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WWD: World Wrestling Debacle #1: Stables, A Rapper, and a Cheerleader

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Ok guys, so here is my second blog since coming back! This is actually a joint blog, with another guy who is just getting into blogging, Dennis! So the idea with this is merely that we discuss different topics.

Dolph Ziggler - Borderline Jobber With A Guaranteed Title Shot

Dennis: I personally feel that Dolph Ziggler is being pushed incorrectly. Dolph has been in the WWE for years now and has done his fair share of putting people over. Now that he is guaranteed a title shot you put him with a female who takes spotlight away from him and give him a body guard to protect him? It makes him look weak at the time that he should look the strongest he has ever looked.

I think he is more than a borderline jobber. Yeah, in the last month or so, he hasn't really been featured in a feud, and he hasn't won a crap ton of matches, but look at his time since winning the World Title MITB. He won it back in July, and since then, he has feuded with Sheamus while Sheamus held the World title, John Cena, Chris Jericho, and Randy Orton. He got wins over each of them, s how someone could say he is a borderline jobber is crazy. Yeah, right now he isn't being used properly, but that is an easy fix. Drop Big E, drop AJ, and give Ziggler the singles push, and the time on the mic that we know he deserves, and can run with

Sure Dolph gained some steam this last summer, I will concede that. But I think we shouldn't get lost in the fact that recently he has been losing frequently. He did beat Cena, but never on a big stage cleanly. Superstars get over by beating big stars on big stages cleanly, WWE's failure to allow Dolph to win cleanly on a big stage seems to show a lack of confidence in his ability to carry a world title. You should build him up, not bring him down when he is holding that briefcase, at least in my opinion.

As for Dennis's point of AJ taking the spotlight from Ziggler, I don't think that is the case. You had AJ, who had the crazy girl gimmick, and the WWE basically killed that gimmick by sticking AJ with Ziggler. If anything, Ziggler took the spotlight from AJ. As for the point of the body guard, wasn't the WWE talking of having Mason Ryan as a guard way back when? How is that any different? As for your point about beating someone cleanly, looking at the title scene. You've got ADR, Big Show, Sheamus, and Swagger currently who are either in or could be in the world title scene. Personally, with Swaggers recent screw up, I can see ADR retaining at WM, holding onto the title for a few months, and sometime before July, when Zigglers contract expires, Ziggler cashes in and wins

Aces and 8's-Success? Or Flop?

So, Aces and 8's, the question is, is it a success or a flop. Personally, I see it as a flop. Now, I'm not saying that because of how long it's been going. I can deal with long storylines. Heck, look at Triple H and Shawn Michaels. They had an on again, off again feud that went on for a long while, and I loved it! My problem is, this storyline with Aces and 8's, hasn't been amazing. Look at who they revealed, Devon, Doc, Knox, Bischoff, Briscoe, Taz, and Anderson. Of those on that list, the only ones who were truly a "holy shit" surprise, were Devon and Taz. To me, in a long storyline like this, you need to have a moment every 1 to 2 months, that wets your appetite. I mean that in the context that they should have a reveal, the shocks people, like Taz or Devon. Instead of using nobodies like Bischoff or Briscoe, or using someone like Knox, i think a better surprise would have been like Storm, or Joe, or Eric Young. Someone people don't expect, and shocks everyone. That way, it still continues the storyline, gives us that "no way!' moment, but still holds off on the reveal. With how they currently went, I think they should have revealed all the members by now. Had they gone with bigger names, I could wait longer for the final reveal. Flop in my eyes.

I do have an issue with this storyline to be honest. I, like many other wrestling fans like story-lines to conclude earlier or at least give their big reveal to keep me involved in the story. Like Bear said, I think if they were to have a big twist superstar instead of no names it would be more relevant to me as more of a casual TNA watcher, though Unlike bear I'm not going to call it a flop just quite yet. This storyline still has potential, we haven't even had the big storied ending yet, and it has drawn me in to watch more TNA shows in the past several months. I don't know if you are drawing people in via a storyline if you can call that storyline a failure. Though if I am not shocked about who the big boss is, I will join ship with bear and totally agree that this storyline is a flop. So for the time being though, I will say this storyline is neither a flop or a success.

Here is the problem though. When I think TNA, I don't think Aces and 8's, I think Bully Ray, I think Jeff Hardy, I think Aries and Roode teaming together. For me, if a storyline is successful, then when you think of a company, you think of that storyline. Now maybe it differs for other people, but I've read on other sites, people sharing the same opinion. Maybe I'm in the minority, I don't know

I'm sure others do view Aces and 8's as you view them, but I just don't know if you can call a story a failure before the grand finale. This story-line has gone on far to long for my taste and I will admit that freely, but I think it's because they have some faith in the story being told threw aces and 8's. Hopefully it's not a disappointment because it's one of the better things going on in wrestling today. Though it has definitely been losing steam.

To your point of you don't know if you can call a story a failure before the grand finale...then why is there so much hate for How I Met Your Mother

Rock vs Cena II - Better...or Worse?

