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Looking at what should've been Wrestlemania 29

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In this blog I'm going to look at what I believe should've been this years Wrestlemania card. Let me know what you think.

Main Event #1
Undertaker vs Cena

Now this match's build up would be simple it's The Streak vs Super Cena. As we all know Cena is almost unbeatable and the Undertaker has never lost a Wrestlemania match. This would be the match where people would think the Undertaker could lose.

Winner: Undertaker

Main Event #2
The Rock vs Daniel Bryan

This match's build up would've started at Raw 1000. (Where The Rock Rock Bottomed Daniel Bryan) At the Royal Rumble Bryan would've cost The Rock the title match with Punk. Then the next night on Raw Rock could've talked about how Bryan stuck his nose where it didn't be long and Bryan could've counter The Rock by saying that he wouldn't messed with The Rock if he hadn't of gotten in his business and besides that The Rock has no right to a title match he's a movie star not a wrestler. Then the GM would've given The Rock his rematch and Bryan would been barred from ringside. At the EC Bryan could attack The Rock in the back and again Rock would lose to Punk. The next night on RAW The Rock could call out Bryan saying, "I was a wrestler long before anyone ever heard of the bearded troll known as Daniel Bryan." Then, Bryan could say that if the Rock really wants to make a statement and prove that he deserved to be the number one contender he could face him in a match at Wrestlemania. Then sometime before Wrestlemania Bryan would put The Rock in the NO Lock and The Rock would say, "I'll see you at Wrestlemania. If you smell what The Rock is cooking!"

Winner: The Rock

WWE Title Main Event #3
CM Punk vs Lesnar

At the EC during Punk vs Rock; Punk would hit Heyman by accident and the next night Lesnar would show up and demand that Punk bow down to Heyman and hand the title over to him as a gesture of how sorry he is. Punk would say, "I don't bow down to you or anyone else. I'm the best in the world and I've been the champion for 400+ days. And to spell it out for you that means I'm better than you. I could leave you laying right in the center of this ring if I wanted." Lesnar would try to F5 Punk but he would escape. Then there feud would continue week after week with Punk being one step ahead of Lesnar. Then the week before Wrestlemania Lesnar would F5 Punk and leave him laying.

Winner: CM Punk

World Title
Big Show vs Ryback

Big Show would've never lost the World Title and Ryback would've never faced Punk for the title or The Shield. So it would be the unstoppable Big Show vs the undefeated Ryback.

Winner: Ryback

Iron Man Match
Jericho vs Ziggler

This match is hopefully going to happen but you never know. Now to how I would book the match. Jericho is making his entrance one night and Ziggler hits him from behind with the brief case. Then Ziggler could go to the ring and say, "I was trying to do you a favor last year when I ended your WWE career. No one wants to see you continuing to embarrass yourself day after day in this ring. When was the last time you won a match? Face it your washed up! So why don't you just go back to your band and maybe you'll make it there." Then we wouldn't see Jericho on TV for a few weeks while he toured with his band. Then one night on Raw he would attack Ziggler and they could brawl all over the arena. The GM could then sign the two up for a iron man match.

Winner: Ziggler

The Shield vs Orton, Kane, Sheamus

The build up for this match would be all that all these men have been attacked by the Sheild and want revenge. Simple.

Winner: The Shield

US Title
Cesaro vs Swagger

The US champion vs the All American; American. Swagger could start out by saying that Cesaro is not a real American and only real American's have the right to hold the US title. Cesaro could counter by saying the America is the land of the free and he came here to make a name for himself and to bring glory to the US title. I think that would be the start of a great feud.

Winner: Cesaro

Money in the Bank
Mark Henry vs Cody vs Damian vs Christian vs Wade Barrett vs Ryder vs Alberto vs the winner of the dark match

Winner: Cody

The Miz vs Ric Flair

The first person to apply the FIGURE FOUR wins.

Winner: The Miz

Let me know what you think.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. El T Draino 316's Avatar
    Hmm. I usually dislike Wrestlemania cards. But, this one is solid my man. I would absolutely pay more to see this card than the current one.

    People may disagree, but I think DB vs The Rock would be absolutely awesome. I'm really hoping he shaves the beard, throws back on a Ric Flair robe, and gets back to being completely effing awesome sometime in the near future.

    Oh, and I'd throw Cody Rhodes vs Goldust in there. Two brothers, one dashing one demented, one makes Dusty proud the other makes him disgusted, ... the storylines write themselves.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    "very" few matches I'd change on this car, but I like it a lot. Hopefully Taker vs Cena happens next year.
  3. Bagg's Avatar
    Bravo man, just makes me angry reading it and thinking of what should have been. A beauty card, makes sense, I think what a lot of us thought mania was going to look like on the undercard for the most part. And with Rock and Bryan near the top like that, im salivating. And remember how wwe stars on the current roster cant get over or sell tickets or do squat. Guess what a win over the Rock on the biggest stage of them all would have done for Daniel Bryan. But nah, Cena needs the rub. Im so mad, I need to stop reading these blogs. lol, thanks tho man, we can dream cant we.
  4. TheHorn's Avatar
    There's too much of a David vs. Goliath vibe going on with this fantasy card.

    Rock/Bryan for this years Mania would be a joke. Let Bryan actually have a Mania match that lasts longer than 10 seconds before he goes face to face with someone that draws like the Rock. Bryan has a very bright future, but your delusional to think he's ready for that spot right now. He certainly has the talent to get there one day, but he's no where close right now. The Rock would squash him faster than Sheamus did, and be back on set before the last fan left the building.

    Also can't picture Punk/Lesnar. The scenario literally makes me think of the old MTV celebrity death match. I can picture Lesnar eating Punk and crapping out a chunk of skin with a Cobra tattoo on it.

    There's just no way this fantasy card is better than the current one. Bryan is doing great in the role he's been given with Kane and I'm sure Punk is over the moon to get to be one of the last couple or few guys to get to work with Taker.

    That said, I do like your other matches with the exception of the figure four lock challenge. Ric Flair should never appear in public in his underwear again! Did you see The Simpsons last Sunday when Grampa Simpson was a wrestler? That's Ric Flair in his skivvies.
    Updated 03-06-2013 at 10:14 PM by TheHorn
  5. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Taker v Cena better served at WM 30, Wouldn't have Rock go over Bryan, wouldn't have Ryback as WHC, happier having Swagger v Del Rio, wouldn't put Henry in a MITB match, nor the IC Champion, Flair should never wrestle again, Iron Man match wouldn't work these days no matter how much Da Attitudez Era marks want them.
    Your Shield match would be good, close to what will probably happen. Would like to see Lesnar v Punk at some point but I prefer the current set up at Mania.

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