyna at Mania.

Shane vs Vince was good,but not as great as one would make it out to be. I did enjoy the slap by Trish to Vince along with her chasing Steph out of ringside. The moment during the match that I strongly feel stole the show....ok minus the Edge spear to Jeff Hardy in the TLC match, but definately the most shocking moment of the night. I'm hinting at something for you folks who are reading this.

TLC 2 is probably the most over-rated WM match of all-time. I hated even at the time the involvement of Rhino and Spike Dudley. I liked Lita and still do. However,hated the involvement of them in the match. Felt like it felt during the time. These guys didn't deserve to be on the show. Rhino/Spike never experienced another WM moment nor match after that. I have gained much more respect for Rhino than I had in the past in recent years. The TLC match just had those guys doing the bumps at least it felt that way. The focus was off the guys who you wanted to see compete in that finale. WM2000 was the best and Summerslam 2000 was better head and shoulders than TLC 2. I don't care what anyone says. Other than Jeff getting speared by Edge, I hated the entire match.

Taker/HHH is also another match that I believe is over-rated. Maybe I'm more critical than most because of the bar it is set when you look back. How great was the match? The majority of the match was outside of the ring battling through the crowd with punches. Chokeslam to HHH off whatever they were on with some steel chair shots is basically the majority of the match. Loved the moment when Taker got the hammer pointing it at HHH. I hated the ending as well, didn't like the Last Ride. Didn't the whole time the gimmick was on tv, but I enjoyed listening to Taker on the mic out of character. Felt like just a powerbomb that others have used. Liked the tombstone better. Didn't understand at the time why he switched moves.

The shocking moment?The match more so the moment that many people claim to be shocking which I didn't at all at the time even as a kid. I watched the Vince/Austin feud. I was rooting for the Rock at WM17 to beat Austin.Austin wasn't the same guy he was in the past. I didn't like it where we acknowledged he had a wife named Debra. He is supposed to be a badass who cares for no one. I felt he was more so the heel going in. I hated the buildup even though it did great #s. Debra's involvement among other things. I was surprised by Rock beating Angle at No Way Out. I thought Austin was going to be the one to defeat Kurt.Thought it would be classic stuff at the time, Kurt Angle was so anti Austin which is why he was booed at the time. In any case, I didnt believe Vince joining forces with Austin was a shocker to me in grade school. Austin to me was different with his wife which is why it wasn't a surprise to me. How it was to others baffles me to this day. Austin wasn't DTA anymore with Debra. Austin was ruthless not caring for anybody.

There you have it, what bothers me about WM17. What bothers me? How over-rated TLC 2, HHH/Taker match, and Rock/Austin shocking ending that wasn't shocking to me at all at the time. Various reasons as to why people say it is the best Mania all-time is because the "shocking ending", TLC 2,HHH/Taker matches. Had to get that out and waited for a while to air it for WM season.

What are your thoughts on this?
Was Vince joining forces with Austin a shocker to you? How good was TLC 2 and HHH/Taker matches? Was WM17 the best Mania of all-time? If not, which WM is in your opinion? Thoughts and opinions are welcome. Don't take it personally if I defend what I said here in a reply like I always commonly do with blogs. People have taken it personal like "you wanted my opinion" type of response. So don't take it personal if I do reply defending my opinion in this blog or blogs in the future. Anyways, thanks for reading. Hopefully you leave a rating along with a comment here on this blog.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Flamboyantone
    When WM17 went off the air, I believe the Attitude era finally reached the inevitable point where the product started to decline. Same thing can be said about WCW after Starrcade 1997.
    How True How True
    I loved those WCW days when they went off the air leaving you want to see more. Sting goes into the ring in the middle of NWO guys as the show comes to a close. I felt attitude era kind of took a hit when Austin returned not being himself. I am a minority liking the invasion angle even though lack of stars bother me. I still look back and like the logos at the bottom of Summerslam 2001 with Booker T facing Rock among others.Ruined DDP o. I felt after the year 2000 it took a hit. When?? Don't know probably when Austin returned becoming something he wasn't. Didn't feel the same after that. However WWE still had good years after that. 2002 was great even though Austin wasn't around.
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