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Uncooked: The Good, Bad, & Indifferent

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and wrestling fans, it is the one, it is the only, it is, Uncooked! For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is a blog I use to do with each Raw. My first one was back on January 10th, and my last one before I stepped away from blogging for a while was on October 27th. While I can't say for certain if this means the blog is back permanently, I can say you will be seeing it more than you won't So, lets get straight into it!

The Good
*Raw Opening Promo
*Ryback vs Antonio Cesaro
*Shield Promo
*Fatal Fourway

I actually liked the opening promo. I was expecting the set up for Punk vs Taker to be different, so to see Orton, Show, and Sheamus come out, setting up a fatal fourway to determine who faces the Undertaker was nice. Add in that, while I KNOW it's going to be Punk, with this angle I can hope for Orton and give Orton that heel turn he so desperately needs. I will say this though...Vickie needs to go...I am a huge Eddie fan, and will always remember his great matches...but Vickie has gone from being a big heel, to a big annoyance. Next, is Ryback vs Cesaro. Originally, the majority of the match had me going "well, this is going to be indifferent, or bad", but the saving grace was the ending. it literally had my pop out of my seat, as Cesaro popped Ryback with the uppercut, and i honestly for a second thought he was going to win. Just as I was talking about not feeling promos tonight in the other sections, we get a shield promo. I loved the grittiness of the promo, and I honestly hope the Shield doesn't go the same way of Nexus or The Core. Finally, I threw in the fatal fourway. Was it the best fatal fourway ever? Nope. It was decent, and it set up the thing myself, and I'm sure others want to see. I would be lying if I said there wasn't a part of me hoping Orton would win, but hey, I'm all for Punk vs Taker.

The Indifferent
*Swagger vs Duggan
*HHH promo

So I put Swagger vs Duggan here because it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. I get why they did it it was just, meh to me. Next for me was the HHH promo. Is it just me, or were other people not really feeling the promos tonight so far? It was ok, it did it's job. It wasn't bad, but again, it wasn't great.

The Bad
*Dolph Ziggler vs Miz
*Rock/Cena promo
*Tensai/Clay vs 3MB
*Mark Henry vs Ryder
*Hell No vs PTP

First up, was Ziggler vs Miz. Very recently, a friend and I started a new blog series called WWD: World Wrestling Debacle. One of the topics was Ziggler being a borderline jobber, with a guaranteed World title shot. I said he wasn't a borderline jobber...but I'm thinking I was wrong. The match was ok, but look at Ziggler. Since his feud with Cena ended, he hasn't been in a new feud, he hasn't been in a storyline, he is just floating. That bugs me, because he could go from floating, to World Champ, and I think it would be better if he was doing something of importance before he cashed in. So i put it in bad, for the result. Ok, next on the plate, the Rock/Cena promo. Honestly, I was hoping they would touch on the whole "once in a lifetime", and do some justice by saying something like "this is bigger than once in a lifetime, this is about proving I'm the best" or something. The promo just didn't pop to me. I would figure between now and WM, on the limited times Rock is on Raw, we would get amazing promos from these two. Hopefully the next promo is better. Do i even need to explain why Tensai/Clay vs 3MB was bad?'m going to try and not going into a huge promises...but...FUCK Fandango...and fuck this stupid gimmick. Seriously....the gimmick is just straight up dumb, and the fact they are investing time into this hack, instead of pushing someone like Gabriel, or Kofi...really bugs me. Almost forgot Henry vs Ryder. A squash match. Didn't serve a purpose. I would have rather see Henry face a big guy, give Mark a chance to show his impressive strength once again. Also throwing Hell No vs PTP here. If the WWE is going for a Hell No/PTP feud, having the tag champs squash PTP doesn't really do it. I like Hell No, and most vignettes/promos that involve them are good, but I'm waiting for the inevitable split. Had to throw this next one in here....honestly...I thought tout was done...son of a bitch I was wrong....


Well, over all, for being old school, the show was ok. My biggest complaint, was the matches. Granted we can't always have a high caliber Cena vs Punk type match, but I would think when we don't have those, we wouldn't have the night filled with squash matches. If i gave this show a rating, it would be a C, and that is kind of sad considering we are on the road to Wrestlemania. So...those are my thoughts folks! I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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  1. Dennis's Avatar
    Nice uncooked blog, I agree with your choices for the good, indifferent, and bad. maybe moving team hell no to the indifferent... and fandago into an even lower category.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Love the Uncooked blog, as always.

    For obvious reasons, I was okay with The Miz vs Ziggler...especially the ending. But as you read on my last Coffee Talk, WWE is either forgetting about him, or he's being buried for whatever reason. I liked the Miz's use of the Figure Four...He bridged himself up and it looked awesome.

    You didn't mention the New Age Outlaws. To me, it was good to see them but hopefully not on a steady basis...they are looking old.

    Nice job my man. Hopefully we'll see more. Someone actually requested me to do some special edition Abdominal Stretch blogs leading up to Wrestlemania. Perhaps that's on the horizon.
  3. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    As I've said it many times elsewhere I'll say it here:

    WWE $5million investment in Tout = Lots of Tout on our TV.

    It's not rocket surgery!
  4. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Welcome Back Uncooked!
  5. blink's Avatar
    I, like usual, agreed with everything you had to say. Bit like said previously you failed to touch on the NAO, which are always a treat to see. I know it gets said a lot but they definetly still have "it". Welcome back Uncooked! Its been far too long!

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