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Wrestlemania Fun Facts

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Keeping with the theme of my Wrestlemania Blogs, Today I'm doing some facts and tidbits about the last 28 Wrestlemanias. So lets get started.

Most Matches at a Wrestlemania PPV

Wrestlemania 4 has produced the most matches in Wrestlemania history with 16 matches. The One day Single Elimination Tournament seen the Macho Man Randy Savage crowned the WWF champion for the 1st time.

Longest Gap Between Wrestlemania Performances.

Ricky Steamboat: 21 years

Ricky Steamboat holds the record for the longest gap bewteen Wrestlemania performances. When Steamboat Wrestled in the Wrestlemania 4 Tournament and returning 21 years later at Wrestlemania 25 against Chris Jericho in a Handi-cap match.... Bret Hart is a distant 2nd with Wrestlemania 13 and a return at Wrestlemania 26 (13 years).

Longest Gap Between WWF/WWE Championship Match at Wrestlemania.

Undertaker: Wrestlemania 13 to 23

The Undertaker holds the record for the longest gap between Wrestlemania Championship matches. When he beat Sid at Wrestlemania 13 and didn't get another shot until his World Title match with Batista at Wrestlemania 23, Ten years later. At Wrestlemania 29 The Rock will beat that record when he faces Cena. It will have been 12 years since Rock was involved in a championship match since walking in as champion against Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 17..

Most time Spent in the Ring at Wrestlemania.

Shawn Michaels: 378.32

Shawn Michaels match time for all his Wrestlemania matches combined is 378 minutes of in ring time. Shawn has Wrestled 17 matches at Wrestlemania which is a average of about 22 minutes per match. The Undertaker is in 2nd place and comes close to Shawns record, The Undertaker's total is 325 minutes and 43 seconds. Undertaker in his 20 match win streak averages about 16 minutes per match.... Just a example, Other Wrestlers like John Cena who clocks in at 154 Minutes and 40 Seconds, Also HHH whos combined match time is 292 Mintues and 36 Seconds and Chris Jericho 154 Mintues and 11 Seconds (Yes John Cena has more in ring time at Wrestlemania than Chris Jericho).

Participated in Most WWE Championship/World Title Matches at Wrestlemania.

HHH: 8 Matches

HHH has competed in the most championship matches. HHH has been involved in 8 Championship matches (Wrestlemania 16, 18,19,20,21,22,24,25). John Cena looks to tie HHH this year when he faces the Rock to make it 8. Cena is in 2nd place at 7 matches (Wrestlemania 21, 22,23,24,25,26,27). Hulk Hogan is at 6 WWF Championship matches.

Best Wrestlemania Debut

Brock Lesnar: Wrestlemania 19

Brock Lesnar is the only man in WWF/WWE History to make his Wrestlemania Debut in the Main event Championship match. Wrestlemania 19 was Brocks first Wrestlemania and not only was he the main event but he won the WWE Championship from Kurt Angle. A close 2nd would be Ric Flair walking in to Wrestlemania 8 as Champion, But Flair lost and he didnt get to main event thanks to Hogan.

Number of Times a None Championship match
Closed Wrestlemania.

5: Wrestlemania 1,8,11,26,28

In the 28 years of Wrestlemania, 5 times Wrestlemania was main evented by a none WWE Championship and World title match. The first time was at Wrestlemania 1 in a Tag match. The 2nd time was at Wrestlemania 8 with Hogan vs Sid. The 3rd time was at Wrestlemania 11 when Bam Bam Bigelow faced L.T.. The 4th time was the Streak vs Career match When Shawn Michaels tried for a 2nd straight year to end the Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania 26 and Last was the Once in a Lifetime match with Rock vs Cena.

Most Consecutive Appearances at Wrestlemania

Tie Bret Hart/Undertaker: 12

This is as a performer. Bret Hart and Undertaker has wrestled at 12 Wrestlemania in a roll. Undertaker will pass Bret Hart when he makes his 13th Consecutive Wrestlemania appearance at Wrestlemania 29.

Heres Some More Facts

Underertaker has been involved in the most Face vs Face matches (5). Undertaker has wrestled Batista, Shawn Michaels and HHH two times apiece.

HulK Hogan is the only man to hold the title from Wrestlemania to Wrestlemania without losing it ( Wrestlemania 2 to 3).

There has been 3 Career Stipulation matches at Wrestlemania in its 28 year history and in Every match someone has lost their Career. Macho Man to Warrior, Ric Flair to Shawn Michaels and Shawn Michaels to Undertaker.

Yokozuna is the Only man to Wrestle two matches at Wrestlemania two years in the Row (Wrestlemania 9 and 10). At Both Wrestlemanias he won the first match and lost the 2nd.

Shawn Michaels and HHH holds the record for losing the most Championship matches at Wrestlemania. Shawn Michaels has lost at Wrestlemania 11,14,20 and 23. Shawn has been on the losing end of 4 Championship matches and 3 times he was the challenger. HHH has lost his Championship matches at Wrestlemania 20,21,22 and 24.

I look forward to hearing some weird facts in the comment section. On all these facts I did all the research my self instead of looking it up on some site. I just wanted to bring out some Wrestlemania stats that you dont really see on most sites.

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  1. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    Ahahaha I love shit lik this!
    Great blog!
  2. 3countdcg's Avatar
    Great, but wrong. Yokozuna made his mania debut in the championship match. I realize he won the belt, but then lost it but he still debuted in the ME.
  3. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    WOW awesome job its always cool to know stuff like this thank you for making my day
  4. Renevious's Avatar
    I'm 3countdcg on the Yokozuna thing, and maybe the wording is a little funny about Hogan being the only one to hold the title from one Wrestlemania to the next, but Macho Man did win it at 4 and kept it til 5.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I knew 4 or 5 had the longest cuz it felt like it took forever. Cool fact about Steamboat. Makes sense. Taker is the Ray Lewis of Mania LOL! I was so happy he finally won the world title again after so long at WM23. Cena will get HHHs record. HBK is the most impressive stat of them all. Makes sense cuz all the classics he put on including the Iron Man match. Def best debut was Lesnar. Cool facts...
  6.'s Avatar
    earliest date wrestlemania ever happened : wrestlemania 20 was on march 15th.
  7. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Yeah maybe I didn't explain it right, I was thinking of macho man and making it a tie but Macho man lost his match so he didn't keep the title, Hogan Kept the title. I should of put and kept it......... after doing all the time research I got so exhausted clocking in all the Wrestlemania main eventers times I just kinda went thru it and didn't explain some things properly.... Sorry for the confusion, But I didnt totally forget Savage , I just meant Hogan never lost the title at both Wrestlemanias.
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