For our final topic we wonder if Rock vs Cena could be better than last year, and I'm going to very cautiously say yes. The build up for the last match lead it to be more possible for Cena to lose, which was nice because unlike many matches in the WWE it made it unpredictable. I truly believed that Cena was going to win last year, and WWE shocked the world by allowing a part time wrestler to win against their superstar on their grandest stage, it's hard to top that. Though this year, it's like John Cena is on the path of redemption, and I think that might end up telling a better overall story. Even though the outcome seems more predictable, I think the story of Cena finally conquering his greatest foe on the grandest stage he was out-showed on the year prior could be nothing less than epic.

Personally, I think in the aspect of the actual match, it could be better, but the build up and the storyline leading into it, I don't think will be better than last year. From now to Wrestlemania, the Rock is advertised for a total of 4 Raw's/SD's between now and Wrestlemania, out of a total of 10. So that means the WWE Champion will be live on LESS THAN HALF of the shows going into Wrestlemania. Yeah, he can do the whole "live via satellite", but come on, The Rock in the arena compared to The Rock on the tron, is totally different. Another thing that bugs me, is the predictability. Honestly, I'd like to see The Rock win, and hold onto the title until Extreme Rules. Throw everyone of us smarks who "know" Cena will win a curve ball, and surprise everyone. So, the match itself I think will be better, but the build up won't be

I do agree the fact that he is going to be on less than half of the shows is silly. But I don't necessarily think the predictability is a bad thing. As many other users have pointed out, this seems to be John Cena's year. and deserving-ly so, he lost so much last year. You can have great matches what are predictable, as long as the story seems real when it's happening and it seems like the rock can win during the match, I think this match has the potential to be better in all aspects. Though it should be said, If the rock does win that would be one of the greatest curves of all time.

It wouldn't be so silly if he wasn't the WWE Champion. I think that is what aggravates me most. While some matches can be predictable and good, I think AMAZING matches are unpredictable. Look at MITB, look at the most recent Cena/Punk match. Those were either TOTALLY unpredictable or semi unpredictable, and they were great!

All right folks. Hope you enjoyed reading. Dennis and I look forward to your comments. Until next time...adios!

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  1. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    HEY Great job you guys i like the concept of having the two of you communicate very cool ... now with ziggy i do feel he is almost a glorified jobber now the momentum he had when he first won the MITB briefcase was awesome but i believe it has gone on way longer then it should he should have had a cash in months ago the other week on raw when i thought he would was kinnda cool then RR stole it an ran away which made for a funny spot but now we keep waiting boring i like the idea of him aj and big E as a stable i don't think it makes him look weak i think it adds a little extra actually unfortunately tho i do feel now when he does cash in it wond be the same as it would have been three months or so ago

    the aces and 8's thing is kinnda dragging to me even tho i don't really watch tna only occasionally but from what i have read it has run out of steam and i hope the payoff is worth it i was also wondering who you thought it might be like the leader or something

    and then the rock/cena mess my thing is that even tho it will draw it shouldn't happen last year was enough you cant just change a catchphrase and act like it never happened i hope they throw us a curve ball to make it bearable match i'm not hating on either men but i don't feel that this years mania needs a rematch of an underwhelming match of last year let me ask what will change? not much
  2. Dennis's Avatar
    Thanks Becca, I see your points on on the first two... Though I think you are being slightly harsh on Cena and The Rock... So you fit in really well with the rest of the IWC hahahah
  3. Kashdinero's Avatar
    John Cena absolutely did Ziggler no favours whatsoever. That man right there is either too stupid to realize how damaging he is to guys careers, or -most likely- he just doesn't give a shit about making people look good. Either way, the Cena-Ziggler feud set Dolph back a good few months. Many may lay the blame at the feet of creative, but Cena could -and should- have done much more for a man who is destined to be a top level WWE SuperStar™ for many moons to pass.

    ^Ooh, look, typical IWC hating on Cena!!

    *rolls eyes*

    I can't wait until a stadium full of folk boo Cena out of the building on April 7th. Would they fall under the same banner as the IWC crowd? Or, should they be placed alongside those fans who -like most of us- have just truly Cena F**kin Nuff of the drivel that this incarnation of JFC offers the world.

    If Cena walks out of 'mania with the same ol' JC Chuckles attitude, I'll be one bemused customer for sure.

    I say have The Rock beat Cena again, and have him drop the title to someone not named John Cena at Extreme Rulez, and have an obsessed heel Cena chase the title for the rest of the year until 'mania XXX, where he can win it to an ironic ultra-pop from the fans in attendance.

    Also, I just wanna say that I think that JC Chuckle-a-lot is NOT guaranteed victory at 'mania 29, and, in fact, I think they'd be fools to give him the win. Even more of a fact, is the powers that be in McVinnieLand™ know that too. Question is, though, will they actually show some of that intestinal fortitude that used to be their calling card, or will they start the new WWE calendar year with a champ that offers few fresh match ups? Face CenaNuffToKnowIveHadeNuff vs Heel Blandy Orton part 1,002 anyone? Yup, thought not.

    Saying all of that, I truly do not hate Cena, and was a Prototype mark before his SD! debut, and have honestly remained a fan up until this very day, wacky interpretation of wrestling and all. I find his uniqueness quite charming, and his "guy off the street pretending to wrestle" style in the ring more than tolerable. I just haven't been fond of the majority of the impartial booking he's received since, like, 2005 to date.

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