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IWC: Let your voices be heard

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Rock vs Cena II.

Yup, it's happening. And there's nothing you can do about it.....

.....Well, almost nothing.

It is of no surprise that this rematch is by far the most unanticipated, unwanted rematch in recent wrestling history. As fans on this site and similar wrestling sites have done since getting the idea that such a rematch would take place, we've gone to blogs and discussion boards to voice our, well let's call it displeasure. (I'm sure there are plenty of better terms to use there, but I'll leave that up to you to fill in). While in most cases it doesn't accomplish much to complain, because the powers that be at WWE rarely react to what the IWC has to say. And why would they? Blogs and message boards don't have any direct threat to WWE. We can bitch and complain all we want, but as long as we tune in and buy the PPV what consequence is it to them to change anything?

And they are right. Because in the end, we are wrestling fans. And as wrestling fans, we watch Raw every Monday night. And as wrestling fans, we are going to buy Wrestlemania 29 no matter the fact that Rock v. Cena 2 will headline the PPV. Because as much as we may threaten not to buy or watch, as any good junkie, we always end up coming back.

But there is one thing we can do about it. One avenue that WWE has afforded those who attend Raw, which happens to be filmed LIVE every Monday night. I believe that if we truly, as a collective, don't have interest in Rock/Cena 2, we encourage anyone and everyone attending the next handful of Raws prior to WM29 to let the WWE hear your displeasure.

And I mean as a COLLECTIVE. While signs can get taken away, voices can not. So my crusade is centered around each and every time that the Cena Rock main event is hyped, or when Cena and Rock are in the ring making feeble attempts at cutting promos to get us interested, we loudly and continuously chant phrases like "We don't want this", "No one wants this", "Cena and Rock suck!",.....I'm sure you get the idea.

See I believe that if a company that so depends on a live crowd to help enhance their product to millions watching on TV, it would be good medicine to, at the very least, try and embarrass their decision to ignore their fans and proceed with this unwanted main event. We do have one single outlet to accomplish this. Live TV can't edit out 3-5 minutes of a crowd if it's done every single week.

I suppose this desperate attempt at some kind of change comes from being tired of writing about it in blogs knowing nothing will change. I want there to be something, ANYTHING we can do to let WWE hear it. This is possibly the only way it can happen, because they know and we know come April 7th, like it or not, that $69.99 will be charged to your cable or satellite bill, headlined by Rock vs. Cena 2, the rematch no one wants, so let the WWE hear it on Raw.

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  1. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    The Drive by IWC is far outweighed by the rest of the fans, if you ever managed to pull anything like this off (and from reading the majority on this and other sites most of the drive by IWC stream and don't pay or attend anyway) I think you will find the impact will be minimal to non-existent.
  2. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    Hey i def like the idea and if were to attend a show most likely would entertain the thought of doing the suggested ... now on the other hand you pay all this money to attend these live events would it really interfere with outcome of your experience Making it BAD/GOOD overall i like the idea and the blog itself good job being creative and trying to make a stand i wish more people would do the same but at the end of the day they are a money making empire who goes a long way to stop anything that gets in there way
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    This isn't the first main event that most didn't want to see at Mania and certainly won't be the last. I mean, look at the last few years, John Cena vs Big show vs Edge for the world title; HHH vs Orton closing the same show Taker/HBK 1 was on; Instead of Christian vs Edge at WM for the world title we get Del Rio. I could go on, but you should get the point. I may be the minority, but I want Rock/Cena 2 to happen at Mania because Cena should have won last time. Who cares if it is a5 star match? All IWC does is slam Cena for his wrestling ability. Shouldnt have those high expectations.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    You got a better chance at hitting the lottery.

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