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The Enlightened One

Old School Raw, Same New School WWE

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WWE missed the opportunity to really get WM going into full gear. The Old School theme was great and the theme music, the ring was an awesome throwback hommage. Then they went and screwed everything up as they are compentently doing these days.

First off, Punk's promo was very good and giving him a reason to wrestle and end the streak. His streak was ended because the fans wanted the Rock to win and now he can stick it to the fans and end the Taker's streak. If he ends the streak, then he does what nobody else could and he did it straight edged. Orton comes out and delivers a weak reason for why he should be given the chance to end the streak. Sorry but if you can't even have a decent feud over the last couple of months then you have no shot of wrestling the Taker. Then, what is worse, the Big Show shows up and god knows that Taker Show is a brutal match at the best of times, now with Taker being banged up that match would be awful! Sheamus comes out and his reason has some credence but he has fallen out of the main event picture since he dropped the title to Show. I know that they needed a main event but this was weak in putting it together.

Then Cesaro has to job to Ryback again. It was nice for him to get in some offence but this is ridiculous that a champion has to continue to lose. The same thing can be said about Barrett but at least he loses to the WH champ which makes it more credible. Ryback is doing nothing and continues to win, the crowd not nearly as supportive as they were before, and it appears that he will wrestle Henry at WM which is a decent prospect of strength vs strength. I guess Jericho vs Henry may have got scrapped. Cesaro is a legit wrestler who has been reduced to jobbing to people with half his talent and even less on the mic. RYBACK CAN'T WRESTLE!
RYBACK CAN'T TALK! Neanderthal was a great line from Ceasro!

Speaking of jobbing, why is Ziggler losing to the Miz. The guy is supposed to be winning the title although this becomes hard to swallow when he can't beat the Miz. I don't know if this is WWE way of making him pay his dues or backstage politics but this is just stupid. The briefcase and his push mean crap when he constantly jobs to anyone on the card not named Kofi. The Miz can't get over as a heel or face and now pairing him with Flair is just to try and get him over since he failed on his own. I don't have anything against the Miz, he can wrestle but his mic work needs improvement and he should not beat Ziggler, let alone on the figure four leglock that Flair barely won with as his move.

Rock Cena was one of the worst promos I have witnessed in awhile. Their build up to this rematch of Redemption vs Greatness needs to step up as that was lame. Really Cena, for over a year you could not get over the loss both professionally and personally. Rock, you need this more, why don't you both just say it as it is. This is the best way for both of us to make the most cash. Last year, there was at least some animosity between the two. Also, there was some doubt who was going to win, now there is nothing between these two as that promo lacked passion and intensity. This could be an awful feud leading up to WM especially as it is the Main Event. This is not a knock on either Rock or Cena but just stating the truth. There is no chemistry between the two like last year and their reasons for the match just plain suck. Cena winning does nothing for him and Rock losing has no impact on him. Just a waste of a match and feud.

Kofi can't even get a match because of Fandango. This gimmic appears to be sucking worse than his promos. Take your Dancing with the Stars gimmic and hit the bricks. Fandango can disappearo quicko.

Swagger ADR scrap in the back is really the only interesting feud going on right now. They are building this up very well; however, how does a guy who fails the Wellness Policy suffer no penalty and if he serves it after WM then that shows how little backbone WWE has as it does not enforce its own policy. This sends the wrong message to everyone. As always, I am just saying what needs to be said, and not what people want said. You're Welcome!

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  1. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    There is literally nothing I disagree with in this blog. Punk remains awesome, the US Champion is being booked horribly, Ryback's not over, Miz needs work, Ziggler needs a push, Rock/Cena could barely build a feud last year so this year will suck harder, Fandango is continued proof that gimmicks from reality TV shows have/are/always will be waste of time and Swagger and Del Rio is suddenly one of the better things on TV.

    Somethings that continue to trouble me that you didn't mention is so much talent seems to have no direction and Wrestlemania is a month away. I really hate how MITB matches and that useless GM vs. GM tag match are thrown together with no build up just to get people on the card. It's lazy booking, plain and simple.

    I wouldn't mind some of your brain juice on another Wrestlemania fued. I didn't think I would enjoy this at all - but the Lesnar/HHH match is starting to build well... I'm just wondering what they could do that they didn't do last time. What do you think? Their Summerslam bout was an overall disappointment - they just made Lesnar look strong which I stress they WOULDN'T HAVE HAD TO DO IF THEY LET HIM BEAT CENA IN APRIL.

    I just started watching again and I can't see myself watching post-WM. Agree?
  2. wsm1996's Avatar
    Ok a couple thiings I want to the old shool theme is not for attidude era, its for the legends to show up as a match manager or cut a backstage proma and nothing more, old school raw is just the theme..I think punks promo was good and I think that it was a bad idea to have orton, sheamus and show cut in but it set up one of the best main events of raw in the new year...finally, the swagger wellness policy issue has not been taken care of but I imagine they are gunna have swagger lose at wm and he will snap and get susspended in someway, that will be the punishment for swagger, he will have a 30day suspenion for the policy, for the violation. The swagger 'snapping' will just be the angle to get to get him off tv, wwe will take A LOT of heat if they were to not do anything, hope you undderstand that....on an unrelated pual. Barrer HOF 2014
  3. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    They even stated themselves that this would be a throw away episode, so yeah!

    Why is Ziggler 'supposed' to be winning the title. Briefcase doesn't mean that ask Cena.

    I like how the drive by IWC who keep bleating about WWE's lack of creating new stars, then can't help but shit over Fandango before he's even shown anything. Quelle surprise!
  4. The Enlightened One's Avatar
    Wade Barrett 1979, I don't get your comment. There are new stars in WWE such as Bryan, Ziggler, Cesaro, Sandow who should be bigger than they are. Sorry if Fandango gimmic is sucking right now. Maybe you know more than most in IWC or maybe you think you do because you are some false sense of intelligence but look at the how that gimmic is starting and unless you have the IQ of a gnat, then you would know that this gimmic is lame until they do something to change it. You have some kudos about your vernacular with bleating but that is all.
  5. The Enlightened One's Avatar
    Wade Barrett 1979, I never moderated anything, I don't know what you are talking about. I don't give a s#@! if you agree with me or not, you can have your opinion. Please re-type whatever it is you said, I never touched a thing as I really could care less about what you think.

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