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Reaction: A way to save Wrestlemania 29!

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There are only 2 matches that are 100% certain for Wresltemania so far: Swagger/Del Rio and Rock/Cena 2.

The Swagger/Del Rio match has got a bit of momentum, but the general feeling around here seems to be that the main event sucks, and It will be boring.

I'm not gonna list the reasons why the match sucks (that's allready been done plenty of times) instead i'm gonna offer a suggestion that might just make the match badass: Why not turn Cena heel in the main event?

First of all, I understand the chances of this happening are zilch, and the WWE has burned us so many times in the past over a Cena heel turn. But if just think about it for a second, this could be the perfect oppitunity to make the move.

Cena's gonna get booed out of the building. He will. WWE officals are expecting it to happen, as has been reported on this site. I Can see a scenario where Cena's hit Rock with everything he's got, STFUs, multiple AA's etc... Because his character feels he really needs 'redemption' he will cheat to win...

Also, its the grandest stage to do something that will inevitably define Cena's career. It's not like WWE are above giving us screwjob endings to mania: They 'Screwed' Cena in the main event WM27.

I think the crowd would go nuts for it. It would make the thought of another Cena title run almost barable! Plus the Rock is booked to appear at Extreme Rules (not as champion) and a Rock vs Heel Cena could be huge.

The main problem with this in my eyes is though is theres no huge face who could replace him on the roster. Maybe if Punk and Taker have an incredible match it will send Punk over... or if Orton get's his act together and up's his game a bit.

Anyone else got any thoughts on the matter?

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    WOW very nicely put i agree with the things you said i myself am very curious how the crowd will react to him at WM good or bad and a screw job would be awesome just for the surprise factor alone which is very rare these days ..... now i hope what they have planned doesn't backfire due to the feedback i have read about ppl not wanting rock champion nor cena champion i am not knocking either of them but i do think the only way to keep things kosher would be for cena to turn heel i know they probably wont due to the kids that support him but anything is possible if they do it right
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    That would be cool. I like the idea, also like that idea hoping he stays heel through next WM to go on to face Taker.
  3. daveyrichards's Avatar
    Thats accually pretty good idea, althogh I think its gonna end like the ROck vs Hogan WM match. Instead of nWo attacking Hogan, I see Shield getting at Rock and Cena for the save so we can have a handshake ending :-/ Sucks, huh?
  4. 3countdcg's Avatar
    I agree with everything you wrote. As far as who can replace Cena how about Dolph Ziggler. I think at 'Mania it would make sense for him to face Jericho, but then lose to him only for AJ Lee and Big E to attack Ziggler and get him over with the fans. Then after Swaggar beats Del Rio- suddenly out of left field Ziggler will cash in the MITB briefcase, win the belt and be an instant fan favorite main eventer.

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